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Legasea chapter 5

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Matriarchal Legasea, the oceanic legacy with self-sufficient heiresses. Our current heiress is Anet, pictured above. Thechapter will be told by Anet herself, so if I have anything to add I’ll includean author’s note at the bottom.Please enjoy!
  2. 2. My wonderful, loyal readers:I’ve been keeping this blog for many years, ever since I was a teenager, andmany of you have been with me all the way. For this I thank you. Now thatI’m getting older, I feel a need for some closure. I’ve assembled some of myposts – my greatest hits, if you will – and have combined them here in onegiant post to serve as a sort of life-story, a history of where I’ve gone, whatand who I’ve done. ;) I hope you enjoy the story.
  3. 3. Wow, readers, have I got news for you: I was chosen heiress by a group ofMom’s friends. That means that I’ll lead our legacy from here on out. This isan awesome responsibility, but I think I’m up to the task of being awesome.I’ll be following in the foot – or fin – steps of my mother Thalassa, mygrandmother Orca, my great-grandmother Atlantica and, of course, myfamous great-great-grandmother, Oceania Legasea. I am super psychedabout all of this. It’s a great honor of course, but I also think this will be areally fun ride, and it can’t hurt on the dating scene to admit I’m an heiress.
  4. 4. Merrow and Lorelei have already gone off to college and I’ve decided tofollow them pretty quickly. Mom thinks I should stick around longer and lether teach me some more stuff, but I’m ready to be on my own more. Abtu’sin no rush to head off to college but I eventually convinced him to come withme. We’re leaving tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve goteverything packed and Merrow and Lorelei promised to help me move in andthen show me around. College is going to be great!
  5. 5. I think Mom’s pretty depressed about all of us kids “leaving the nest.” She’sgot Nucklavee and Coral, though. Coral is a cat she picked up as a kitten.She’s not part of the pet legacy we’ve been breeding, but Mom had to haveher. When Mom’s not listening, Abtu and I call Coral her “consolation cat”.We think she mostly got Coral because as she was getting older she wasstarting to get down again about not getting married. I’m glad that living in amatriarchy won’t have that kind of effect on me. I never wanted to getmarried anyway, so being an heiress works out perfectly for me.
  6. 6. Forcing Abtu to come to college has turned out to be a really goodidea. He went shopping on the very first day to get us some newclothes while I was still trying to figure out where my mini-fridgeshould go in the dorm room. He also made friends with Andrea, amember of Mom’s old sorority, right away, so it looks like we won’tbe living in the dorms for long. Andrea’s got all four of us pledgedso hopefully we’ll be able to move in soon.
  7. 7. All right! We finished our pledge period and are full members of Urele Hohnow. How cool is that? All four of us got in together, so we’re all underone roof again. I think Mom is pleased that we’re sticking together. As forme, I’ve always gotten along fine with my siblings and I’m just super happyto be in the sorority. This places me right in the center of campus life,which is right where I want to be. Although I guess it’s not a sororityanymore if Abtu’s in. So a Greek house? Whatever, I’m just glad to behere.
  8. 8. Since moving in, I’ve been getting to know Andrea better and better. I had myfirst kiss with her the other day and it was great, all jelly legs and soft lips andnervousness. I already knew I had a romantic spirit but this kiss reallyconfirmed for me the kind of life I want to live. It’s a good thing I haven’t toldany of my friends or family about this blog, because I would be superembarrassed for Andrea to read this. We’re not together or anything and I’mtrying to play it cool because I don’t want to settle down, but I’m reallycrushing on her pretty hard right now. Luckily she graduates this year.
  9. 9. Merrow’s jumped into the datingscene too, but she has a reallydifferent focus than I do. She’smore into founding a family, witha spouse and kids, just like Momwanted before she was an heiress. I think secretly Merrow is relievedthat she wasn’t chosen as theheiress, because we’ve all seenthe strain it placed on Mom,despite her never admitting it tous.Merrow got to know this guy Todddown at the coffee shop and theyhad hardly started dating at allbefore she proposed. Todd’s allabout family too so I guess it’llwork out just fine. They’re bothgiddy about the engagement still(to the point of being a littleannoying sometimes) but I’mreally happy for Merrow.
  10. 10. Well, readers, it was somewhat inevitable, but Abtu’s decided to drop out.I knew when I convinced him to come to college that it was kind of a longshot that he would stick it out, but I wasn’t expecting him to quit so soon. Iknow he’ll be fine because he’s smart and confident, but I’m going to missmy twin a lot now. We’ve always been close and since we were teenagerswe’ve been each other’s confidants. Now I’m losing that, but at least I havemy older sisters around.
  11. 11. I think I’ve hit on a really ace way to keep my grades up. I’ve beenstruggling with studying when there’s so many hot girls on campus thatjust need my presence and my grades have been kind of low. I reallywanted to get on the Dean’s List by the end of the quarter so I spoke tomy professor. I cracked a few jokes, she gave me a flirty look, and onething led to another, and suddenly my grades are doing better. I knowthis isn’t ethical in the least, but now I’m wondering which of my otherprofessors have kept an eye on me. Don’t tell, readers! :P
  12. 12. Mom stopped by today to see how we girls were doing. She’s really happy with my success. Obviously she doesn’t know where all it’s coming from, but I’m happy to accept the admiration anyway. She said I’m off to a great start as an heiress, and that made me feel pretty good.Lorelei painted my portraitto hang on the wall next tothe other Legasea womenthat have passed throughthis house as heiresses.Grandma Orca was sopretty as a young adult,and I can’t believe howyoung Mom looks in herportrait! I’m so used to herbeing old I kind of forgotshe was my age once. Iwonder what she was likein college.
  13. 13. My sisters and I have all been keepingbusy. We’re kind of settled into collegelife now that the first year has passed.Merrow and Todd are still happily inlove. Lorelei loves studying and adoresher classes, so she’s constantly happy.As for myself, I’ve really been enjoyingthe social life at college. I think we’re alldoing well.
  14. 14. I’ve still kept my nose out of books for the most part, but I haven’tbeen slacking off completely. I’ve been working really hard on myphysique and I think I’m looking pretty hot. I’ve also been learning toarrange flowers, which provides a nice low-key hobby for me. Asanyone who’s seen my dates can attest, I have an eye for beauty, lol.
  15. 15. Got a call from Abtu today. He’s moved into a really neat house back inSirenum Scopuli. I guess something made an impression on him during hisshort time at college because he told me he proposed to Professor Theresa. Ihad no idea they’d even been dating, but he said they kept it on the down-lowwhile at college. I had to bite my lip not to spill about how much professor-dating I’ve been doing, but I’m trying to keep that quiet too. Wouldn’t do to letthe general populace know how I’m cruising through college. Anyway, back toAbtu. He said he and Theresa are going to have a small wedding at home andhe’s never been more content. I don’t know Theresa that well but Abtu’s happyso I’m happy for him.
  16. 16. OH MY GOD, readers! I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life. BothMom and Dad showed up at the sorority today and hung out all day.They’ve been blowing bubbles in the basement for several hours now, andthey’ve even got a couple students hanging out with them. Oh, the horror!I’ll survive somehow but I can’t believe they would do this to us. Just whenUrele Hoh was getting a really good party reputation, it’s suddenly infestedwith adults. This won’t do at all.
  17. 17. Mom and Dad finally left, THANK GOD,and things have gone back to normal.For Lorelei that’s studying, for Merrowit’s fawning over Todd, and for me it’sgetting up close and personal with asmany pretty girls as possible. I don’twant to brag, but I’ve been doingpretty well on that count. My social lifehas never been better, or busier.
  18. 18. Wow, I’ve been dating a lot but I met someone really special today. Hername’s Celine and she’s an iceberg spirit looking for new experiences inSirenum Scopuli. When she told me that, I couldn’t help but think of a fewexperiences I’d like to help her with. She reminds me of my sister Lorelei insome ways since they’re both so into new knowledge, but the similaritiesend there. She’s so fascinating and exotic, and her looks don’t hurt either.She and I hit it off right away and we’ve been spending a good amount oftime together lately.
  19. 19. Ugh, readers, living with my sisters is sohard sometimes. It’s always “Anet, don’tcheat at chess so much.” “Anet, stopmaking out with random women in thecommon room.” “Anet, don’t punch sohard!” It feels like constant demands tonot be myself and I just wish they’d letme be. They’re just so . . . nice . . .sometimes that I can hardly stand it.
  20. 20. When I get down about stuff, though, I know I can always turn to this blog. Being able to let out my true thoughts and feelings helps me keep my coolthe rest of the time. And it doesn’t hurt that I have the best readers in theworld. I <3 <3 <3 you guys!
  21. 21. Okay, I got the crankiness out of my system and I’m back to normal withmy sisters. They’re such a huge part of my life and even if they drive mecrazy sometimes I know I’d be a lot lonelier without them. Whether it’sdancing with Merrow or dishing with Lorelei, they’re both reallyimportant to me. The fact that we’re such different people is just icing onthe cake, I guess. Otherwise life would be way boring.
  22. 22. YOU GUYS! Seriously, you guys. Seriously.I have been seeing so much action lately Ibarely have time to romance myprofessors!I’ve been seeing Celine a lot too, inbetween all the others. I like her a lot, butshe hasn’t changed my mind about settlingdown. I’m having way too much fun forthat! Life is just perfect right now.
  23. 23. Today I was feeling really introspective and stuff. I asked myself, is all thissleeping around really making me happy?And you know what the answer was?HELL YES.Maybe I’m just not the introspective type, but I am quite happy with howthings are going. I think I’m going to try to have 30 lovers at once. That wouldbe really awesome and a good testament to my mad flirting skillzzzz.
  24. 24. Lorelei finally caught up with Merrowand me and found a boyfriend. I hadbeen telling her I’d fix her up with somefriend of mine, but she beat me to thepunch by getting chummy with thismascot named Joseph. It took her longenough, but she’s following in Merrow’sfootsteps by getting engaged rightaway. They’re crazy for each other. I’mglad my sisters are finding love too.
  25. 25. All three of us are developing somehobbies since we’re doing well in school.I’m really into sports but no one aroundme cares at all so I’ve been really big intogaming too. Lorelei’s another gamerwhile Merrow’s all about music-y stuff.She dances a lot too. Now that we’rejuniors, we strangely seem to have evenmore time on our hands – I guess becausethe classes are getting more intellectualand less busy work.
  26. 26. Oh, readers! The three of us – my sisters and I – sat down for thebiggest gaming marathon today since it was a day off from school.Lorelei was killing it, but I almost matched her high score. Merrow says Iget really intense when I’m watching or playing a game – like scaryintense. I told her she was just jealous and she gave me a look. Hey, ifyou can’t take the heat, stay off the couch. j/k
  27. 27. There are times where I am literally surrounded by dates. It’s a good thingthat most of them are like me and not really serious about seeing eachother, because I would be in constant trouble otherwise. No, there’s only acouple of my girlfriends that I have to be discreet around.
  28. 28. One of the non-trouble ones is Arielle. She’s a native of the island and is hereat college just like me. Just like me, she’s all about romancing as many peopleas possible, but she and I have an understanding. Neither one of us is botheredby the other’s lifestyle. She’s actually someone that I can talk to really freely –in between doing other things, of course.
  29. 29. I don’t believe in soul mates, but if I did, I might think that Arielle was mine. I just feel like we have this chemistry above and beyond anything that I canput my finger on*. She and I are a perfect match.Oh, look at me getting all mushy. If I weren’t telling you this through acomputer you’d probably see me blush. Ridiculous, right? :D* Three bolts.
  30. 30. Sorry I haven’t written anything in so long, guys! I had a really busy finalsemester and I’ve finally graduated. I’m back home now with my mom as Iwrite this. I got a 4.0 and graduated with honors. Mom was so proud.Merrow and Lorelei graduated with honors, too, of course. It’s weird afterthe four years in college to be back home with just Mom and me. I missMerrow and Lorelei, but I know they’re both busy settling in with theirfiancés. No fiancé for me – just settling in to the legacy lifestyle, I guess.
  31. 31. Before I left college, one of the lastthings I did was call Abtu and see ifhe’d be interested in going on avacay with me. We didn’t see eachother much while I was in school,and before I started getting seriousabout things, I wanted some time togoof off with my twin brother. Hesuggested we go to Three Lakes, thisreal pretty city high up in a mountainrange. I thought it sounded great soI booked it. One of the nice thingsabout being in a well-establishedfamily like mine is having enoughmoney to do stuff like this withoutworrying about it. We’re leavingtomorrow. I won’t be able to writebut I’ll take lots of pics and geteveryone caught up when I get back.I hope I see snow! We never get anyon this island, of course, so I wouldlove to see some.
  32. 32. Okay, so the trip was AMAZING, you guys. So much fun. I didn’t see anysnow though, which was really disappointing. We were there in the rightseason but it was really warm for that area I guess, and the temp neverdropped low enough.Snow aside, I had such a great time. One of the best things about thewhole trip was being with Abtu again. He’s always a lot of fun, and we hadso much gossip to get caught up on.
  33. 33. I did a lot of fun stuff on the vacation.They had this ax-throwing contest and Igot really into it. Maybe a little too much,hee hee. It was a great outlet to hurlthose axes. I also spent a lot of time in thehot springs and getting massages, stuff likethat. Soooo relaxing. It’s not like I have allthat much stress to relax from, consideringmy easy breeze through school and thecomfy lifestyle I’ve been living, but I didn’tlet that stop me.
  34. 34. One activity that didn’t turn out to be so relaxing was log-rolling. I thought I was doing pretty good at it until Abtuchallenged me to a contest. He totally trounced me, you guys!He was on that log for like three seconds before I found myselfflying off it. A second and third try didn’t improve my luck. Iguess I’m kind of a competitive person so I was in a huff for abit after that, but I let it go. I still want to know how he’s sogood at that when he has a tail to navigate. You’d think beingbipedal would give me an advantage, right?
  35. 35. One thing that I really loved about thistrip is FIRE! Campfire, to be morespecific. Mom’s afraid of fire so wenever got to sit around one before. Iloved just sitting around it, listening to itcrackle and pop, looking at the softorange light it casts all around. Not tomention marshmallows! I even painted apicture of a campfire but I forgot to bringit home with me when we left.
  36. 36. Of course, it wouldn’t be a vacation if I didn’t get some time tospend on my favorite activities. The cabin we were staying in wasnot as private as I would have liked it, but I found some time towoo a few locals. They had the cutest accent!
  37. 37. Now I’m back home again. Abtu and I said our goodbyes, and he went back hometo his wife and I came home to start my leg of the legacy, I guess. Mom told methat now I could really start being the heiress, and she gave me the necklace shealways wears, telling me how it’s been passed down through all the heiresses.When she told stories about Oceania, she always mentioned how the jewelry shewas wearing was all the fortune she had when she escaped the mer-kingdom tocome live on land. This necklace is really a precious relic, then, and I feel kind ofoverwhelmed by the history of it. I hope I live up to Mom’s expectations and myfamily tradition.
  38. 38. Mom and I have decided to move to a new house. It’s only a few housesdown the beach from our current one, but we both like it better. It’s a bitsmaller than our former one, considering it doesn’t have a basement, but Idon’t feel up to taking care of a huge house and Mom won’t be aroundforever to help. This house is more manageable, I think, and it’s still on thebeautiful beach.
  39. 39. Two words, you guys: House Warming. Three very friendly – and may Imention beautiful? – neighbors stopped by to welcome us to our newhome. I didn’t know any of these ladies already, so even though wedidn’t move far, I was glad we still got introduced. I think I’m going tolike it here, if you know what I mean. We all swam for a while andthen I made dinner. It was a great first night in our new home.
  40. 40. Mom wanted to paint a portrait of me for our portrait wall right away. She’s really gung-ho about me being the heiress, always talking about how it’s my turn now and now I’m the head of the family and stuff like that.I know she’s really proud ofme and she’s reallyinvested in this legacystuff, but it’s beginning tofeel a little much to me. Ijust want to enjoy myself,surround myself withpleasant company. She’salready envisioninggrandkids and trying to getme to think about names.I’m not ready for that atall!
  41. 41. Okay, I got Mom a little distracted from her all-legacy-all-the-time mindset bytelling her we should continue the pet legacy first. We’ve raised cats in thisfamily ever since the founder, blue and green Kelpie. Then we had Selkie, andthe two Mom raised herself during the Great Breeding Experiment, Lenapizkaand Nucklavee. Mom knows a friend with a cat so she’s been arranging forNucklavee to have a litter with the friend’s cat. He’s mostly blue and pink anda little fat looking, to be honest, but Mom thinks he’s great. She says he’s justfluffy. I just hope the kittens turn out alright!
  42. 42. And we have kittens! Nucklavee had four kittens, only one of which wasa girl, named Ashray. The three boys, Bunyip, Grindylow, andFossegrim, went to live with Abtu and Theresa, who had been lookingfor some pets. Well now they’ve got three! Since we want to continuebreeding the cats, it made sense to keep the female. Mom – that crazycat lady that she is – wanted to keep all four of them for a while longer,but I insisted that if we were only keeping one, we didn’t need to raisefour kittens for no good reason. I think she was a little disappointed,but six cats in the house is too much for me!
  43. 43. Hurray, readers! When I became a teenager, I set a goal for myself tobecome a Professional Party Guest. Well, I achieved it today, and not longafter I graduated college too! Now I think I’ll try to be a Rock God. I justwant to live the good life, and both of these jobs are sure to impress theladies.I saw Dad at work today, so he came home with me to visit Mom. She’salways really happy when he’s around, so I’m glad he came over.
  44. 44. I saw the SCARIEST thing today! I didn’t realize we had ghosts, but apparentlywe do, because I got surprised by one today. I think it was the ghost of mygreat-grandmother Atlantica, though she looked a little weird because her hairwas different. Maybe she got it did in the afterlife, I don’t know. Anyway, herghost jumped out at me from nowhere and nearly scared the you-know-whatout of me. I hope this doesn’t happen again. Mom didn’t believe me that wehave ghosts! She said I was just being fanciful and must have seen somethingout of the corner of my eye. I know what I saw, though.
  45. 45. In fact, now I feel all paranoid about the ghosts. Who else will show up?Will Atlantica frighten me again? Why did her ghost want to scare me inthe first place? Is she unhappy that I’m not taking the legacy seriouslyenough? Mom’s been kind of peeved with me because I don’t even wantto think about kids – just about new lovers. I’m still going for that 30lovers thing before I have kids, but she doesn’t think it’s worthwhile. I cankind of feel the disapproval of generations settling on me between Momand the ghost.
  46. 46. Still, I’m going for my goal. I’m almost there, and I’m still young so I don’tsee the big rush to pop out some kids. I’m enjoying myself way toomuch, anyway. Just like at college, I find myself surrounded by womenwilling to date me and I just can’t say no to a beautiful face.
  47. 47. I finally have 30 lovers, you guys! YAY! I can’t tell you how desirable thismakes me feel. I’m on top of the world. My 30th was a cute little redheadnamed Sandy.Now maybe I’ll try to focus on the legacy more. That should make Momhappy, and even though she grumbled some, she did let me pursue thisgoal without too much interference.
  48. 48. Ugh, Nucklavee and Coral have beenfighting like crazy and we just can’tget them to stop no matter what wetry. They’re really getting on mynerves, but more than that, I’m afraidthey’re going to hurt each other.It was a hard decision, but Mom and Idecided to give up Coral. These twocats obviously can’t live under thesame roof, and Nucklavee has a kittento raise, besides being part of our petlegacy. Mom was so sad about Coralleaving she wouldn’t even come outwhen Lorelei came over to collectCoral. I know that Coral will have agood life living with Lorelei and herfamily.
  49. 49. I’ve been seeing Celine again quite a bit. She and I have always gotten alongwell, and I think she’d be a good mother to my children. She’s a lot of fun tohang out with, too. We dance a lot when she comes over. I’ve told herabout the legacy and what I’m thinking about her and me, and she seemsgame but she told me she had to think about it first.
  50. 50. Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man.This was a bad idea, readers. Celinetold me she understood that Icouldn’t get married, but she wantedsome kind of commitment from me. Iasked her what she meant and shesaid she wanted to be engaged. I toldher that it could never lead toanything else, so it wouldn’t evenreally count, but she was adamant.I’d really like to continue seeing herand I think she’d make a greatmother, so I got down on one kneeand proposed.As soon as I did, I could feel in the pitof my stomach what a bad idea thiswas. I hope I’m not leading Celine on. She knows I can’t get married, butshe’s not expecting me to settle andchange my ways is she? Is she?!
  51. 51. I have been SO sick lately. It’s terrible. Mom said it’s morning sickness and I’m probably pregnant. Well that didn’t take very long, did it? Even though Celine and I had been trying for a baby, I had hoped that I’d have a bit more time to prepare.I’ve been dealing with the nausea bymeditating a lot. Mom keeps tellingme that this will pass and I just haveto get through it. Meditating helpsme with that, but there’s a lot ofthings I’d like to be doing instead. Ihope this stage is over soon.
  52. 52. Well, Ashray has grown into an adult cat. She is . . . something else. She’s got the floofiness of her father so she’s kind of interesting- looking, plus her coloring that she inherited from both parents is a little muddled. We’ll have to make sure to breed her with a sleeker, more attractive cat when the time comes.Unsurprisingly, Mom adores Ashrayjust the way she is. SometimesMom can be a pain, but she’s anincredibly accepting and lovingperson. I could probably do to takesome lessons from her on that.
  53. 53. Well, I’m definitely pregnant, readers. I’ve really started to showrecently. Mom is over the moon expecting a grandchild, but I’m still alittle hesitant. I hope I’ll be a good mom. I don’t feel like I have thenatural instincts that Mom does, so I don’t know how I’ll handle havinga baby. I’m a little worried.
  54. 54. The nausea has passed but now I’m tired all the time. I try to do low-key activities. I’m on leave from work now so I have a lot of down time. I’ve taken up painting to fill the time.My first really greatpainting was a portrait ofAshray. We hung it on thewall next to the other catportraits. I’m prettyproud of how it turnedout. Painting is a lot offun and lets me take mymind off the aches andpains of pregnancy.
  55. 55. It used to be that the natives ofSirenum Scopuli migrated aboutonce a generation, so there werealways new locals coming by, andthe elders in my family typicallydidn’t get to spend time with themate they got to know during theiradulthood. For some reason, thishas changed and things havebecome more stable in that regard.Mom says it’s a little weird to notsee the new blood like whathappened when she was a teen,but she’s absolutely pleased to stillbe able to spend time with Roger.He comes over pretty often andthey spend a lot of time together.Sometimes this makes me thinkabout Celine, and whether we havethat kind of love. I don’t think wedo. Is it really necessary, though?
  56. 56. I went into labor in the middle of the night. Mom was still sleeping so I delivered by myself. My baby was a beautiful little boy with Celine’s icy blue skin. I’ve decided to name my babies after various water plants, so I named my little boy Bacopa. He’s got my eyes and blond hair. I loved him so much from the first moment I saw him that I surprised myself.Meet baby Bacopa!
  57. 57. Oh readers. What the hell do I do with a baby? It turns out love is notenough. Mom is a lot of help but I still have a lot of time that I’m theonly one little Bacopa has to count on. I’m kind of lost. I didn’t reallyprepare at all for having a baby other than taking care of my pregnancy,and now I – and Bacopa – are paying for it by my incompetence. I canonly hope that I’ll get better with time.
  58. 58. I’ve been really successful at workrecently, so I’ve been job-hopping tokeep things interesting. Besides beingan oceanographer and a ballerina, Iwent through a cycle of being aProfessional Party Guest, a Rock God, aCelebrity Chef, a Party Guest again, anda Celebrity Chef again.**These were all completed LTWs.
  59. 59. Mom bought a book on parenting today and sat down and didn’t get upuntil she had read the whole thing. Then she ran to the bathroom.Anyway, I don’t know what she needs to learn about parenting since she’spretty much a natural, but she said it helps her understand Bacopa’s needsmore. Maybe I’ll have to check that book out too.
  60. 60. In the meantime, I think I am getting better at caring for little Bacopa. It’sbeen a lot of trial and error, but I think I’m doing a pretty adequate job. Bythe time I have another baby, I might even be good at it! Hopefully Bacopadoesn’t resent me someday for being my test baby. ;)
  61. 61. Big trouble, readers: I AM IN IT. I was having an amorous bit of car time withArielle when Celine walked by. I guess she was coming by to see me but shecould not have walked by at a worse time. Arielle and I were pretty hot andheavy and she saw the whole thing. She ran off crying before I could sayanything. What do I do now?
  62. 62. Not long after she ran off, Celine came back. I figured she was ready to talk so I went up to her, and she slapped me! She said she couldn’t believe I would cheat on the other mother of my children. She went on a bit of a tirade and said some really awful things about me.I’m so hurt and so confused, readers. Ican’t refute what she said about me,but it doesn’t feel fair. It’s not likewe’re married! I didn’t think I had aduty to stay faithful to Celine, butapparently that’s exactly what sheexpected.Worse, she’s said she doesn’t wantanything to do with me or Bacopa. Shesaid I’ve broken her heart and sheneeds time alone. But what about us?
  63. 63. Perhaps it’s not the wisest course of action, but in the meantime I’m buryingmy sorrow by spending as much time as possible with Arielle. She’s alwaysmade me feel good just being around her, and I need an understandingfriend besides a lover. Arielle is both for me, and is just what I need rightnow. Until I can clear things up with Celine at least. Ugh, I’m so confused.Why am I still thinking about Celine so much when I have Arielle here? I’mbroken-hearted, I guess. I don’t know what I’m thinking.
  64. 64. Today was Bacopa’s birthday. I hadhoped Celine would put ourtroubles behind her enough toattend the party, but she’s notreturning any of my calls. It makesme feel sick to think that Bacopamay lose one of the people wholoves him just because I couldn’tfigure out what Celine wanted fromme.I’m trying to put on a happy facefor Bacopa today, though. He’sgrowing into such a wonderful littleboy.
  65. 65. As Bacopa is entering his toddler years, I’m really starting to see more of hispersonality. He’s very outgoing and is very chatty as a result. I’ve got toteach him to talk so I can understand what he’s babbling away about allhours of the day. He’s also very active and it’s a fight to get him down fornaps. Unfortunately, I think he’s got a bit of my mean streak, at leastaccording to Mom. She says he reminds her of me when I was that age.* 4/10/9/4/1
  66. 66. Being at the top of my career, I’ve had a lot of time off and I’ve been spendingit all with Bacopa lately. Now that he’s a toddler, he needs more from methan he did when he was a baby – in some ways at least. He’s not as helpless,of course, but there’s so much learning and growing that he needs to do now,and I intend to be a part of it every step of the way. I’ve been teaching him towalk – he’s so active I figured he was ready for it. Not surprisingly, he took toit right away. He’s such a smart little boy and I’m so proud of him.
  67. 67. Celine finally answered one of my calls and agreed to come over to talk. Ibegged her not to take her anger at me out on Bacopa. She said, with morethan a hint of bitterness in her voice, that she thought I’d called her over toapologize. I was dumbstruck, readers. Of course that’s what I should havedone but it didn’t even occur to me. I guess I’m still conflicted about what Iactually owed Celine or not, in terms of being faithful. I tried to reason withher, but I was saying all the wrong things and she left again, more angrythan when she came in. This did not go well at all.
  68. 68. I’ve been a little depressed latelyso Mom’s taken over teachingBacopa his toddler skills. I feelreally bad about not being therefor him, but I just need to sortthings out right now.
  69. 69. I was out on the beach late at night last night when I felt a familiar wave ofnausea come over me. Great. I’m pregnant again. And based on the timing,it’s not Celine’s. This won’t help me make up with her at all.This isn’t the right way to think about things. I should be happy. Instead Ijust feel confused and sad. I’ve made a real mess of things with Celine and Ihaven’t been thinking or acting responsibly about any of this from the verybeginning.It’s time to change that.
  70. 70. I got Celine to come over again. Sheinstantly noticed I was pregnant and wason guard, but before she could get a wordin, I launched into a heartfelt apology.Maybe I laid it on a little thick, but I owedher a good one and I tried to make surethis was the apology she deserved. I toldher that I knew things still aren’t rightbetween us, but that I didn’t want Bacopato lack anything because of it.
  71. 71. She told me that I was right that thingsweren’t right between us – and theynever would be. She said I had brokena trust that she didn’t think could everbe repaired.I begged her not to take it out onBacopa and she sighed. “You’re right,”she said. “It isn’t fair for Bacopa to beaffected by our issues.”We tentatively called a truce andagreed to focus on Bacopa instead ofour problems. “But Anet?” she said.“Don’t get your hopes up. We can befriends for Bacopa’s sake, but we cannever, ever be together again. I seenow that our expectations are toodifferent for that to work. You’ll neverlive up to my standards.”Ouch. I guess I deserved that, though.Anyway, after our convo she spent therest of the day playing with Bacopa.At least I’ve set that right.
  72. 72. Had another one of those rare introspective days. Carrying this little one ofArielle’s and caring for Bacopa was keeping me busy, but I took some time towatch the waves through the window and think. I can’t shake the feelingthat Celine’s expectations weren’t fair, but I guess it also wasn’t fair of me toassume that she didn’t care about these things. I guess I am the exceptionrather than the rule when it comes to fidelity. If I wanted an openrelationship, I should have asked and given her the chance to tell me whatshe thought. This introspection stuff is rough.
  73. 73. I shared with Mom what I was thinking. I had kept most of the fallout withCeline from her because I figured she’s be disappointed in me. Now I laid it allout, though. “Oh, Anet, you know I love you no matter what. That’s whatbeing a parent is all about. And I’m sorry you’re hurting, but I’m glad you’vecome to see your role in it and are taking action to make things right. That’sthe responsible thing to do,” she said to me. Parts of her words hurt, but Iknew she was on to something. I am making things right, for me and my kid,and that’s what will count in the end.
  74. 74. I decided to take a look at Mom’s parenting book today. Itactually had a lot of helpful tips! I studied pretty hard as ateenager and then goofed off in college so it’d been a whilesince I’d really set my mind to learning something, but I wasmotivated by my love for my child. Later, I made sure tospend some time with Bacopa. I may have made a mess ofmy love life, but I am going to be the best mother I can be.
  75. 75. Bacopa is growing so fast. He’s really taken a shine to Ashray,although I’m not sure she’s always appreciative of his affection.He’s walking and talking now, zooming all over the house,mouth running a mile a minute. My little iceberg baby is full ofenergy, and it’s fun to see him explore his world.
  76. 76. It’s Bacopa’s birthday again! Ican’t believe another year haspassed so quickly. He’s growing somuch! Celine was here tocelebrate with Mom and I, whichmade Bacopa happy. He loves itwhen she visits, and it makes mehappy to see him so happy. Happybirthday, little one! Is that enoughhappy’s in one post, readers? :)
  77. 77. Oh, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Bacopa’s grown so fast and he’s such a busy little child now.He’s started school and is doing great. In hisfree time, he actually wants to study andacquire skills! What a funny little guy. I’m soproud of my boy.
  78. 78. Lorelei and Merrow came over tonight to catch up. It’s been a while sinceI’ve seen any of my siblings. We’ve all been so busy with our families. Theyalso brought news from Abtu, who couldn’t get away from his family tosocialize. All three of them live on the other side of the island, so eventhough I don’t see them as much as I would like to, they run into each otherfairly often.
  79. 79. Of course the big news from Abtu’shouse is about his twins. They’retoddlers now. Surf is doing great butthe real excitement is about Wave. Shegrew in her tail! It’s great to haveanother merperson in the family, andAbtu’s as proud as he could be. I teasehim about his twins’ names when wetalk, but he maintains they were all heand Theresa could think of when theywere born.
  80. 80. Lorelei and Joseph are both doingwell in their jobs. I think he’s somekind of teacher, but Lorelei’sworked her way up to MadScientist. That’s my sister alright.She just had a baby, a boy namedNeptune. He’s a darling little thing. Makes me think of the little oneI’m expecting.
  81. 81. Merrow was the first of any of us to have children, which was of course something she had wanted since she was young. Her triplets are children now, and are doing great. She and Todd are still head over heels for each other.Minnow, Guppy, and Anchovy are a few gradeshigher than Bacopa in school, but at least oneof them still comes over most afternoons toplay with him. I’m glad he’s so close to hiscousins.
  82. 82. During my visit with Merrow and Lorelei today, I went into labor. UnlikeBacopa’s birth, I was surrounded by people who loved me and it seemedto go a lot quicker and easier.
  83. 83. Which was a good thing, because I had twins! You know, it’s funny howoften multiples occur in my family. We must beat the odds pretty often,I guess. Huh.Anyway, my two little babies came out healthy and strong. The little girlwith Arielle’s tan skin I named Azolla, and her younger-by-minutesbrother I named Myrio. They both have Arielle’s beautiful grey eyes anddark brown hair.
  84. 84. I hope the twins – and Bacopa – know that all of my children were lovedfrom the moment they were born. Or even before, I guess. Mom and Ihave been spoiling the twins. She’s really happy to have babies in thehouse again – it’s when she really shines.It’s funny. It feels like my pregnancy took forever, especially incomparison with how much Bacopa grew during the same time. I’m notone to dwell on metaphysical stuff, though. Just a thought.
  85. 85. Celine visited again today.Bacopa is always really excitedwhen he knows she’s comingover soon. He’s hard to handle,actually. He gets so excited and Ican’t help but smile seeing himgreeting her. They really care foreach other, and I’m glad he hasthat love in his life.Sometimes I wonder if Celine stillhas feelings for me. I do for her,but I respect her decision thatwe’ll never act on them again.It’s hard, but if that’s theboundary she’s set, I’ll abide by it.
  86. 86. Oh, readers, I am soooo tired.Bacopa is such a little ball of energyand the twins take so much work.Mom gave me a break today andsaid she’d look after all three ofthem, so I took off to the beach forsome quiet time. Just a little bit oftime without babies crying orBacopa needing attention was justwhat I wanted. Being a mother istough sometimes.
  87. 87. It’s the twins’ birthday! Celine even celebrated with us. She’s beenstrangely unaffected by the fact that I had children with someone else sosoon after we broke up. I guess she’s decided that Bacopa’s siblingsdeserve her affection too. I think it’s really nice of her and I made sure totell her. She smiled and said, “It’s the kids that are important, right?”Right.
  88. 88. Hey, readers. I’ve been busy keeping upwith the Terrible Two in their terribletwos. Azolla and Myrio are a handfuljust like Bacopa was at this age, but nowI’ve got two of them! They’re both suchamazing little people, though, and I lovewatching their personalities emerge asthey grow and learn.Azolla is very outgoing and very nice,although she can be a little on theserious side. Myrio’s the same in thatregard – they both make a beeline forthe logic toy as soon as they wake upfrom naptime. Myrio is also nice, unlikemy grumpy older son, but he’s evenmore active than Bacopa was. He’s alsoa neat and shy little guy, tidy but quiet.* Azolla 5/10/6/3/10 Myrio 8/1/10/3/8
  89. 89. I had a weekend off from work, and of course Mom retired a while ago, so wespent the whole weekend focusing on the twins and their skills. We got bothof them pottytrained. Bacopa wasn’t too impressed with the process, though. It’s a lot of work to keep three kids happy, healthy, and well-cared for but Ithink I’m managing it. Maybe I’m a good parent after all.
  90. 90. Although he didn’t want anything to do with their pottytraining, Bacopa enjoysspending time with the twins, even though their conversations can’t be all thatinteresting yet. The three of them spend a lot of time playing together at theactivity table, and they’re all friends with each other. I think it’s great that theyall get along so well, and I’m especially proud of Bacopa for being a good bigbrother to Azolla and Myrio.
  91. 91. Readers! I saw ANOTHER GHOST today! This time it was my grandmother,Orca. She scared me as I was going into the kitchen to make dinner for us all.Dinner was late tonight because it took me a while to get myself together afterthe scare. What is going on with the ghosts in this house? I tried telling Momagain, but she said that she’s never seen a ghost and I shouldn’t talk aboutthem around the kids. Am I losing it?
  92. 92. Azolla and Myrio are doing well. They’re both walking and talking now,and they love attention. You can’t make it through the playroom withoutone of them tugging on your hand and asking to sing a nursery rhyme orhave a story read. They’re a lot of work, especially since they’re twins,but I’m so glad I had them. I wouldn’t change a thing about any of mychildren.
  93. 93. That doesn’t mean that I don’t get frustrated with them sometimes though. Bacopa is always running away outside or to the beach to play, being the active little guy that he is. Today he got pinched by a crab and needed a kiss for his boo boo, but he was supposed to be doing homework!He’s not very neat most of the timebut he really has a thing about makingbeds. Mom and I don’t make our bedsmost of the time, so he comes behindus and makes them. Weird little kid.
  94. 94. Nucklavee passed away today. She had been getting very old andspent most of her time sleeping on beds around the house, so weknew it was coming. The kids are inconsolable, but I know that willget better with time. We buried Nucklavee out back alongside thethree other cats we’ve raised. Goodbye, Nucklavee.
  95. 95. Readers, a very weird thing happened today. My kids were playing withblocks, like they usually do, then went off for naptime. Then this strangeguy in dirty coveralls barged into my house and started going on and onabout how Myrio was some kind of tinkering genius and he’s welcome atthe weird guy’s garage anytime. Um, hello? He’s three. What could hepossibly do at a garage?
  96. 96. My relationship with Mom has really improved over the years. We’vealways cared about each other, of course, but living together like this hasreally made us close. When the kids aren’t needing something, we spend alot of time together. Mom still loves to tell stories: about places she’s been,things she’s found, stuff like that. We were goofing off today andreminiscing about our respective college experiences and we spontaneouslystarted doing the cheer at the same time. Too funny, readers!
  97. 97. Azolla and Myrio normally get along very well, especially considering howyoung they are. They’re very good about sharing EXCEPT for the logic toy.They’re both serious-minded little kids and they just love pushing thosebeads back and forth. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found one ofthem playing with it while the other stares daggers at them. Maybe weshould have gotten two of them.
  98. 98. Today was another birthday for little Azolla and Myrio. We’ve all been rather busy recently so we had a small little party – just the family.The kids are growing somuch. They’ll be goingoff for their first day ofschool soon. I can’tbelieve how big mybabies are getting.They’re still great friends,of course. As she getsolder, Azolla reallyreminds me of Ariellemore and more. Whichalso reminds me - Ishould give Arielle a call.
  99. 99. The phone has been pretty tied up lately by Bacopa. He’s alwayscalling Celine or one of Merrow’s girls. He’s a gregarious little guy. Heloves talking on the phone and he gets calls all the time. He’s made acouple other friends from school and they call a lot too. There’s thisone little boy that has a knack for calling during dinner.
  100. 100. Okay, now I’m angry, readers. I got scared by a ghost AGAIN, but this time itwas a cat. Why am I the only one the ghosts are scaring, and why do theykeep coming after me? I couldn’t tell for sure but I think it was probablyLena that scared me. What’s her problem? I always played with her when Iwas a kid. I don’t think she has any good reason to hate me from theafterlife. What’s up with all the ghosts?
  101. 101. I’m glad my kids get along so well. They’re together from themoment they all wake up every day, especially on weekends. Sincethey’re so outgoing, Bacopa and Azolla usually drive the action, whileMyrio is more of a keep-up-from-the-sidelines kind of guy. They’re allgreat friends though, and Bacopa and Azolla do usually remember toinclude Myrio once they get a few jokes out of the way.
  102. 102. The twins have been doing well in school but they’ve been getting a lotof homework lately. Mom and I took some time to teach them how todo it better. Having a good college education – however some of usmay have obtained it – definitely helps when the kids come home withmath problems to solve and essays to write.
  103. 103. The boys are driving me crazy, readers!They’re both so, so active and they areconstantly roughhousing and getting intotrouble. I found them playing catch in thegraveyard today after I had kicked themoutside for punching each other. They’remaking me nuts!
  104. 104. Of course, I know the ringleader isBacopa. He’s a handful. He’s alwaysshowing off or doing stuff like jumpingrope in my bedroom. When I foundthem in the graveyard, he wanted to getspun around. So I did, and he promptlyvomited on Nucklavee’s grave. Ugh. Iguess that isn’t his fault per se, but he’ssuch a rowdy little guy.
  105. 105. Azolla is so calm in comparison. She likesspending time with Mom and me or withAshray. She’s also really into dance soshe spends plenty of time on the barrethat we had installed for her. Mom likesdancing around with her too. They turnthe stereo up and dance around all silly-like. That’s as crazy as Azolla gets. Sodifferent from her brothers in someways.
  106. 106. Bacopa’s birthday again! He’sgrowing into such a smart littleteenager. I can’t believe how oldhe’s getting. Just a few yearsaway and my little baby will beheading to college. Ye gods, Ihope he doesn’t go throughcollege like I did.Celine was here for the birthdayparty, of course. Minnow camehome on the bus with the kids soshe helped Bacopa celebrate too.Unfortunately, the one personmissing from the party was me – Ihad to work late. I had plannedto stay home but I guess I gotdistracted and just went to workanyway.
  107. 107. When I got home that evening, Celine was still there, playing a song forAzolla on the piano. I talked with Bacopa for a while and made sure toapologize for missing his party. He forgave me. He told me that now thathe’s a teenager, he thinks he’d like to focus on having friends and beingaround the people that he loves.* He thinks he’d make a good CaptainHero. I told him he’d have to study hard in school to get ahead in lawenforcement, but he said he’s up for it.*Popularity/Family
  108. 108. To make up for missing his party, I let Bacopa borrow the car and drivedown to the street market to pick up a cell phone. I did ask him to buyone for his siblings, but I’m going to hold onto them until they’re oldenough for the phones. I don’t want my youngest two growing up toofast.
  109. 109. Arielle came over to visit today. It was really good to see her and bearound her again. We just have such a connection. She doesn’t comeover as often as I would like because she’s not really a family kind ofperson, but she still comes to see me.
  110. 110. I have asked Arielle to spend sometime with the kids. They have meand Mom and often Celine around,but it’s natural that they’d want tobrag to their other mother aboutall the neat stuff they’re doing.Arielle’s down with it. I know she’llnever be a mother the way I am,but I’m glad she doesn’t shun thekids either.
  111. 111. Come to think of it, it’s kind of a weird arrangement we all have. The thoughtoccurred to me when Arielle told me about passing by Celine while she washot-tubbing naked in the back. Oh well. I’m not happy about everything thatbrought us to this point, but I am happy with the family I have and the peoplethat are in my kids’ lives.
  112. 112. Bacopa is such a good big brother! Now that he’s a teen and has a laterbedtime than the twins, he’s always tucking them in and giving themgoodnight kisses. Only when they’re already asleep though – I assume hestill has to keep some rep as the tough big brother! He’s such a softythough.
  113. 113. Even moreso than Bacopa was, my two youngest are really hardstudiers. They’ve both maxed several skills and they’re not eventeenagers yet! They won’t have much work to do when they’re olderto get ready for college.
  114. 114. Now that Bacopa’s a teen, he and I have a whole different kind ofrelationship from what I have with the kids. Of course, he’s still no adultbut I can talk with him a lot more freely. I confess that I’m glad he’swilling to listen to my gossip – someone has to or I’d burst! Readers, it’sa good thing I have a blog or I’d lose my mind without you all to talk toalso.
  115. 115. I’ve been a bit worried about Mom lately. She’s getting older andshe’s spending a lot of time by herself – or at least, with just Ashrayaround – instead of being with the kids. I know she adores them,so I wonder what’s up with her. I worry that she’s trying to steelherself for leaving us. I’m not ready for that. I still depend on herso much, and I’d miss her so. She has to stick around longer! Shehas to! I can’t handle it.
  116. 116. Mom visited with Roger again today. I’m convinced she’s saying her goodbyes and I’m freaking out, readers. I know she has to go sometime but now is not that time.She can’t be that old,right? I mean, she’s stilla pretty spry old lady,and she keeps active.She’s got Roger, andme, and the kids. Shecan’t be ready to saygoodbye, can she?
  117. 117. After Roger left, Mom spent the rest of the day out on the beach, byherself. Later, I asked her what she was doing. She said that she justwanted some quiet time to think. I broke down in tears and begged hernot to leave yet. “Oh Anet, I don’t get to choose my time. Just what I dowith that time. Now let’s all spend it together,” she said to me, wipingmy tears away.
  118. 118. Today was a fantastic day, readers. Ialmost forgot why I’ve been so sad. Someof the cousins came over to visit withMom, which delighted her. She loves allher grandkids. Then the five of us spentall day out on the beach, just playing andbeing together. It was a beautiful day.Then this evening I cooked Mom’sfavorite meal and we all sat around thetable and talked. Today was just perfectand I know Mom felt so too.
  119. 119. I haven’t written for a while because I’ve been grieving. You all probablysaw Mom’s obituary in the Sirenum Times so you know that she passed,just as I had feared. At least the last days of her life were so happy. Eventhough I feel torn apart inside, I can still take some comfort that she diedin a house full of love, quietly and painlessly. I guess she was right – it washer time, but that doesn’t make me any more ready to deal with it. I haveto stay strong for the kids but I’m aching inside.
  120. 120. Thalassa Legasea, the fourth heiress in our family and my mother, was awonderful person. She was loving and kind to everyone she ever met,and somehow mustered even more love for her family. My siblings and Inever went a day in our childhood without her saying she loved us. Shewas just as good as a grandmother, and she’s leaving behind four broken-hearted children and nine grandchildren. Goodbye, Mom.
  121. 121. The kids are resilient – kids always are – and even though I knowthey’re grieving too, they get on with their normal activities. I try tofind time to cry by myself so I don’t influence them too much.Suddenly I feel as insecure as I did when I was a new mother. Lifewithout Mom just seems too hard, but I have no choice but to bear it.
  122. 122. Bacopa’s been out of the house a lot lately, hanging out with friends or working on school projects. The twins spend a lot of time together. I think they find comfort in each other’s company.It does warm my heart and bring meout of the cloud of my grief some tosee them playing together or tellingsecrets. Although Mom’s gone,there’s still so much in my life to beglad about and I have to focus on thatnow. Like always, it’s all about my kidsfor me.
  123. 123. WOW! I haven’t written in so long, readers. Thanks to anyone that stillchecks this decrepit old blog, lol. Myrio and Azolla are teenagers now,amazingly. All of my kids are becoming such wonderful little adults, bit bybit. Azolla’s become quite the little partier, and she’s always out onexcursions with friends. Myrio reminds me a bit of myself at that age, buthe’s also way more into his studies than I was. All of them are individuals,and I wouldn’t have it any other way.*Azolla is Pleasure/Popularity and Myrio is Romance/Knowledge
  124. 124. AHA! Myrio confided in merecently that he’s seen a couple ofghosts and been frightened bythem since he was a child. WhileI’m not glad the ghosts are pickingon my kid, I am relieved to know Ihaven’t been imagining the ghostsall these years. I still don’t knowwhy ghosts that lay dormant forgenerations are so pissynowadays, but at least I’m notlosing my mind.
  125. 125. Wow, so this is a first. We actually had cold enough weather recently tobust out some warmer clothes. I don’t know that I’ve ever actually worn asweater before. Living on such a tropical island means that it hardly evergets chilly around here, so this is rare and special. I know it won’t get coldenough to snow but a girl can dream, can’t she?
  126. 126. The kids have been so busy recently that Ihardly see them except occasionally atthe dinner table. Myrio’s a whiz withmechanical things so I’m always havinghim help with the computer I keepbreaking. Bacopa’s taken up violin andloves nothing more than to serenade usearly in the morning when we’re trying tosleep. Azolla’s still been obsessed withAshray and has been trying to teach hertricks. That cat is dumb as a rock, though.
  127. 127. I got some outerwear for the kids, expecting that they’d want to check outthe cooler weather like I do, and what do they do in it? Stay inside andstudy or play violin! Unbelievable!
  128. 128. They’ve all been rather busy with after-school jobs, too. Bacopa, with all hisenergy and outgoing-ness, is a naturalin the show business career. He stillcan’t wait to join law enforcementwhen he’s older though. Azolla is alsogreat with people and got a job as apolitical intern. Myrio hadn’t gotten ajob yet so she pulled some strings andgot him hired too. All of my kids areoverachievers and I’m so, so proud ofthem.
  129. 129. Although I still miss Mom a lot, the pain is less sharp now. I wonder ifher ghost will join the ranks of the ones who wander our lot. I haven’tseen her yet but I feel sometimes like I can still sense her presence.
  130. 130. Thinking about Mom recently has gotten me more motivated to do the kinds ofthings she would have done if she were still around. I arranged for a mate tomeet with Ashray and have been introducing them to each other. Hopefully oneday soon we’ll have kittens again. They’re still getting to know each other butthey seem to like one another.I also met with the local headmaster of the private school, and got him to comeover for a visit. He found the tour of our bathrooms scintillating, as well as beingmesmerized by my ghost stories. Weird guy, actually. Anyway, he accepted thekids so they’re finally in a great school that will really prepare them for collegewell.
  131. 131. Romantic little Myrio has been seeing a girl named Shannon, a foreignexchange student. I asked him where they met and he said he wished forher at the well. Fine, if you don’t want to tell me, don’t, but don’t make upstories, mister! Shannon had to go home recently so Myrio’s been hopinghe can invite her over to stay for a few days. I’m not so sure I’m ready formy youngest to be getting hot and heavy with the ladies. I know whattroubles lie on that route!
  132. 132. Azolla and Bacopa aren’t dating, though they both have lots of friends. I’mglad for that. Only leaves me one kid to worry about. My children are bestfriends with each other, for which I’m happy. While Myrio’s fretting aboutmissing Shannon, Azolla and Bacopa are right down the hall right now,having a raucous conversation. Azolla always was the calm one as a childbut she’s really come out of her shell.
  133. 133. Well, readers, I think I can finally admit it: I’m getting old. My hair hasbeen coming in white more and more over the years, and I think I finallyqualify as an elder. Not too psyched about that, as I miss my young bodyand the things I did with it, but I do have a lot of life experience andmemories that I wouldn’t trade away for anything.
  134. 134. Of course the things that matter most tome are my kids. They’re getting oldertoo and I know they’ll head off forcollege soon. I miss them already justthinking about it. I make sure to givethem lots of hugs and kisses even if theydon’t appreciate it. Ugh, I’ve become mymother. There are worse people toemulate, though. I just want my kids toknow how much I love them.
  135. 135. It took me a long time to fully appreciate the legacy I had been born intoand my role in it as a mother, but I think I’ve reached a place where I cansay with certainty that I’ve played my part well. Things didn’t always gothe way I planned them, but the life that’s come out of those experiencesis mine, and I appreciate it for what it is. I know my mother would beproud to see me now and I take a lot of comfort in that thought.
  136. 136. And that’s the end of my mega-post, readers. That brings us to today.Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the story. I’ve certainlyenjoyed living it.
  137. 137. *And thank you, readers of the Legasea, for sticking through a very longchapter! I hope you found it entertaining. For info on the three potentialheir/esses, please read on. The last two slides are outtakes that didn’t fitin the story but that I wanted to share anyway.To vote in the heir poll, please join me at SiMania(http://z12.invisionfree.com/Sim_Mania).
  138. 138. Bacopa “Hyperactive” Legasea4/10/9/4/1Popularity/Family – Captain HeroFirstborn Bacopa is active and outgoing, a born leader. Hehas a beautiful Enayla skin. As a boy, he would have to getalien impregnated if he were heir.
  139. 139. Azolla “Cat Tamer” Legasea5/10/6/3/10Pleasure/Popularity – Game DesignerThe older of the two twins, Azolla had a calm childhoodbefore coming out of her shell as a Pleasure sim. She isthe only girl (duh).
  140. 140. Myrio “Lover Boy” Legasea8/1/10/3/8Romance/Knowledge – Hall of FamerThe youngest of the three, Myrio is also the shyest andquietest, but he has a head start in the dating world. As aboy, he would have to get alien impregnated if he were heir.
  141. 141. Outtakes!2) The hazards of dating while on vacation – multiple frustrated flower-droppers3) Long distance back massage – always a popular first-date move4) Todd checks out the goods on the resident streaker
  142. 142. Oh, that’s just Atlantica. You know, swimming through the first floor. As a ghost. Yep. Completely normal.Celine wonders, “How did I getinvolved in all this drama? I’m aknowledge sim for crying outloud, not some romance simhussy!”Thanks for reading! <3