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Admod legacy act 1


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The first act of SiMania Admods: The Musical

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Admod legacy act 1

  1. 2. Welcome to Act 1 of a new joint legacy, passed between the admods at SiMania. Currently, that means me (Taube), Lydia (hippielayla86) and Katie (ilovereecee). The names of children in our legacy are based on musicals, and we have a special twist for finding spouses that we’ll get to later. This is a smaller, sparser chapter because most of the pictures were lost after the first attempt at this legacy was abandoned. However, there’s enough here to tell a story, so let’s get to it!
  2. 3. The founder is one Aria Encore. Aria is a mean romance sim, a Taurus with the personality 5/6/4/7/3 and the LTW to woohoo 20 sims. Aria entered college at the Veronaville School of Music, majoring in Art. After working as a barista for a year, she raised enough money to start a venue downtown. This in turn gave her enough money to build a lovely house back at college, which she soon converted into a sorority - by hanging her letter in the second story bathroom for some reason.
  3. 4. Despite her meanness, Aria made friends very quickly, which is good, because she needed those friends for woohoo partners. Before long she had joined the secret society and found a new best friend to pledge. The first pledge to Aria’s sorority was a cheerleader named Ashlee. Ashlee likes to fight with the cow once daily in between bouts of crushing on Aria. Despite being a romance machine, Aria had no interest in a relationship with Ashlee, so the love was unrequited.
  4. 5. Before long another cheerleader, Trina, had joined the sorority. When they weren’t boozin’ it up together, the three girls set about to having wild parties where people talked about money and books while sitting around. Scintillating! Aria was very successful at getting romantic partners, and she completed her 20 th woohoo, and therefore her LTW, in her junior year. She also maxed all her skills in college and graduated with a 4.0.
  5. 6. Back at the venue, Aria has managed to get the Capps and Montys to agree on something – instruments are irresistible sim magnets. Aria’s venue brought in quite a lot of money including a selling price of $55,000, most of which was spent on the sorority house and a little stashed away for the future legacy house.
  6. 7. Here’s how spouse selection works in our legacy. We use a randomizer to decide how much money the player can pay the matchmaker. With that amount, you get three tries, and have to choose between those three dates, no matter what. I was hopeful that I would roll a large amount and be able to have my choice between several comely suitors for Aria. I rolled $537. The matchmaker was not impressed.
  7. 8. Aria’s first date matched her turn-ons, which were brown and blond hair, but he was not much to look at. Of course, this didn’t stop her from woohooing him anyway. Try number 2 was an elder sim with Aria’s turn-off: grey hair. They had negative chemistry, so I laid my hopes on the third date.
  8. 9. . . . and got a blond Goopy.
  9. 10. However, blond Goopy (real name: Cleve) and Aria hit it off pretty well. They actually had two bolts of chemistry and while he has a Goopy face, Cleve was still better looking than the first guy. Looks like Cleve is the future husband of Aria and the first father of the Encore family.
  10. 11. With a bit of a makeover, he’s pretty tolerable. Cleve is a popularity sim with the personality 5/8/9/3/3, just as mean as Aria. His LTW is to become a general.
  11. 12. Luckily, Cleve is all too willing to participate in Aria’s absolute favorite activity: hot tub woohoo. Aria will quite gladly woohoo just about anyone in just about any hot tub, as often proven by her wants panel. It just seems to be a favorite place of hers. Cleve is also quite dumb, which is a good trait for the future spouse of a romance sim. In the picture on the left, he’s talking about his first woohoo with someone else in the tub who will be woohooing his girlfriend as soon as Cleve leaves the property.
  12. 13. Having graduated college with honors, Aria moved to a downtown attached to Veronaville. She quickly invited Cleve to move in, and they had a small wedding. Because they couldn’t afford landscaping for a lovely wedding scene, they instead got married in front of a hot tub, Aria’s favorite object.
  13. 14. Eager to get the legacy going, Cleve and Aria spent some quality time together, in full view of several voyeuristic dumpsters. Ah – downtown life! So charming!
  14. 15. Both Aria and Cleve were successful sims. Having completed her first LTW in college, Aria worked on her next, which was to become Celebrity Chef, and when that was completed she fulfilled her third LTW as a Hall of Famer. Cleve also reached his LTW and became a general. However, there is one thing Cleve is even better at . . .
  15. 16. . . . and that is being a doofus. Whether he’s talking to the poor maid completely nude or singing karaoke with one of his wife’s lovers, Cleve constantly cracked me up. There’s just something not right about that sim.
  16. 17. Before long, all that woohoo Cleve and Aria were having took effect.
  17. 18. Twins were welcomed into the house early one morning. Born with their mother’s eyes and skintone, a little boy named Angel and a little girl named Joann joined the Encore family. The names this generation are taken from the musical Rent, one of my personal favorites.
  18. 19. With the money saved from her venue plus the fat salaries both parents were pulling, there was finally enough money to build a nice legacy house. The house is two stories with a garage and pool.
  19. 20. Soon enough it was time for Angel and Joann’s birthday. Surprisingly, they both grew up bald and needed immediate hair assistance. Once they’d overcome their follicular hurdle, Joann and Angel clean up very nicely. Joann’s personality is 3/9/5/3/10. Angel’s is 5/7/4/8/8. Despite both their parents being big meanies, the twins are exceedingly nice!
  20. 21. The twins made very cute toddlers and interacted a lot while in the nursery.
  21. 22. Angel and Joann were soon joined by a younger brother, Mark. This is a good time to talk about the skintone. The skin is one that I tweaked, based on a Louis skintone, and colored blue. There are also several SiManian touches (hence the blue/black/white color scheme), including that babies wear a black SiMania shirt. So cute! The heir is determined based on who has the skin, so at this point in the legacy, all three children are eligible for heir.
  22. 23. Mark soon grew up to be a darling little thing. With a personality of 5/8/9/3/1, he swings far to the other side of the niceness scale from his siblings, turning out even meaner than his mom and dad.
  23. 24. I present to you: The Amazing, Astounding, Goopy-Faced Identical Fraternal Twins! While Mark was growing into a rude yet adorable little toddler, Angel and Joann also saw a birthday. To my surprise, they look nearly identical despite being different genders. With the same clothes and hairstyle, I couldn’t tell them apart. They both definitely have the Goopy nose.
  24. 25. When they’re done doing their freaky clone thing, Joann and Angel actually clean up quite nicely. They settle in for a legacy child’s duty: skilling, skilling, skilling!
  25. 26. Children of romance sims often learn to cultivate tunnel vision as a coping mechanism. While Joann and Angel play chess, their mother and father are doing unspeakable things to each other out in the . . . where else? . . . hot tub.
  26. 27. Mark soon follows his older siblings into childhood. He does not have the Goopy nose, and in fact takes after his mother quite a bit in the looks department. Since all three children were equally eligible for the heirship, this was the final nudge needed and Mark was declared heir at this point.
  27. 28. Mark takes after his mother in a lot of ways besides looks, too. He’s actually improved on her mean streak, and he tends to be a bit whiny and pitch fits just like she does.
  28. 29. Since his siblings are *so* nice and he is *so* mean, it is difficult to get Mark to make friends with his sister and brother. I eventually accomplished it, but it wasn’t easy at all. Plus, everyone always catches him cheating at chess . . . except Cleve, of course.
  29. 30. Another new addition to the family is a dog named Mania. She’s a very sweet dog and is particularly close to Cleve and Angel. She’s also apparently a fortune sim. What’s that? Your dog doesn’t have an aspiration? How sad for you.
  30. 31. Mania is joined by another dog named Simon (get it SIMon MANIA?) and the two of them produce three little puppies: Cacaphony, Monty, and Manuel. I have no recollection of why I named the last two Monty and Manuel. At least Cacaphony has something to do with sound.
  31. 32. Speaking of dogs, I wanted Cleve to be a werewolf but he continued to be a little different by being friends with not one but *two* werewolves, and yet never got nibbled before leaving my computer.
  32. 33. Meanwhile, Angel and Joann have grown into teenagers, and it is still obvious that they are just male and female versions of the same face.
  33. 34. Joann is a popularity sim and currently works as a military recruit, following in her father’s footsteps.
  34. 35. Angel rolled fortune and spends his time after school working at the local fast food joint.
  35. 36. As a fortune teen, Angel takes a sudden interest in the lemonade stand that had been bought for and subsequently abandoned by the kids a long time ago. Despite being financially-oriented, Angel is not very good at acquiring money and is simply thrilled with any purchase, even if it’s his own brother buying out of pity.
  36. 37. Finally the time came for Mark to grow into a teenager, too. He rolled family as his aspiration. He definitely has more features of his mother’s, and except for a prominent chin has a very even face, so his place as heir is cemented for looks alone. How shallow, yes?
  37. 38. So that’s the end of our story for now. The next act will be written by Lydia (hippielayla86). What will Mark do as head of the family? What’s in store for Aria and Cleve? Check back for the continuation of SiMania Admods: the Musical! Thank you for reading and please visit us at: