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Future activities with present simple and continuous


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present simple and continuous for future activities

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Future activities with present simple and continuous

  2. 2. PRESENT SIMPLE FOR FUTURE SCHEDULED ACTIVITIES  We use simple present to talk about activities that have a Schedule or timetable; for example: What time does the plane to Montevideo leave tomorrow? It leaves at 8:45 pm The verb leaves is in present simple form but it refers to the future (tomorrow)
  3. 3. What time does the movie Trolls start on Wednesday? The verb starts is in present simple form but it refers to the future (next Wednesday) It starts at 10 pm
  4. 4. What other scheduled activities can we mention using the simple present in the future?  Classes or School = The English class starts at 10 am next saturday  Train/Bus departures and arrivals = The bus to Bogota leaves at 8 pm next Friday  Shops or malls = Alamedas opens at 8 am during Christmas season  Movie shows = cinemark opens at 10 am next weekend  Concerts = Silvestre´s concert starts at 9pm next December 23rd  Banks or office time = Bancolombia closes at 7 pm next Friday  Restaurants = Terralontana opens from 2pm to 9 pm tomorrow
  5. 5. PRESENT CONTINUOUS FOR PLANS OR MEETINGS  We use the present continuous to describe plans we have arranged with someone else for the near future  I am having dinner with Mary at 7pm on Friday  You are seeing the doctor next Thursday  I am travelling to Bogota tomorrow, I already have my ticket.  They are watching Trolls tomorrow  We are having clases next Saturday  Jane is meeting Lucas next Friday