Enterprise resource planning in manufacturing


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Enterprise resource planning in manufacturing

  1. 1. Material Required Planning • Bill of Material • Gross to Net Explosion • Lead Time Offsetting • Processing Frequency • Lot Sizing • Safety Stock • Safety Lead Time
  2. 2. Role of MRP Planner • Release Orders / Schedules • Reschedule Due Dates of Open Orders • Analyse & update planning factors • Reconcile inconsistances • Prevent future crises
  3. 3. Capacity Planning • Capacity Bills • Capacity Requirement Planning • Increase the Number of Shifts • Overtime authorisation • Hiring / Layoff • Add Machines / Tools • Subcontract • Capacity Utilisation
  4. 4. Master Production Scheduling • Marketing/Production Co-ordination • Order Promising & Shipment Dates • Time phased MPS Record • Master Production Scheduler • Stability of MPS • Performance Measurement
  5. 5. Manufacturing Inventory Control Material Requirement Planning Process Modelling Quality Control Production Planning Purchasing Manufacturing Modules Production Management
  6. 6. Manufacturing Sales Distribution Planning Excise/Cenvat Finished Goods Inventory Exports Management Marketing Manufacturing Modules (Cont)
  7. 7.  Define Daily, Monthly or Annual Production Plans  Carry out BOM explosion for the production plan  Generate Materials Requirement Plan based on Production Plan  Generate MRP Plan on Daily, Weekly or user defined period basis  Create purchase requisitions based on MRP Plan Material Requirement Planning
  8. 8.  Manage Vendor database  Create vendor-item catalog  Send request for quotation to vendors  Enter quotations received and perform comparative analysis  Approve quotations for purchases  Create purchase orders online based on requisitions as well as MRP Plan Purchasing
  9. 9.  Create delivery schedule releases and send to vendors  Reschedule deliveries  Create P.O. amendments  Vendor performance ratingbased on quality and delivery  Fully integrated with Accounts Payable Purchasing
  10. 10.  Define Multiple stores  Enter all stores transactions online  Stores transaction include - Goods receipts from suppliers - Returns to suppliers - Issue to Production - Issue to others - Finished Goods receipts from production Inventory Control
  11. 11. - Returns from customers - Inter-store transfers - Other misc. transactions  Update stock transactions online to stock ledger  Generate stock ledgers & statements  Update overhead costs on receipts  Value inventory based on several methods - FIFO, Standard Rate, Weighted Average Rate  Create various analysis reports (ABC, XYZ, FSN) Inventory Control
  12. 12.  Define QC specifications (including assay, Loss on Drying and standard test procedures for each item  Access G.R.N.’s awaiting QC online  Allot testing to analysts based on work load  Generate QC register for items/batches to be analyzed  Update test results online and match with standards to approve or reject material  Print Test Certificates Quality Control
  13. 13.  Define Production facilities in terms of production centers, production stages etc.  Define manpower assigned for each production stage/machine  For each product, define Process Bill including  sequence of manufacturing operation  machines used for each operation Process Modelling
  14. 14.  inputs, outputs, yield, time, and manpower for each operation  measurements required to be taken  test requirements  standard operating procedures Process Modelling
  15. 15.  Create Production Plan based on Distribution Plan  Project gross raw material requirement  Assess plan feasibility with respect to capacity and manpower currently deployed  Analyze capacity utilization w.r.t. Plan  Analyse manpower utilisation w.r.t. Plan  Track Plan vs. Actuals Position  Automatically roll over unrealized Plan Production Planning
  16. 16.  Create New Production/Batch Order  Generate Stores Requisition for raw material for batch order  Enter Batch Details (Operation wise)  Access Process Bills Details including Standard Operating Procedures on-line  Generate intimations for Q.C. for testing intermediate and finished goods Production Management
  17. 17.  Print Batch Tickets for completed Orders  Generate - Various Production Reports - Capacity Utilization Reports - Manpower Utilization Reports - Yield Variance Reports - Batch Costing Reports - W.I.P. Reports Production Management
  18. 18.  Group products by product groups for planning, reporting and analysis  Group marketing areas by Zone, Regions and Territories  Define Depot wise Sales Forecast  Create Depot Distribution Plans based on sales forecast and inventories held  Create Depot despatch schedules from Distribution Plan and Production Plan Distribution Planning
  19. 19. Marketing & Sales  Maintain comprehensive customer’s information  Process request for quotations and generate quotations  Process Sales orders  Create sales invoices, depot stock transfer notes  Track Daily Stock and Sales  Fully integrated with Accounts Receivables
  20. 20. Exports Management  Maintain Standard Input/Output Norms  Process export licenses such as DEPB, DFRC, Advance License etc.  Generate complete pre-shipment and post-shipment export documentation