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Tatum Sherman-Beating Unemployment


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Tatum Sherman is the owner of a big business, Resource Referral, creating a successful business has not been the most daunting challenge in her life. It was when Sherman became a mother that she realized what a real challenge looked like.

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Tatum Sherman-Beating Unemployment

  1. 1. Tatum Sherman Beating Unemployment Unemployment rates have plagued Tatum Sherman’s hometown for many years. It was the devastation of unemployment that Sherman witnessed in her community that prompted her to start her own staffing firm. She has been using the company, Resource Referral, to help build a network and employ qualified individuals. Many would say she has already accomplished her goal of fighting back against unemployment rates. Unemployment is something that Tatum Sherman has been helping to stop for many years. She opened her employment staffing firm to help stop problems like unemployment from impacting families and the economy as a whole. The unemployment rate is a number that is measured by dividing the number of unemployed people, by the number of people currently documented in the labor force.
  2. 2. Tatum Sherman A Music Lover The stress of Tatum Sherman daily job as the founder and CEO of Resource Referral can be overwhelming sometimes. That is why Sherman enjoys listening to calming classical music when she gets some free time. The music helps to clear her head, calming and soothing her so that she is refreshed for the next day. Sherman feels that listening to music is a form of meditation.
  3. 3. Tatum Sherman An Introduction to Business Tatum Sherman is a dedicated businesswoman that created her own company, Resource Referral, a staffing firm in New Jersey dedicated to helping connect professionals with businesses. Being a successful entrepreneur like Mrs. Sherman requires a good understanding of business. Business is defined as an agency, firm, or enterprise that provides goods and/or services to consumers. Businesses are the centerpiece of most capitalist economies. Tatum Sherman has always had a knack for business. He business savvy has translated into a successful company that helps employ thousands of professionals every year, an impressive accomplishment for a woman that is only 29 years old.
  4. 4. Tatum Sherman How to Grow Your Business Tatum Sherman is a successful businesswoman that created her own company, Resource Referral, turning it into the successful enterprise that it is today. Starting a business can be difficult, growing a business can be even harder. Growing a business is about proper prioritization, and focusing on what is most important, your bottom line. Tatum Sherman has been working diligently to make her business Resource Referral a success. This employment staffing firm has become responsible for helping employ thousands of professionals every year. What started as a small firm has grown into an enterprise that contributes much to the industry.
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