Zodiac tattoo designs cancer tattoo ideas


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Zodiac tattoo designs cancer tattoo ideas

  1. 1. Zodiac Tattoo Designs - Cancer Tattoo IdeasLike all Cancerians, you are an understanding and compassionate person. Your vivid imagination gives yougreat empathy, which allows you to understand how others feel. This prompts you to be protective towardsthose you love and those weaker than yourself. Not that you are easily taken in by others as you are shrewdand cautious, which enables you to size up another persons character and true intentions. You are veryloyal to your family and those you love, to whom you give almost unconditional love. You are especiallydrawn to your family and you value the closeness of the family unit.Cancer Tattoo Designs The CancerZodiac symbol is the crab. Some people do not like the idea of having the image of a crab tattooed on theirbody. You should not let this worry you as there are many distinctive and attractive tattoo designs. You canuse an image of a crab skillfully incorporated into the artwork or you can simply use the Cancer sign itself.Alternatively, you can have a tattoo of your starstone, which is the pearl or, since the moon rules Cancer,you could choose a moon and stars tattoo.Celtic Cancer Tattoo Ideas Celtic artwork has incorporated creatures in its designs over a very long time.Tattoo designs with the crab interwoven with knotwork make them attractive and interesting, with a touchof mystery. A Celtic tattoo links you even more closely to your Zodiac sign. The Celts had a strong spiritualconnection to the universe and to all creatures. Tribal Cancer Tattoo IdeasCancer zodiac tattoos done in thetribal style are amongst the most distinctive. The boldness of the lines enhances the image of the crab. Theimage can be embellished by more intricate artwork and used as a theme, rather than have an exactdrawing of the crab. Instead of the image of the crab, the Zodiac symbol itself is often used. The sign lookslike two opposing curved lines with a loop on one end. The simplicity of this sign allows it to be used inmany artistic designs. The Cancer Zodiac symbol is also known as a water sign. Water is malleable - it will fitthe contours of the vessel or container that holds it. This is a strong part of your nature. You are adaptableto most situations. This will be of great help when searching for your special Cancer Zodiac tattoo.http://rihannatattooses.com