Tattoos on well known women


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Tattoos on well known women

  1. 1. Tattoos On Well-known Women A recent press report revealed that Meghan McCain, Senator John McCains daughter,had a star tattoo on her ankle. I decided to do a little research into the tattoos otherwell-known people were wearing and I was pleasantly surprised with the result. Angelina Jolies tattoos must be among the most famous. She has a number of tattoos,among them being the birthplaces of her adopted children ?in longitude and latitude.Britney Spears is another lover of tattoos. According to press reports, she has quite afew ?lower back, both feet, lower stomach, back of her neck, her wrist, one of herhands ?the list goes on. Pink is another one who enjoys tattoos. From what we can gather,she has tattoos on several parts of her body. Her taste seems to be broad as she has anoriental dragon as well as kanji for good luck. She even has her fathers and brothers armydog tags on her left foot ?not a bad way to keep a record of important data. This could givethe rest of us some ideas. Drew Barrymore has several tattoos. She has a cross, butterfly, flowers, angels andothers. Beyonce has a praying angel on her upper left thigh and Halle Berry supposedly hasa flower tattooed on her right buttock. Model Sarah OHare has dolphins on her right armand a tattoo around one of her toes. Tennis star Anna Kournikova, has a large tribal type tattoo and stars on her lower back. Victoria Beckham has her husbands initials on her left wrist. She also has Hebrew scripton her upper back and five stars on her lower back, representing each family member. Singer Anastasia has an Egyptian symbol for eternal life, surrounded by the sun, on thesmall of her back. All these reports may or may not be completely accurate but they do tell us thatdecorating the body with tattoos is alive and well amongst well-known people. I get theimpression that hands, toes and ankles are very popular as are backs and shoulders. These are only a few examples of famous womens tattoo preferences. Out of this comesone thing ?the choices are many and varied and caters for all tastes. There is plenty of scopefor each person to find a tattoo, which expresses her personality or sends a desiredmessage.Read More