La Ink Tattoos The Standard For Quality    LA Ink was created after the show LA Ink which began as a spin-off ...
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La ink tattoos the standard for quality


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La ink tattoos the standard for quality

  1. 1. La Ink Tattoos The Standard For Quality LA Ink was created after the show LA Ink which began as a spin-off of theshow Miami Ink, the show has since become a raging success and catapulted the show?main tattoo artist and her studio to stardom. As a function of that, LA ink tattoos have beenall the rage as well, with people from all over the country searching out la ink tattoos astheir given choice of self-expression. LA ink tattoos are actually designed by Kat Von D., oneof LA? busiest and most successful tattoo artists. With a specialty in black & grey lifelike portrait tattoos she has long since become of themost sought after tattoo artists on the planet, and has the luxury of choosing her ownclients and making her own schedule. While Kat and her team of other renowned artistsmay be mostly female, their establishment knows no gender bias, and they work towardsproducing just as many LA ink tattoos for men as they do for women (if not more). A rangeof celebrities have also received LA ink tattoos, and they range from James Hettfield ofMetallica to members of Green Day and Jackass??Bam Margera. Female celebrities whohave received LA ink tattoos range from Rihanna to Eve and Mira Sorvino. Those questing and hunting for LA Ink tattoos may be surprised to find out that a searchfor ? A ink shop??will not produce a location, phone number, contact information orstreet address. This is because while the show is called ? A Ink?? the name of Kat Von D.? shop isactually High Voltage Tattoos. It is located in Los Angeles, California, and open to customersfrom all walks of life, but due to the notoriety of LA Ink tattoos, (and the fact that asaforementioned, they can pick and choose their clients) appointments may be very hard tomake. LA Ink tattoos for men, women (and everyone in-between) are becoming more andmore popular as the fame and prestige of Kat? shop continues to increase. Their tattoo artists are capable of rendering virtually any kind of tattoo one could want,and in any location one could desire ranging from full sleeve tattoos to full back. With a staffof diversified backgrounds and talents, who have come together from all over the country,the High Voltage Tattoo shop featured in LA Ink and on LA Ink is not expected tobe going anywhere anytime soon.Read More