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Tattoos designs gallery


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This is the ultimate Tattoos Designs Gallery, giving you the following information:

- The history of tattoos - including the origin of tattoos
- Info on tattoo aftercare and tattoo health risks
- An introduction to different types of tattoo, and a large example tattoo designs gallery

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Tattoos designs gallery

  1. 1. Tattoos Designs GalleryLearn about the procedure, risks and the best ways to choose your new tattoo!
  2. 2. What is a tattoo?A tattoo is a permanent design on the skin, that is made by placing pigments directly into the top layer of the skin.
  3. 3. Origin of the Tattoo The word ‘tattoo’ comes from the Polynesian word ‘tatu’, and was later transformed into a similar word in English. Tattoo history and origin is varied – the earliest known evidence of a tattoo was discovered on an Iceman in 1991, on the border between Austria and Italy. The Iceman bears a total of 57 tattoos. It is believed that the positioning ofthese tattoos suggests that the tattoos were created for therapeutic reasons.
  4. 4. Origin of Tattoos Overwhelming evidence suggests that tattoos were a common occurrence in the Ancient World.Ancient Egyptian women were commonly tattooed and it is believed that women would tattoo each other to protect them during pregnancy and labor. It is believed that the art of tattooing skin was spread across the globe by Egyptians to places like Peru and Chile. Chiribaya Mummy Tattoo (Image by Smithsonian Magazine)
  5. 5. Some Early Tattoo HistoryEvidence of early Japanese tattooing is marked by clay statues bearing tattoos. While the Egyptians often tattooed for ritualistic reasons, the Japanese were known to do so for aesthetic reasons. Image by Design Boom
  6. 6. Some Early Tattoo History How did ancient tattoo artists actually tattoo skin? Throughout history, this has varied.Many early Native American tribes simplypricked skin, whilst others (particularly inCalifornia) incorporated color.Inuit tribes often threaded a needle through theskin on a string soaked in color.On the other side of the world, a rake-like toolwas used by Polynesian tribes to insert colorinto the skin.The Maori people mimicked their wood cuttingmethods into their tattooing, also using similarwood cutting tools (MSU). Image by MSU
  7. 7. What are the Risks of Tattooing Skin?While the practice of tattooing skin has developed significantly in modern times, there are still risks involved. Some tattoo risks include allergic reactions, blood borne diseases, skin infections and MRI complications (WebMD). Above is a photo of an allergic reaction to red link (image courtesy of
  8. 8. Tattoo Risks – Good News!Choosing a reputable tattoo parlor and taking care of your new tattoo eliminates a large portion of tattooing risks. While there are risks associated with getting tattoos, the majority of people don’t have allergic reactions to tattoo ink.For more important information, check out an in-depth tattoo guide. Instant Download Instant Download Instant Download
  9. 9. How do I Choose a Tattoo?Since tattoo removal is an expensive and difficult process (which is discussed later), a tattoo should be chosen after long and careful consideration.You should be confident over a period of weeks - or betteryet, months - that you will want a particular tattoo forever.
  10. 10. Find Tattoo DesignsLooking for a great tattoo idea? Some of the most popular tattoo categories include: 1.Tattoo fonts and popular tattoo quotes and sayings. 2.Tribal tattoos, including: Aztec tattoos, Polynesian tattoos, Native American tattoo designs and Samoan tattoos. 1.Traditional tattoo designs, including: Japanese tattoo art, Chinese tattoo art, Celtic tattoo art, and other international tattoo art.
  11. 11. How do I Choose a Tattoo?Some people choose a tattoo theme, tattoo template or picture to be copied.You can also create your own tattoo design, drawing inspiration from other pictures. The images above are tattoo ideas created by artists.
  12. 12. Tattoo Types A tattoo gallery can help inspire you and find tattoo designs. There are many popular tattoo galleries online for free. However, it is oftenrecommended to purchase a gallery of high quality drawings from a talented artist if you’re looking for a particular and unique design.
  13. 13. Tattoo PicturesMany tattoo galleries have previews and can be purchased from private artists selling their work on download marketplaces.
  14. 14. Caring for a New Tattoo Whether you’ve got full tattoo sleeves or a small wrist tattoo, it’s important to exercise good tattoo care! You should take tattoo healing seriously by treating your new tattoo like a wound: keep the tattoo moist, clean and change bandages regularly.Initial tattoo healing can take 7-10 days and complete healing takes 3-4 weeks. Instant Download Instant Download
  15. 15. Tattoo RemovalGot a tattoo and want to remove it? Unfortunately, not everyone stays in love with their tattoos, and many people look for effective tattoo removal strategies. The tattoo removal process is not an easy feat and often takes a number of sessions.Methods include laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal surgery, intense pulsed light therapy, fading with saline and tattoo removal creams. Instant Download
  16. 16. How to Become a Tattoo ArtistIf you’re an artist who can draw, you may have what it takes to become a tattoo artist. Often, this process involves getting a tattoo apprenticeship and attending some form of tattoo artist school. Many accomplished tattoo artists have formal artist training before learning to tattoo and deciding to have a tattoo artist career. Instant Download Instant Download Instant Download
  17. 17. Tattoo Artist Career Many artists are particularly talented and/or interested in a certain niche.For example, some tattoo artists specialize in tattoo portraits. A portrait tattooartist would need to have strong attention to detail and the ability to draw an extremely realistic image.Other tattoo artists are known for specializing in, for example, abstract art, andwill often be sought to provide creative input into the customer’s own ideas. Image by