6 Butterfly Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings


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Butterfly tattoo designs are a wonderful tattoo design for women and there are many factors to consider when deciding on this tattoo. Here are 6 reasons why the butterfly tattoo is significant in cultures across the world, as well as 6 factors to consider when designing your own unique dream butterfly tattoo design. The best places to put this tattoo are also discussed as no tattoo decision would be complete without deciding where to ink it.

For anyone interested in tattoo designs that hold deep meaning, this elegant, yet simple creature is a great option. From the Native Americans, to the Indians, Chinese and Japanese, to the Greeks, the butterfly holds spiritual meaning for cultures all across the world. Plus, butterfly tattoo designs are easy to customize so you can have a tattoo that you love and that is uniquely you.

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6 Butterfly Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings

  1. 1. 6 Butterfly Tattoo Design Ideas and MeaningsFor anyone looking for inspiration to design their own tattoo, there are manychoices available, each with their own meanings. A common tattoo design choicefor women is the butterfly tattoo design, although some men choose this designas well. When deciding on whether to get a butterfly tattoo, there are manyfactors to consider: what is the meaning of the butterfly tattoo, where can thistattoo be placed and what are some design ideas. There are many things to takeinto account when deciding whether the butterfly tattoo design is the perfectchoice for you. Blue Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo by hervalButterfly Tattoo Design MeaningsThe butterfly tattoo design has many meanings. This is an insect that has greatspiritual significance all across the world. Here are some meanings that areassociated with the butterfly tattoo: The butterfly tattoo shares similar meanings to the dragonfly tattoo design as they both represent metamorphosis. This meaning comes from the fact that these insects transform from land creatures into insects of flight. These tattoos represent life, change, adjustment and independence. The butterfly tattoo design is also about new beginnings.
  2. 2. To the Aztecs, the butterfly tattoo symbolizes the soul of women who died during childbirth, as well as men who died as warriors. In China it represents love and in Japan the butterfly tattoo design symbolizes the eternal soul. In India, this tattoo represents the souls of those who have passed on and who have had a metamorphosis of their own. To the Greeks it symbolizes the birth of a new baby, just as the sound of a bell symbolizes a new angel in Christianity. To many cultures, the butterfly tattoo design represents joy, good luck and happiness. Shoulder Butterfly Tattoos by Tattoo76While each culture has their slight differences in the spiritual meaning theyattribute to the butterfly tattoo design, we can agree that they all view thisbeautiful creature with admiration and reverence. This is a tattoo design that willbe respected and loved by all.Designing a Unique Butterfly Tattoo
  3. 3. If you think the butterfly tattoo design is generic or overdone, do not getdiscouraged. There are many ways to customize this tattoo to make it moremeaningful to and uniquely you. Here are some ideas you may want to considerwhen designing your own tattoo: Are there other symbols that you would like to combine with your butterfly tattoo? Many people, particularly women, choose to add flowers, stars, and other such designs to their tattoo to make it more unique. What style do you want your butterfly tattoo design to be? Some women choose to get tribal tattoos to add a little flare. While this is not as common, a Celtic design style could add some intricacy to your design. Still, others choose to add multi-colored tiger or zebra stripe patterns to the wings of their butterflies. Are you interested in getting colors? Colors can really make a tattoo pop and look even more interesting and exciting. This is especially true when it comes to butterfly tattoos since butterflies are so colorful by nature. You do not have to limit yourself to making your tattoo look just like the ones found in nature. Feel free to add colors that you like and to make your design more abstract. How many butterflies do you want? This is partially dependent on where you want to put your tattoo and how big you want it to be, but consider how many butterflies you want tattooed as part of your design. Some people choose to get a tattoo design that has just one butterfly while others choose to get several. What “profile” do you want your butterfly inked? Some people choose to get the back view of the butterfly tattooed so that you can fully see the butterfly’s wings. Others choose to have a butterfly tattoo design of the side where you see one wing entirely and then just part of the other. What type of butterfly do you want? There are some 20,000 species of butterflies out there which is what makes the butterfly tattoo so easy to customize. Additionally, some people choose to have their butterfly be part fairy or angel which adds another perspective to this design.
  4. 4. If you are hesitant to choose a butterfly tattoo design because you feel it hasbeen over done or that customization is no longer possible, do not bedisappointed. This is a tattoo that has many customization opportunitiesavailable.Where to Put Your Butterfly Tattoo The butterfly tattoo design is one that is easy to put just about anywhere on your body. For those interested in smaller butterfly tattoos, the hip, wrist and back of the neck are great options. They also make sexy foot and ankle tattoos. If you are interested in a larger and more sensuous design, the lower back area is a great place for this especially if you are interested in adding some tribal flare as well. If you want to have several butterflies in your design, the legs are a great place as are the back and side of the torso. Shoulders also make an excellent area for a larger butterfly tattoo design (Purple Swirl Butterfly Tattoo photo by micaeltattoo). *** The butterfly tattoo design is a beautiful design that is loved by many around theworld. When considering whether or not to get a butterfly tattoo, there areseveral things to think about first including whether the meaning of the butterflyconnects with you, how to customize and design your own unique tattoo andwhere to put it on your body. Once these factors are taken into account, you cancreate the perfect butterfly tattoo design for you.If you want more information on tattoo designs and customization ideas,click here.