Whats Different


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Whats Different

  1. 1. Activity/Task Analysis (File) Name: What’s different? Suitable Age Group/level Beginners – from 6 to 12 years old Skill Focus Speaking Strategy (It develops…) Communicative goals (Using the language for…) Objectives (Students will practice...) Use the language to recognize and name school objects; Introduce or review school material vocabulary; Procedure 1) Introduce or review school material vocabulary by showing real objects to students, one at a time, and placing them on the floor. 2) After all the material is spread on the floor, ask one volunteer to leave the classroom. Students and teacher change the position of 2 objects. 3) The volunteer comes back, and he/she has to guess what’s different! 4) Another volunteer goes out of the classroom, and the activity goes on until many children (or all of them if you have a small group) have the chance to spot the difference! Variations/ Contingency Plan Divide the class in two groups; Put the material in front of the class and ask two students to get the object after you shouted the name of it; The first one to get the correct material scores a point to his/her group.