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Here you will find the syllabus chart we created together! Enjoy it!

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  1. 1. YOUNG LEARNERS’ SIG 2nd SEMESTER 2009 FIRST MEETING September 19th, 2009 Contents 1st Grade – Primeiro Ano – 6 anos 2nd Grade – Segundo ano – 7 anos 3rd Grade 4th Grade Numbers 1-20 Abilities Parts of the body – producing Places in a city and directions language – describing yourself Descriptions (colors, shapes, Numbers 1-50 Present continuous – describing and animals sizes) actions Food – Likes and Dislikes Numbers 1-100 School objects and School Sports – Simple Present and Days of the week places Ordinal numbers Present Continuous Means of transportation Animals – pets Places in a city Numbers 1-1000 Animals (wild animals) Family (mom, dad, sister, Rooms in a house Personal and physical brother) – immediate family Family – other family members characteristics Exchange personal info – Feelings – How are you? Parts of the body – recognition – telephone numbers, addresses, Food – ordering actions related to hygiene birthdays, e-mail addresses Personal info – age, names Occupations – places in the city, Alphabet – recognition – expand Alphabet – spelling routine Classroom language it Simple Present – tell time and talk Routine – days of the week, Greetings and introductions Holidays about routines months of the year, seasons
  2. 2. Holidays Animals – habitat, origin, food – Holidays – cross-cultural aspects Present Simple Alphabet – recognition – singing the song Clothes – Present Simple and Present Continuous Weather Months of the year Seasons Holidays Food - buying