Snakes And Ladders


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Snakes And Ladders

  1. 1. Activity/Task Analysis (File) Name: Snakes and ladders Suitable Age From 8 to 10 years old Group/level Skill Focus Speaking, listening and reading Strategy It develops vocabulary about places in the city (hospital, police (It develops…) station…); Communicative goals Vocabulary recognition; (Using the language Telling the time; for…) There to be sentences (There is a hospital…). Objectives (Students will practice...) Procedure 1) In groups, students are going to start throwing the dice and place their markers according to the number they get; 2) If the sentence corresponds to the picture, they can move on, but if the sentence is not according to the picture, they miss a turn; 3) There are also the snakes and the ladders that help them to move forward or backward; 4) The first student that gets in the end is the winner. (The file with the board game is attached.) Variations/ Contingency Plan Students can play again but this time they should cover the sentences and say where people are according to the picture.