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ELT EVENTS Calendar 2010
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ELT Calendar


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ELT Calendar by Sara Walker

Published in: Education, Technology
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ELT Calendar

  1. 1. ELT EVENTS Calendar 2010 March Target Date Event Venue Organisers Contact details Speakers audience 44th Annual Tesol Convetion BOSTON, Mass., March 24-27 TESOL, Inc “Re-imagining USA TESOL April 2010 Tessa 44th Annual Woodward April 7-11 Conference Harrogate UK IATEFL Kieran Egan annual-conference-harrogate-2010 Harrogate 2010 Ema Ushioda Jan Blake EL Teachers in April 9-10 Tocantins and Alessandra Quirino (President) (to be Aplitins Seminar Araguaina TO APLITINS neighbouring <> confirmed) states May 2010 June 2010 July 2010 Appears Annual Members and new Convention PUCRS, POA July 9-10 APIRS members of Assessment for building 40, APIRS Growth, at IBEU Patrícia Martins IBEU's 66th Copacabana (Av. Academic supervisor July 16--17 Conference for IBEU Nossa Senhora de 3816-9425 Teachers of English Copacabana 690 XII BRAZ-TESOL members and new NATIONAL July 19-22 CONVENTION Sao Paulo, SP BRAZ-TESOL David Crystal membersof BRAZ-TESOL All “The Art of ELT personnel- Teaching” August 2010
  2. 2. EL Teachers in August Tocantins and 13 - 14 Alessandra Quirino (President) Aplitins Seminar Palmas TO APLITINS neighbouring (to be <> [+] states confirmed) September 2010 October 2010 November 2010 EL Teachers in November Alessandra Quirino (President) Tocantins and 5-6 Aplitins Seminar Gurupi TO APLITINS neighbouring (to be <> [+] states confirmed) December 2010