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Internet Librarian International 2013 - MOOC Workshop


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This presentation tells the story of the ScHARR MOOCs

Published in: Education, Technology
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Internet Librarian International 2013 - MOOC Workshop

  1. 1. From Student to Tutor The ScHARR MOOC Journey Andy Tattersall Claire Beecroft
  2. 2. ScHARR MOOC Timeline The future - more MOOCs October 2013 iHTA launched June 2013 Healthy Sustainable Diets and Health Inequalities MOOCs launched January 2013 bid accepted team built August 2012 Extensive discussion begins 3 MOOCsters, Learning Technologists & eLearning Lead May 2012 MOOC Event Horizon October 2012 ScHARR MOOC Bid July 2012 Andy, Claire and Director of Teaching attend JISC - ‘what is a MOOC?’ webinar February 2013 ScHARR MOOC Dairies launched January 2013 Andy and Claire et al Attend Coursera EDC MOOC
  3. 3. #EDCMOOC
  4. 4. Remember….as LIS Professionals We We We We We We We We enjoy learning practice new ways of working practice what we preach are prepared to get things wrong work naturally with technology are open about our work like to network love to help Skills for supporting and facilitating
  5. 5. The self directed learner Peer Support Learning
  6. 6. There’s MOOCs and there’s MOOCs
  7. 7. Discussion Have you ever... Signed up for a MOOC? (semi/not completed or lurked) Completed a MOOC? Or Not really sure what one is
  8. 8. What’s your driving force to study on a MOOC? To learn a topic of professional interest To learn a topic of personal interest To see what they look like To learn about running one To find out about new ways of learning and communicating
  9. 9. Part 2 - The SCHARR MOOCs
  10. 10. The team behind our MOOCs
  11. 11. Image by Skuds under a Creative Commons By Attribution-ShareAlike Licence http://tinyurl/msevnw2
  12. 12. The drive behind the MOOCs Altruistic Inquisitiveness Technology led Pedagogy led Global audience ( we need to reach out more) Marketing (profile) Marketing (converting students to Masters) Existing methods of learning failing?
  13. 13. Do LIS professionals have anything to offer? Copyright guidance Materials Information Literacy Technology skills Creativity Awareness (Following updates elsewhere) Promotion Reflection (ScHARR MOOCs Diary) Construction Application (Teaching)
  14. 14. Part 3 - Running a MOOC
  15. 15. Tools of the trade Tweeting Blogging Video making Podcasting Poster creation Are not exclusive to teachers (we were doing this already)
  16. 16. Do you have the infrastructure and finances to run a MOOC? People Learning technologists Teachers Administration Library and Information Professionals Marketing professionals Senior management Technology VLE Access to Social Media Access to portable tech - tablets, video cameras Money
  17. 17. Any Questions? Contact/Follow us Andy Tattersall @andy_tattersall Claire Beecroft @beakybeecroft