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How to Beat Information Overload - Pint of Science 2017 Presentation


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Slides from my Pint of Science talk given at the very cool venue Couch on Campo Lane in Sheffield.
Do you feel overwhelmed and distracted by all of the emails, text messages, website and social media updates, likes, pings, pokes, snapchats? Two things are certain, you are not alone and those distractions are not going to go away unless you get a handle on them. As the amount of content we generate on the web continues to grow at a rapid pace and we look to make better use of our time, personally and professionally, Andy Tattersall will show you some of the ways you can do to take back control. All you need is willpower and a terrible wifi connection.

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How to Beat Information Overload - Pint of Science 2017 Presentation

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  14. 14. The best Web page in the world?
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  16. 16. Filter emails before they arrive
  17. 17. Find the information you really need
  18. 18. Find the emails you really want
  19. 19. Move from archiving emails to deleting them forever
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  22. 22. Turn off notifications - turn your phone to silent/airplane mode CC BY 2.0 Johan Larsson
  23. 23. Relax! You’ll Be More Productive
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  25. 25. Automate your online activity
  26. 26. Cut out the distraction
  27. 27. Focus using technology
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  29. 29. leave your desk behind Image © Turnitin
  30. 30. Find a quiet focused place
  31. 31. Curate your interests
  32. 32. Unsubscribe often
  33. 33. Have a Walking meeting
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