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Spain final students' work


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Published in: Education
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Spain final students' work

  1. 1. Presentation made by: Vujic Mladen, Govedarica Veljko, Ilic Teodora and Antonic Marija
  2. 2. -- What is the capital ofWhat is the capital of SpainSpain?? MadridMadrid - Which city is the oldest and largest?- Which city is the oldest and largest? MadridMadrid - Wh- Which food is very popular?ich food is very popular? Paella and arroz negroPaella and arroz negro - Wh- What type of sports are popular?at type of sports are popular? Football, basketball and tennisFootball, basketball and tennis - Who- Who is the Head of the countryis the Head of the country?? KingKing - What is the official- What is the official llanguage inanguage in SpainSpain?? Official Language in Spain is Spanish.Official Language in Spain is Spanish.
  3. 3. Tell aboutTell about SpainSpain using the chartusing the chart  Geographical locationGeographical location:: EuropeEurope  Capital:Capital: MadridMadrid  Total area:Total area: 505,992 km505,992 km22  Population:Population: 46,704,31446,704,314  Principal towns:Principal towns: Madrid, Barcelona and BilbaoMadrid, Barcelona and Bilbao  World’s famous sights:World’s famous sights: --  Principal industries:Principal industries: Citrus fruitsCitrus fruits, vegetables, cereal, vegetables, cereal grains, olive oil, and winegrains, olive oil, and wine  SportsSports:: Football, Basketball, Tennis and maybeFootball, Basketball, Tennis and maybe volleyballvolleyball  Climate:Climate: MediterranMediterraneanean climateclimate  Celebrations:Celebrations: New Year’s , Easter, Christmas andNew Year’s , Easter, Christmas and EpiphanyEpiphany  Currency:Currency: EuroEuro