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Crime story by andrea stanojević


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Published in: Education
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Crime story by andrea stanojević

  1. 1. Teenage hacker discovers computer secrets Crime story by Andrea Stanojević
  2. 2. Chapter number one Teenage student Mike Baker, who was a member of “Geek Teen Hacking”, discovers how to hack into the bank system and transfer money from banks to his credit account. Luckily, student was caught before the money transfer happened, the police has quickly tracked him down through his credit account and arrested him.
  3. 3. Chapter 2 The judge:”Why did you do that?” Mike: ”Everyone at school made fun of me because I love computers, they called me names and laughed at me, this club is the only place where I felt that I belong” The judge:”That doesn’t explain hacking the bank system” Mike:”They said if I did something big, something that will be useful for them, then they would let me be the member of their club” (...) After this conversation the court has decided that they will send Mike to prison for 3 months.
  4. 4. Chapter 3 We also got to talk to his family about this crime Mother:’’He was always such a shy kid, never wanted to play with anybody. He always asked for high-tech stuff so I thought that is the least I can do for him as a mother...I can’t explain how horrible I feel… Conversation with his sisters: Cass: Mike is a loser but I never thought he could go this far… Melanie: He was always on his computer,whenever I asked him to play with me he always said:” I’m busy”
  5. 5. Chapter 4 We are guessing that all of them hate Mike,starting from his sister to his friends from school, hatred was locked inside him for a long time so he found his peace in studying computers. What about you? Do you blame Mike? 1.Yes 2.No