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Iberian invitational soocer cup


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Iberian invitational soocer cup

  1. 1. WELCOME ALL TO THE ANNUAL MEN’S & WOMEN’SIBERIAN INVITATIONAL SOCCER CUP 2013!The inaugural Iberian Invitational Men’s & Women’s Soccer Cup 2013 will give your team an unforgettable experience both on and off thepitch. Soccer games against international opponents, exciting leisure time activities and great entertainment - all in one of Europe´s mostexciting cities, with its warm weather climate and white sandy beaches. We wish that all teams visiting us have a great time in Lisbon andtake home fond memories of Portugal and the Portuguese people, hoping that they will come back one day in the future.What will make this event unique, compared to other existing soccer tournaments, is the excellent standard of the playing facilities, choiceof accommodation type, high standard of security as well as the special experiences the host city Lisbon offers.The playing venue is located within the beautiful Campus of the University of Lisbon, with its excellent grass and 3G artificial pitches overlooking Sporting Club Portugal – original home to Cristiano Ronaldo. For the inaugural event we expect to have visiting teams from Portu-gal, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, USA and Canada.The Iberian Invitational Soccer Cup is designed to be a meeting point for all players, coaches and families from many parts of the world.Soccer is the common element and the language that we all understand. Regardless of each team’s goal when starting the competition,everyone is welcome in Portugal. It is exactly the combination of different origins and goals that make will make this Soccer Cup an abso-lutely unique event! Don´t miss out on the opportunity to be in Portugal for the greatest soccer festival of 2013. We are looking forward toyour team being part of the amazing soccer atmosphere on the pitches at the University of Lisbon July/August 2013.
  2. 2. PORTUGAL & LISBONSo many reasons to visitTOURNAMENT FACILITIESLisbon and in particular the University of Lisbon’s sporting campus facilities of-fers unparallel conditions for sports teams camps & tours. Many sports teamsand athletes travel to Portugal for warm weather camps and this is one of themost preferred sites in Europe as it provides excellent sporting facilities forrugby, football, swimming, track & field and many other sports activities. TheIberian Invitational Soccer Cup held at University of Lisbon will include 4 grasspitches and 3 artificial turfs including the stadium where the 1994 World JuniorAthletics Championships in were held.WEATHERPortugal & Lisbon are blessed with glorious sunny days for 360 days of theyear. With there being relatively low humidity it means the warmer July tempera-tures are not unbearable and therefore comfortable to play competitive soccergames.CULTUREThe cultural scene in Lisbon today is a one of a vibrant combination of old andnew, as the ghosts of Lisbon’s grand past echo evocatively around the city’scontemporary venues. Lisbon offers a formidable number of venues and awide variety of environmental and world heritage sites, such as outdoor parksand national palaces.
  3. 3. MODERNThe heart of Lisbon is filled with wide avenues, green trees, modernist-stylebuildings, mosaic decorations and numerous cafes. The city is now being re-born and renovated. After many years of standing still it’s now modern, lively,and energetic. The cosmopolitan atmosphere is reminiscent of the times whenLisbon was the trade centre and the departure point for many sea expeditionsand world discoveries.FRIENDLINESSPortugal is an exceedingly friendly place. Its people are some of the mostpleasant people to be around and visiting tourists will truly have a pleasurableexperience with their hosts. Most locals will speak perfect English, without anyvisible frustration and even with pleasure!LEISURE & ATRACTIONSThe city of Lisbon has a fantastic atmosphere. There is always something todo when you are in Lisbon. The city is a must see for anyone who wants toexperience southern European lifestyle at its best. Therefore it is possible tocombine your team’s participation in the Iberian Invitational Soccer Cup withthe following optional excursions:• Half Day City Tour• Soccer Stadium Tour: Sporting Clube Portugal or Sport Lisboa Benfica• Dolphin watching• Surf Clinic• Go-Karting• Lisbon Sun set tour with Fado music followed by dinnerEASY ACCESSLisbon is less than a 3 hours flight away from many European cities operatedby many low cost flight airlines. In additional there are now direct long haulflights from USA and Canada to Lisbon International airport. The tournamentvenue and accommodation units are located no more than 20 minutes fromLisbon International Airport.
  4. 4. PROGRAMMEArrival and departureThe teams arrive in Lisbon Sunday 28th July 2013 for team registrationand check-in. The opening ceremony for all team members, officials, referees,sponsors and organization members will be in the evening of Monday29th July 2013. The Iberian Invitational Soccer Cup begins in earnest withthe group stages of the festival to be played Tuesday 30th & Wednesday31st July, play-offs will then be held the following day on Thursday 1st August,culminating with the finals on Friday 2nd August. After the finals it is the time torelax and reflect on a hard 4 days competition by meeting up with your fellowsoccer players and participate in the post tournament party, with drinks &entertainment for all those who attend.The organization will coordinate and make all ground travel arrangementsfor foreign teams arriving by air at Lisbon International Airport. All teams willbe assisted on arrival by its own Team Liaison officer for the whole periodof their stay. Sunday 4th August will see all visiting teams departing fromLisbon International Airport for the end of their tour or for some the beginningof an extend tour with an additional 4 nights taking in either Madrid the capitalof Spain or Seville in the south of Spain.
  5. 5. Festival & EntertainmentWe emphasize the friendly get together between players of differentnationalities and cultures. In the inaugural 2013 event we also offer atournament Party which will include a trophy and awards ceremony plus VIPentrance to a local nightclub for everyone. One of our goals of the IberianInvitational Soccer Cup 2013 is that all coaches and players have a goodtime and as such opportunities arise for a friendly exchange of ideas andexperience across nationalities.Food & DrinkThe organization will provide all participants with healthy food and drinks atthe accommodation sites. Breakfast and dinner are served on buffet style anddinner is always a warm meal. Lunch is not included in the festival package butit can be purchased at the playing venue.Prizes• All participants will have their own team photo taken at festival.• All participant players will receive a festival medal.• Winner & runners-up trophies in both the men’s and women’s section plus placement cups for all teams entered.• Individual accolade awards in both the men’s & women’s section:• Fair Play award• Best Player of Festival• Golden Boot
  6. 6. THE TOURNAMENT FORMATThe tournament format of Iberian Invitational Soccer Cup 2013 securesall teams competitive matches and the chance to play new internationalopponents. The tournament will be played according to the regulations of theFIFA Soccer Rules and the Portuguese Football Federation and is open to anyclubs, which are members of a football association that is registered with theFIFA.Each team is expected to be in a group of a 5 teams, this means the first dayof the competition, Tuesday 30th July, every team will play the first 2 matches inthe group stage. The second day Wednesday 31st July will see the 2 remaininggames of the group stage played. The play-offs will be played Thursday 1stAugust and the finals will be played on the Friday 2nd August. The tournamentorganization reserves the right (if needed) to make adjustments to thetournament format to guarantee that every team plays the same number ofsoccer games.
  7. 7. Age Groups InvolvedOpen agedStandard of playUniversity Level & Amateur Top level (Women’s only: Portugal, Spain & Holland) USA Men’s NCAA Division I, II & III Women’s NCAA Division II & III Canada Men’s AUS, Canada West, OUA & RSEQ divisions Women’s AUS, Canada West, OUA & RSEQ divisions England Men’s BUCS - North & South Premier Leagues + Northern, Midland, Western & South Eastern Conferences 1A – 4A Women’s BUCS - North & South Premier Leagues + Northern, Midland, Western & South Eastern Conferences 1A – 4A Scotland Men’s BUCS – Scottish Conference 1A – 7A Women’s BUCS – Scottish Conference 1A – 2A Spain Men’s University National Championship Women’s Premier & Second Division Portugal Men’s University National Championship A & B Women’s National Championship Holland Men’s: University National Championship Women’s Second & Third Division National Championship Ireland Men’s Colleges & Universities Football League Divisions Premier, one & two Women’s Women’s Soccer Colleges Association of Ireland - Premier & First Division
  8. 8. ACCOMMODATIONAll our tournament packages include accommodation for players & team offi-cials at holiday parks, youth hostels and hotels in Lisbon within easy and quickaccess to the tournament location. These can be based either within LisbonCity Centre or on Lisbon’s beautiful coastline (Estoril). The tournament venueis located 20 minutes away from the sea front area with its beautiful goldenbeaches. Meaning after matches you can include a trip to the beach and end aperfect day of soccer with a swim in the warm Atlantic waters.It is our goal that every team stays well & comfortably accommodated at thecheapest possible price. There will be security at all accommodation sites andeach team will have its own team liaison 24h per day during the entire periodof stay for any kind of assistance. Bathroom facilities at the accommodationsites and festival centre are of good quality. The organization can offer alter-native accommodation in hotels for teams, guests and/or families travellingwith any team.
  9. 9. FESTIVAL PACKAGESAVAILABLEWe like to keep it simple. The only thing you have to take care of is how to travelto Lisbon, Portugal. All the rest is well packed in our soccer festival packagesfor you. We are looking forward to providing you the best assistance during yourstay in Portugal. We recommend that teams travelling from abroad request theassistance of a local travel agent to assist with flights travel arrangements.PORTUGAL CARDThe festival PORTUGAL CARD is designed for teams arriving and departing inLisbon by air transportation and it includes everything needed for a perfect longweek of soccer:• Participation in the tournament• 7 night’s accommodation in a 3* Hotel or in a holiday park or in a youth hostel• Half-board (breakfast & dinner)• 1 x 2 hour training session prior to the tournament• Return transfer to training session• Free admission for all activities at the festival venue• Tournament Kit including the event T-Shirt• Free admission to designated Nightclub for exclusive VIP post tournamentparty• Return transfers from/to Lisbon International Airport• Daily return transfers to/from Festival Venue• 3 litres bottled per person (4 tournament days)• Health & Safety Measures - Doctor & Physio on-site on tournaments days - Ambulances on-site for tournament days• Individual medals for every player, coach and official• Placement Cup for all teams• Team Liaison assistance (1 per team) during the period of the Festival
  10. 10. IBERIA CARDThe festival IBERIACARD was designed for teams arriving in Lisbon by air trans-portation for the 4 days festival and then transferring to Spain where the tour willconclude. This package includes everything needed for a perfect 10 days of soccer:• Participation in the tournament• 10 night’s accommodation in a 3* Hotel or in a holiday park or in a youth hostel: - 7 Nights in Lisbon - 3 Nights in Madrid or Seville• 1 x 2 hour training session prior to the tournament• Return transfer to training session• Free admission for all activities at the festival venue• Tournament Kit including the event T-Shirt• Free admission to designated Nightclub for exclusive post tournament party• Soccer Stadium Tour - Spain: Real Madrid or Real Bétis•1 x Half Day city tour: - Madrid or Seville• Arrival transfers from Lisbon International Airport• Departure Transfer to Madrid or Seville International Airport• Intercity transfer: Lisbon - Madrid or Lisbon Seville• Daily return transfers to/from Festival Venue• Team Liaison assistance (1 per team) during the period of the Festival• 3 litres bottled per person (4 tournament days)• Health & Safety Measures: - Doctor & Physio on-site on tournaments days - Ambulances on-site for tournament days• Individual medals for every player, coach and official• Placement Cup for all teams• Team Liaison assistance (1 per team) during the period of the Festival
  11. 11. REGISTRATIONSTo receive more information or to accept your club’s invitation to the inauguraledition of the Iberian Invitational Soccer Cup contact our officeby email info@movesports.comor call us on +351 214 540 410
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