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  1. 1. COLOMBIA Colombia is a country of America located in the northwestern part of South America. Its capital is Bogota. Bordered on the east by Venezuela and Brazil, south to Peru and Ecuador and Panama to the northwest.
  2. 2. HistoryColombia has a long history before the Conquest and in variousplaces still bear testimony to their indigenous past. In San Agustin,Huila, are preserved stone monoliths depicting gods and warriors. Inthe area of ​Tierradentro (Cauca), travelers can tour the hypogeacomplex of underground burial chambers.From Parque Tayrona on the Caribbean coast, is promoted by acobblestone path to the ruins of Pueblito, stone city built by theTayrona, an advanced pre-Hispanic culture whose legacy of jewelrycan be admired in the Museo del Oro in Bogota and TayronaCulture Museum in Santa Marta.
  3. 3. EconomyColombias economy is the fourth in Latin America by the International Monetary Fund and fifth by the World Bank. Has experienced an average annual growth of 5.5% since 2002. In 2007, 20.5 million Colombians were used as labor in the economy. However, the unequal distribution of wealth remains at 29.2% of Colombians livebelow the national poverty line, which adds to the poor pension system, unemployment (11.2% in 2007) and underemployment.
  4. 4. Culture Colombia lies at the crossroads of Latin Americaand the broader American continent, and as such has been hit by a wide range of cultural influences. Native American, Spanish and other European, African, American, Caribbean, andMiddle Eastern influences, as well as other Latin American cultural influences, are all present in Colombias modern culture. Urban migration,industrialization, globalization, and other political, social and economic changes have also left an impression.
  5. 5. most emblematic places
  6. 6. Bogotá Bogota (Colombias capital) is the largest and most populous city in the country, besides being the main cultural, industrial, economic and most important tourist Colombia. The important cultural offer is represented in many museums, theaters and libraries, some of them in the country. It is noteworthy that UNESCO named the city the title of World Book Capital for 2007.
  7. 7. Medellin The city is notable alike as one of the main cultural centers of Colombia. It hosts major festivals of wide experience and recognition locally, nationally and internationally. It is characterized by academic and scientific activity, which has earned him recognition as a university city and knowledge, and given also that it also settle some of the most important Colombian universities.
  8. 8. Cartagena de indias Cartagena de Indias, Cartagena is a city in Colombia, capital of the department of Bolivar. It was founded on 1. ° June 1533 by Pedro de Heredia. It is the fifth largest city in population after Bogota, Medellin, Cali and Barranquilla. Since 1991, Cartagena is a tourist district, Historical and Cultural. The city is located along the Caribbean Sea and is the second largest urban center in the Caribbean Coast, after Barranquilla.
  9. 9. Barranquilla Barranquilla is a city in Colombia, capital of Atlántico. In 1993 he was constitutionally organized special district, industrial and port is one of the sea and river ports and major assets of Colombia, and the main commercial, industrial, cultural and educational development of the Colombian Caribbean Region.
  10. 10. Typical food
  11. 11. Bandeja paisa A key feature of this dish is its enormous wealth, both in quantity and variety of foods, so that the tray full paisa only be called to serve in large plates trays. * Beans with claw * White rice * Chicharrón * Fried Egg * Patacón * Chorizo ​Antioquia with lemon * Arepa Antioquia * Hogao * Sausage * Tomato sliced ​red * Avocado.
  12. 12. Tamal The most famous Colombian tamales are those of Tolima, consisting of corn flour, rice and peas, accompanied by boiled eggs, carrots, bacon, pork and chicken, seasoned lightly with salt and pepper, all of which are wrapped in a kitchen banana leaf, usually served with corn bread or bread and chocolate.
  13. 13. Sancocho The stew is a soup consisting of meat, tubers, vegetables and seasonings. Among its origins seem to be the melting pot Taino, Spanish stew, pot rotten Spanish and Corsican stews, Irish, Danish, German, Italian and French.
  14. 14. Cazuela This recipe from Colombia. Its made ​but has the advantage that they can prepare all the ingredients and put them together the day be eating. The amounts are put to six servings, if you can reduce them a bit less taking into account the approximate proportions store.
  15. 15. Famous people
  16. 16. Botero Fernando Botero Angulo is a painter, sculptor and draftsman born on April 19, 1932 in Medellin (Colombia). Universal art icon, extensive work is recognized by children and adults alike everywhere. It is considered the living artist originally from Latin Americas most recognized and quoted in the world today.
  17. 17. Gabriel Garcia Márquez Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez (Aracataca, Colombia, March 6, 1927) is a writer, novelist, storyteller, writer and journalist in Colombia. In 1982 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature (Awards, awards and honors). And familiarly known to his friends as Gabito (hipocorístico peasant to Gabriel), or its shortened form Gabo since Eduardo Zalamea Borda assistant editor of The Spectator, began to call it that.
  18. 18. Shakira Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (Ottawa, February 2, 1977), known simply as Shakira, is a singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer and Colombian Latin pop rock genre in Spanish and English.
  19. 19. Juanes Juan Esteban Aristizabal Vasquez (Medellin, August 9, 1972), better known as Juanes, is a singer, composer, arranger and Colombian activist of Spanish pop and rock, fusing different musical styles. Juanes has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.
  20. 20. Colombian typical clothes Woman dressed in long black skirt decorated with colored ribbons or made ​of colorful printed fabrics as chintz or calico flowered Rouen colorido.Las immaculate blouses, white, square or round neckline with sleeves topped pants like the neckline, with Barcelona lace, bobbin letines or bands with bodkins.Man consists of crude cotton cloth pants, rolled up even when not "jornaliando" blanket listed, leather sandals or espadrilles, long-sleeved shirt and no collar, made of white cloth red stripes. The carriel is a small bag of skins and hides of wild cat, oval at the bottom and pointed top that serves as a closure.