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Co curricular week slide

  1. 1. THE CO – CURRICULAR WEEK<br /> Tatiana Sharloth Arroyo Carvajal<br />
  2. 2. The conference "The brain that learns", I consider I offer to the participant university population, very valuable information and that should take into account for our future formation. The activity was very well organized, and I was surprised by the quantity of people that attended. <br />This has been valued by me, like a great conference where, I had the opportunity to learn that the mental capacity is not static for example, because the brain learns how to make an effort for the stimuli that it perceives, and that not all learn equally, but that if it is important to be motivated by that you this learning, because we was learning by media of the perseverance, the motivation and the effort. <br />Of here, the importance of relating what I have been learning, with a purpose or with the previous knowledge, happening of the practices it to the theory. It is not only the knowledge, but also the being. <br />
  3. 3. The development of competitions has been compared with being educated, since it is required to possess a n add of knowledge, as the knowledge to communicate, knowing the strategies and knowledge to apply them with a positive attitude and with ethics, where the search of the development of abilities and skills is fundamental. <br />I consider that to participate in the student government or in the clubs develop by the university it is an opportunity to have those abilities. The student clubs have been a great experience for me. <br />
  4. 4. On the other hand, the educational has been invited by the university to participate in the search of a better learning, since many things will change in the education starting from a bigger knowledge how learns the human brain. <br />Also, the conference has more than enough emotional health it contributed important recommendations to improve our quality of life. <br />
  5. 5. Recommendations<br />I consider that activities like the concert of Escats, carried out in the Auditory RaúlCrespo Nieves, they were not able to go to the university population, since a closed space causes that many students were not motivated to incorporate. It is necessary to adapt inside the university a space for the realization of events outdoors, like in the square, for example where the student could consider an open space as more attractive, either for a concert a chat, a gathering, a shop, among others. <br />