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Time Warner Cable - Account Overview

  1. 1. Account OverviewTime Warner CableCompiled Date: Wednesday, May 04, 2011Compiled by: Tathagat BanerjeeSource : Web bases search
  2. 2. Business OverviewProcess MapIT Landscape InformationIndustrial & Financial AnalysisProspective- Major I.T playersPossible Companies to Acquire
  3. 3. Time Warner CableBusiness Overview
  4. 4.  TWC as a company is heavily dependent on retail customers especially of two types – Value for money- Using bundle service of TWC ( High Speed Internet , T.V and phone) – New areas- Customers going mobile with 3G or 4G devices. This has lead to content going online TWC is a seasonal player. This is more applicable when it comes to its movies releases as most of them happen during peak holiday/festive times The entire firm comprises of for 4 services that being Video, High speed Internet, phone and publishing house. With advancements in technology, there is a revamp in its publishing and customer facing sections (Customer Service, Billing as this help in reducing CHURN and also helps in marketing advanced marketing services). Broadly in the media segment the average revenue earner per persons $530,000 and for TWC is its $397,894.73 The ability of TWC’s competitors to acquire or develop and introduce new technologies, products and services has resulted in additional expenditure
  5. 5. Company Description Type PublicTime Warner is the second-largest cable operator in the U.S., with technologicallyadvanced, well-clustered systems located mainly in five geographic areas – New York Industry ConglomerateState (including New York City), the Carolinas, Ohio, Southern California (including Los Time Warner Inc. RankingsAngeles) and Texas  #203 in FT Global 500Related Industries  #82 in FORTUNE 500  S&P 500TWC has three primary subscription services Revenue $18.9 B  Video Operating Inc. $3,689M Totaling approximately 26.7 million primary service units Net income $1,308 M  High-speed data (“PSUs”) Total assets $45.8B  Voice Total equity $9,217M Employees 47,500TWC markets its services separately and in “bundled” packages of multiple services and Customer 14.5 MfeaturesCompetitive Landscape Looking Ahead In 2011, as in 2010, the focus will be on  The profitability of individual companies depends on efficient operations and good developing additional ways to give. Focus marketing being on-  Large companies have highly automated service to build and maintain large customer,  Smart Home management solutions, content and distribution networks management solutions, including advanced home monitoring and security  Average revenue per employee is about $530,000 services  Delivering video directly to consumers in IP-connected devices
  6. 6. Concerns with Distribution VOD- Built in application like Netflix are available on sets from a number of vendors this raises concern over cable television distribution Voice & High-speed data- TWC’s distribution system consists primarily of fiber optic and coaxial cables, lasers, routers, switches and related electronic equipment. TWC faces competition in high-speed data service from wireless data providers, and in voice service from wire line, wireless and “over-the-top” phone providers, especially as an increasing number of homes in the United States replace their wire line telephone service with wireless or “over-the-top” service Bundle Services- Availability of bundle service across the continent
  7. 7. Senior Executives Robert D. Marcus Michael L. LaJoie Tomas G. Mathews President and COO and EVP & Chief Technology EVP , Human Resources Acting CFO Officer Melinda C. Witmer Ellen M. East Peter C. Stern EVP & Chief Programming EVP & and Chief Chief Strategy Officer Officer Communications Officer Glenn A. Britt Chairman and CEO Philip I. Kent Barry MeyerBill Nelson Maurice F. John Huey Howard Averill Edelson Chairman and Chairman andChairman and EVP and General Editor-In-Chief of CEO of Turner CEO of Warner EVP and ChiefCEO of Home Counsel Time Broadcasting Bros. Financial Officer. Box Office System Entertainment Senior Executives in Subsidiaries
  8. 8. Glenn A. BrittChairman and CEO
  9. 9. Expanding brand through creation of programming, channels, motion pictures, and other entertainments Original Content Global Presence Alliance Relation Strengthen relationships Build international with advertising, cable,presence- In developing satellite, online, mobile nations and licensing partners Customer First Maintain cost-savings Develop new ways of reaching audiences
  10. 10. Infrastructure & Business Distribution = Digital Enabling Technologies Content Providers Environment = Digital Management = Digital Content Transfer  Computer Industry  Telecom Industry (HW, SW, Svcs)  Entertainment Industry  Cable Industry  Internet Appliances  Information Industry  Satellite Industry  Internet Business to  Internet Content  Internet Business Management Links Capgemini Services Entertainment Industry: Partnership with otherTelecom Industry: December 08, 2003, Time Warner Cable Partners firms for content development and sharingwith MCI and Sprint for Nationwide Rollout of Digital PhoneCable Industry: January 26, 2011, TWC Business Class (TWCBC)Partner Program now has new members: Telarus, X4 Internet Appliances: May 27, 2010, TWC embraced Internet Industry: Partner ship with searchCommunications, Business Communications Management (BCM) and DOCSIS 3.0 as potential technology, but its only engines, directory listings and new links to keepOutreach Technology available in some markets and the speeds offered to there releases details public for others to see in consumers fall short of the promised capacity of the the for of a teaser standard. Time Warner calls its DOCSIS 3.0 serviceSatellite Industry: The adoption of satellite television has harmedTWCs ability to acquire and retain customers. EchoStarCommunications (DISH) and The DirecTV Group (DTV) have Internet Content: Alliance with industry playerspoached subscribers from TWC, and satellite penetration has grown will customers view the content in the form ofat the expense of cable television Capgemini Services and its allied companies trailers/preview so will help them monetize on services the content laterInternet: Nov 21, 2000, Earthlink, the countrys second largestInternet service provider, to provide Internet access over the cablesystems of Time Warners cable division
  11. 11. Items HHLD Owns Ways Internet is used Cell Phone Features Used PDA  Online Banking/Bill paying (internet)  Download Ring tones /video games (cell Digital Video Recorder  Read or contributed to Blogs phone) Satellite Radio Subscription  Gaming (casino-type, download, games)  Email (via cell phone) Voice over IP (VoIP)  Download Podcasts  Messaging (Instant, Picture or Text via cell MP3 Player  Download / Listen to Audio phone) High Definition Television (HDTV)  Download / Watch Video  Stream Video (via cell phone)  Instant Messages  Other Internet features (via cell phone)  Cell
  12. 12. Strengths Weakness Leading Market Position - The Warner Bros. Pictures Group broke  Filmed entertainment division lagging behind other business the all–time industry worldwide box office record with a 2010 gross of units $4.814 billion, which surpasses the prior record of $4.010 billion (set  Heavily dependent on the US by Warner Bros. in 2009 Diversified Product Portfolio - Five business segments: online, cable, filmed entertainment, network services, and publishing Strong Brand Equity - Time Warner Cables way of positioning itself as a lifestyle brand that happens to have innovative technologyOpportunity Threats Global Expansion- Media and entertainment is concentrated on  Online content growth from fragmented competitors human population. Due the same reason China, India, Brazil, Russia  Intense competitive environment are prime markets to media companies  Piracy New Network Launches- TCW has 39 new channels to boosts iPad  FCC regulatory issues app channel lineup Acquisitions - Acquisition of NaviSite (NaviSite has about 570 employees around the world. The company operates nine data centers in the United States and the United Kingdom, two of which are SAS 70 Type II certified data centers)
  13. 13. Strengths Weakness Two Way Data Communications  Capital Expenditures Urban Growth Areas Country Market Leader Regional Barriers to Entry Natural Monopoly Additional ServicesOpportunity Threats Divest Non-core Assets / Businesses  Digital Video Recorders - Skipping Commercials All-access Pricing  Sharing Pipes Government Reform 3D Televisions  Digital Media WiFi Home Calling  Satellite Providers Analog to Digital Switch Data Intensive Applications Triple-Play Service
  14. 14. All the major players are beginning to realize the concept of ‘Customer First”. Due to which they are adopting newDependence on technologies. As there are finite number of vendors certified to provide these service to TWC and other players Third Parties there is a constant threat of not be able to obtain necessary hardware, software and operational support Technological advances and product innovations have increased and will likely continue to increase the Competition number of alternatives available to TWC’s customers and potential customers, further intensifying competition Legislation supported by regional telephone companies has been enacted in a number of states to allow these Government companies to enter the video distribution business under state-wide franchises and without obtaining local Regulation franchise approval. Legislation of this kind has been enacted in some of the Company’s largest operating areas September 30, 2010, Clearwire disclosed that it may not be able to continue to operate as a going concern. Subsequently, in December 2010, Clearwire raised $1.404 billion in a private placement of debt securities. ThereRisk Related to can be no assurance that Clearwire will be able to obtain sufficient financing in the future to continue its business, Competition and it is possible that the Company may record an impairment charge on its investment in Clearwire Communications in the future
  15. 15. Time Warner Cable Content CreationProcess Map Sales & Support Supply
  16. 16. Department Purpose Pain area Concerns  Stop content piracy  Process FlowMarketing, Sales and  Revenue Generation  Internal politics affecting work  How to understand targetCustomer Support  Client retention populations choice before it is and information flow too late  Content Creation  Simplify planning process andContent Creation &  Formatting the content in the fulfillment process  Not AvailableManagement right format  Not Available  Not Available  Not AvailableSupporting Activity
  17. 17. Plan & Execute Sales ProcessMarketing Campaign Website Free Visitor Open Trials Opportunity Google AdWords Emailer Marketing Direct Mails Call Center Leads TV Inbound Calls Cross Sell Radio Events Present Negotiate Won Trade Shows PR Customer Lists Contacts Propose Customer Billing Information Desk Customer Support Tech. Support Grievance center
  18. 18. Tools& Technology in use in TWC Microsoft Word for Windows, PowerPoint, Excel, MRI, E-mail) Nielsen’s Galaxy Explorer and ITVR specialized software ratings systems NPower software Omniture web analytics Research Report tools like (MRI, PIB, DART, @plan, comScore, Omniture, AdRelevance) Logistics applapplications(MIPCOM, MIPTV, LA Screenings, NATPE, IPJ, etc) Internal online resources (i.e. Consumer Marketing Research, PIB reports Interactive Campaigne tools( DoubleClick DE/Adtech Helios/Freewheel preferred), knowledge of Flash, Rich Media, DHTML) Web Applications ( Flash (AS2 and AS3), Flash certification desired HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, PHP, Java Server pages, Photoshop proficiency MySQL, Apache HTTP Server, Haproxy, Python, C#, Flash video, PHP/Java , database MySQL and in limited instances, Oracle) Search engine marketing or e-commerce (EST, DTO etc) Account management (Siebel, SAP) Networking protocols such as TCP/IP, DHCP, VPN, FTP, SMTP, SNMP, DNS, HTTP and etc Web serving products such as Apache, Tomcat, Drupal & NGINX UNIX such as Solaris, RedHat, Ubuntu CentOS, FreeBSD and SUSE Linux. The engineer will support the management and monitoring (ZenOss, Netcool, WhatsUpGold, TPC) of system resources, problem analysis, system troubleshooting, COTS, configuration management (puppet, Opsware), systems automation (chef) Server-side technologies including Spring, Hibernate, Velocity / JSP, HTML, Ant CMS/blogging platforms
  19. 19. Satellite 35 mm Film Internet Video Tapes Non Linear Servers Editor Print Tapes TapesProduction Post Distribution Fulfillment Archiving Shooting Editing & Transmission or Copying Vault Library Recording Graphics Delivery
  20. 20. Linear Product Work Flow Planning Production Post Distribution Fulfillment Archiving Shooting Editing & Transmission Copying Vault Library Recording Graphics or DeliveryRepurpose Production Cycle Post Distribution Planning Production Fulfillment Archiving Repurpose Archiving
  21. 21. Tools& Technology in use in TWC Microsoft for Word, Access ,PowerPoint, Excel, MRI, E-mail, SharePoint Cognos reporting tool, Cognos analysis studio, Tableau, and Microstrategy Automated Dialer Systems NOSA ordering kiosk Adobe Photoshop, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, or Adobe Premiere CSG billing system, DOCSIS, Empirix, IPMT, Remedy CAD DNS, DHCP, and e-mail systems, HFC network architecture Windows Active Directory, Exchange Server, LAN Administration, Windows NT/2000/2003 servers, Exchange, SQL and various Linux versions CA Clarity iPhone, Android, RIM, and Windows mobile platform Time Warner Cable proprietary systems
  22. 22. Administrative/Clerical Customer Service, Engineering/ Finance/Ad Sales Marketing, Sales Marketing, Sales Marketing, Sales Technical Ope. Accounting Construction Human Resources Technical Engineering Human Resources HR for Sales Operations IT Department Legal Department Finance/Accounting Information Internship/Trainee, Ad Sales Technology Telecomm Purchasing Services Facilities/Security Govt. & Corp. Affairs
  23. 23. Tools& Technology in use in TWC Microsoft for Word, Access ,PowerPoint, Excel, MRI, E-mail, SharePoint HDI, MCSE, MCSA, MCP, Network+ PeopleSoft environment Oracle Incentive Compensation (OIC) project Kronos Workforce Central v5.0, Crystal reports, Kronos Connect PeopleSoft HRMS (v 8.3 or higher) Convergys or CSG billing systems, Advanced Excel skills, Access, Monarch and Cognos, Hyperion, SAS, ACL (including Exchange Server), Informatica ETL, Informatica PowerCenter/PowerMart products Microsoft SQL 2005 and 2008 HTML, XML, JavaScript, SQL, VB.NET, and ASP.NET, .Net, Java, Perl, Python, or Ruby Oracle databases, Netezza CPA, CIA, CFE or CISA EIS Security Vulnerability Management Windows Active Directory, Exchange Server, LAN Administration, Windows NT/2000/2003 servers, Exchange, SQL and various Linux versions UNIX/LINUX server Social media resources, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Quality tools OnBase, Tidal, Vista Plus Programming in IBM AS/400 using RPG/IV, RPG/ILE and CL Web portal products, XML, ASP.NET, C#.NET
  24. 24. Time Warner CableIT Landscape Information
  25. 25.  Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5: Financials, Projects  Longview Khalix (HBO)Enterprise  Microsoft Exchange  Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5: iProcurement, iSupplierApplication  Microsoft Outlook Portal, Sourcing, Manufacturing  Oracle PeopleSoft Financials  ICSA Software  Artesia Technologies International Blueprint TEAMS digital asset OneWorld records management management  SAP Business Objects BusinessObjects XI: Data  dBase database  Microsoft Access Integrator XI, Web Intelligence,Data Management & management  Microsoft SQL Server  OLAP Intelligence, Performance Manager, DashboardBusiness Intelligence  eCopy document 2005 Manager, Crystal imaging  Oracle 8i, 9i Database  Reports XI (TBS)  IBM Cognos 8 Business  Quantum ADIC StorNext Intelligence shared disk file system (TBS)  BA-Insight Longitude search feature for SharePoint Server  Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (Turner  Fibre Channel Storage SAN (TBS) Network Sales)  HP Compaq Tru64 UNIXHardware/OS/  Microsoft Windows 2000 Server  LinuxSystems Environment  RIM BlackBerry  Microsoft Active Directory  Sun Solaris  Oracle Corporation  VMware  Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  26. 26.  AJAX  Compuware QACenter  JavaScript  Oracle HTTP Server  NUnit unit testing  CorasWorks Workplace  Microsoft .NET (OHS) framework Suite (Turner Network Framework: ASP.NET,  Oracle Statspack utilityWeb Services &  Oracle 9i Application Sales) VB.NET  Perl scriptsApplication Server  HP Mercury QuickTest  Microsoft Active Server  QuestDevelopment  Oracle BEA Tuxedo Professional Pages (ASP)  Red Hat iPlanet  Oracle Developer Suite:  Infragistics  Microsoft Visual Studio Calendar Server Discoverer  Interwoven iManage  Microsoft VPScript  TestQuest WorkSite  Attachmate NetIQ AppManager  NetApp SnapDrive, SnapMirror, SnapManagerNetworking,  ContentGuard digital rights management  Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)Management &  Iron Mountain data backup  Symantec Veritas Backup ExecSecurity  NetApp Data OnTap  Accenture Global Services to implement DAM technologyOther Technologies,  MCSi systems integration: Atlanta, Ga. Network Operations Facility (TBS)Applications &  Microsoft Office, VisioBusiness Initiatives  Time Warner Human Resources NeTWrk application
  27. 27. Area Primary Vendor Secondary Vendor Service Segment Decision maker  Customer Care  Dimension Data Holdings  Document Management  Maneesh Dhir (EVP, plc. (DiData)  Customer Care AOL International)  Xerox Corporation  Application Management,  Barry Meyer (ChairmanBusiness Process Convergys Corp.  Essar Global Limited Data Center Outsourcing, and Chief executive),Outsourcing  Capgemini Desktop Outsourcing, Alan Horn (President)  Hewlett-Packard (HP) Finance and Accounting,  Sam Howe (Executive Network Management VP and CMO)  Billing ServicesDeploy & Support Hardware Deploy and David Cole (SVP Hewlett-Packard (HP) Details not available Support Operations)  Oracle Corporation  Systems Integration Chris Cookson (PresidentSystems Integration Internet Cable  Hewlett-Packard (HP)  Network Consulting and of Technical Operations Corporation Integration and CTO) Details not available Details not availableIT Outsourcing Omniture Application Management
  28. 28. Engagement Existing Time Numerics Other Details Type Vendor Aegis to provide customer service and  Services Contract Value: $70,000,000 technical support to AOL customers.  Total Contract Length: 36 AOL will transfer more than 1,000 plus Business Essar  Geographic Scope Macro Region: Global(Puerto30th, April of its employees. AOL commenced Process Global Rico, Mexico, Argentina, India, China, Australia,2011 call centre operations in July 2003 Outsourcing Limited Japan, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Canada, USA) Project Owner-Maneesh Dhir (EVP,  Price Methodology: Fixed Price AOL International)  Services Contract Value: $23,000,000 Xerox is digitized documents into the10th, Business Xerox  Total Contract Length: 60 companys existing enterpriseSeptember, Process Corporation  Geographic Scope Country: USA resource planning (ERP) system for2011 Outsourcing  Price Methodology: Fixed Price AOL Capgemini is supporting Warner Bros. its global delivery centers in Poland  Services Contract Value: $750,000,000 and India. Poland most likely will Business31th, March,  Total Contract Length: 84 support F&A work Outsourcing Capgemini2016  Geographic Scope Country: USA Engagement  Price Methodology: Combination Project Owners-Barry Meyer (Chairman and Chief executive), Alan Horn (President) Convergys product e-Care is a alternative customer contact channels  Services Contract Value: $45,000,00024th, Business include both email and online chat in Convergys  Total Contract Length: 84September, Outsourcing both English and Spanish Corporation  Geographic Scope Country: USA2016 Engagement  Price Methodology: Fixed Price Project Owner- Sam Howe (Executive VP and CMO)
  29. 29. John Drudick Akhilesh Sharma Frank Gilbert Enoch Glover Regional Director, IT, Senior Director, IT (D.C) Senior Director, Enterprise AD & BI, frank.gilbert@twcable.com Applications & Operations akhilesh.sharma@twcable.com, Ph- 703-345-3597 enoch.glover@twcable.com Ph-336-217-3111 Ph- 704-731-3402 Karen Shackel, Thomas Rheault Steve Payne Regional Senior Manager, AD Manager, IS Applications Regional Senior Manager, (Carolinas), thomas.rheault@twcable.com Application Support, karen.shackel@twcable.com Ph- 336-217-3347 steven.payne@twcable.com Ph-910-332-7850 Ph- 704-731-3338Application Development Space: itaas is the vendor for application development needs on Time Warner Cable’s MDN and ODN platforms Now in its seventh year, the istart offer tools and support for deployment on interactive platforms including tru2way™ and ETV. With the Time Warner Cable Mystro Application Server software support, the istart Developer Program now offers a total of six programs including SDKs for Time Warner Cables MDN and ODN, Cisco’s SARA/PowerTV© and OCAP Axiom™, as well as the TVWorks ETV platformKey Contact: Sherisse Hawkins, Vice President Software Development Time Warner Cable Advanced Technologies Responsible for development of all customer facing elements in TWC’s digital navigator product and the hardware (consumer premise equipment) to support these services. The navigator has been deployed to over 14 million subscribers in many Time Warner divisions Areas of interest: OpenCable Application Platform Enhanced TV Binary Digital video systems Technical project planning Interchange Format
  30. 30. John Drudick Akhilesh Sharma Kirk Cohen Regional Director, IT, Director AD & BI, kirk.cohen@twcable.com akhilesh.sharma@twcable.com, Ph- 704-731-3076 Ph-336-217-3111 Rod Creswell Samantha Loken Rick Rossomando Manager, Business Intelligence, k Manager, Business Intelligence t Manager, Business Intelligence rod.creswell@twcable.com samantha.loken@twcable.com rick.rossomando@twcable.com Ph- 704-731-1349 Ph- 704-731-3403 Ph- 704-731-3443Key Contact: Michael Diamond, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Time Warner Cable, Inc Responsibilities for pricing, marketing strategy, planning, research, marketing effectiveness, customer analytics and database marketing solutionsAreas of Concern:“Michael Diamond, Senior VP of Marketing Strategy and Intelligence at Time Warner Cable, said that “As nice as the conversations are, around the toolsand the process, around structured and unstructured data, the reality is it’s still human politics and how the stuff gets used. And I always wondered whetherwe probably just aren’t aligning the incentives well.” “So often,” he said, “an employee or salesman isn’t compensated based on how other people are usinghis information-he’s compensated on how much product or how many jobs he sold. So that always seems to me sort of a bit of a missing element.” “
  31. 31. John Drudick Jesse Salber Jim Wilkinson Mike Mendenhall Regional Director, IT, Manager, IT Operations Manager, IT Operations jesse.salber@twcable.com, jim.wilkinson@twcable.com mike.mendenhall@twcable.com Ph-704-378-2909 Ph- 704-731-3414 Ph- 704-378-2974 Frank Boncimino Scott Cannada Cheryl Williams Tom HagemanSenior Director, IT Billing Services Senior Manager, TS Group VP, IT Back Office Solutions scott.cannada@twcable.com cheryl.williams@twcable.com tom.hageman@twcable.com Ph- 704-731-3292 Ph- 704-731-3328 Ph- 704-731-3639
  32. 32. Name Title Area Phone EmailCesar Beltran Senior VP, Information Technology (NY) IT Operations 212-598-1767 cesar.beltran@twcable.comSagi Shimonovitz Vice President, IT Infrastructure (West Region) Infrastructure 310-563-5888 sagi.shimonovitz@twcable.comFrank Boncimino Chief Information Officer Chief Information Officer 704-731-3333 Frank.Boncimino@twcable.comJoseph Viens Director, Enterprise Business Continuity & Crisis Management Information Security 704-731-3841 joe.viens@twcable.comBrian Waff Director, Network Infrastructure Services Infrastructure 704-731-3310 brian.waff@twcable.comAdrianne McDonald Director, Infrastructure Delivery Infrastructure 704-731-3707 adrianne.mcdonald@twcable.comJason Oliver Regional Director, Critical Infrastructure Infrastructure 704-378-2960 jason.oliver@twcable.comMike Casey Director, Business Support Systems IT Operations 704-731-3111 mike.casey@twcable.comDawn Covington Director, IT Project Management Project Management 704-378-2980 dawn.covington@twcable.comRob Lowe Senior Director, Corporate Telecommunications Telecommunications 704-731-3850 rob.lowe@twcable.comBridgette Brown Executive Assistant, Frank Boncimino Executive Assistant 704-731-3350 bridgette.brown@twcable.comMichael Mow Senior Manager, Enterprise Data Centers Data Center 704-731-3553 michael.mow@twcable.comBernie Sumcad Manager, IT Security Consultation, Reconnaissance, & Attack Team Information Security 704-731-1295 bernard.sumcad@twcable.comPrentis Brooks Senior Manager, Enterprise Technical Security Information Security 704-731-3408 prentis.brooks@twcable.comBrandon Lynch Manager, Network Infrastructure Services Infrastructure 704-731-3345 brandon.lynch@twcable.comJason Warren Senior Manager, IT Systems Operations IT Operations 704-378-2961 jason.warren@twcable.comGary Johnson Senior Manager, Enterprise QA Quality Assurance 704-731-3881 gary.johnson@twcable.comEric Roth Manager, Network Engineering Networking 704-731-3346 eric.roth@twcable.comDaniel Jansen Senior Manager, Enterprise Data Centers Data Center 704-731-3553 djansen1326@weverl.comCindy Green-Ortiz Program Manager, Enterprise Information Security Information Security 704-731-3341 cindy.green-ortiz@twcable.comCyndee Everman Vice President, Business Systems Support HR / Financial / ERP Systems 704-731-3271 cyndee.everman@twcable.comJohn Drudick Vice President, IT & Infrastructure Operations Infrastructure 704-731-3301 john.drudick@twcable.comGary Cronk Vice President, Technology Strategy IT Strategy 704-731-3344 gary.cronk@twcable.comRamin Rastin Regional CIO, Information Technology (Ohio) Chief Information Officer 614-481-5041 Ramin.Rastin@twcable.comMichael ODonnell Senior Manager, ISP Security (D.C) Information Security 703-345-2595 michael.odonnell@twcable.comKurt Hamm Regional Director, Call Center Telephony Infrastructure 803-251-5365 kurt.hamm@twcable.comDavid Sanford Vice President, IT (Texas Region) IT Operations 469-464-4549 david.sanford@twcable.com
  33. 33.  The four key areas of IT spending are: – Security – Data Services – Application Development & Integration and – Systems Planning & Design Consulting
  34. 34. Time Warner CableIndustrial & Financial Analysis Result Perception of the issue Current Situation
  35. 35. Barriers to Entry Industry Rivalry  Big players are able to maintain high levels of capital  Rivalry is strong between broadcasters to purchase the expenditure in purchasing rights to the most popular content broadcasting rights for the most popular programs, events and sporting events Very High Risk  Difficult for new entrants to secure the rights to popular programs  Players within the market are typically large, owning multiple  New entrants also have to ensure that they comply with High Risk television channels so that they have a high level of assets, with regulations as monitored by the Federal Communications high fixed costs and exit costs Commission (FCC)  Rivalry is greater between players broadcasting shows and events of similar genres Supplier Power Threat of Substitute  A significant increase in popularity of other entertainment Medium High Risk  Production companies form a major supplier  A rise of downloading programs through the internet, bothMedium Risk legally and illegally  Typically depends upon the quality of content  TV is still the most effective form of advertising Bargaining Power of Buyers  Sensitive to the increasing concentration and dominance of cable and satellite program distributors  Distributors are demanding higher-quality program productions in the HD digital format, to satisfy subscribers unique interests
  36. 36. Threat of Substitute Barriers to Entry  Illegal downloading through the internet and video piracy  Diversity of audiences provides chances for both big and  Cinema experience is still attractive smaller players Medium High Risk Industry Rivalry  Fixed costs do not have to be high as independent films can Medium Risk  There are a number of large market players, movie be made on a low budget, giving a successful independent production companies and independent companies film a high profit-to-cost ratio, while a failure would incur  The wide range and diversity of audience tastes allows films minimal losses scope for significant differentiation in terms of genre and  Current market situation does not offer an attractive content prospect Supplier Power Bargaining Power of Buyers  Supplies required by film production companies include:  Large number of potential customersMedium Low Risk scripts, costumes, make-up, props, sets, cameras, film stock, lighting, and stunt and action equipment. Low Risk  Revenue highly rely on movie industry
  37. 37. TWC has been a positive change coming out of the recession-  Video services being the Primary line of business has shows a growth of 2.2%  High-Speed Data the second largest revenue source showing a growth of 9.7%  And Voice services showing a growth of 7.7% The reason for growth have been value for money services and adaptation technologies which are customer driven In total, the company has seen a rise of 5.6% in its total revenue from 2009 31-Dec-10 31-Dec-09 Change %Residential video 12,257 12,699 -3.50%Commercial video 165 160 3.10%Residential high-speed data 9,469 8,994 5.30%Commercial high-speed data 334 295 13.20%Residential Digital Phone 4,385 4,153 5.60%Commercial Digital Phone 111 67 65.70%Primary service units 26,721 26,368 1.30%Customer relationships 14,496 14,572 -0.50%Double play 4,866 4,900 -0.70%Triple play 3,680 3,448 6.70%
  38. 38. Residential Services Commercial ServicesVideo Services Video Services- TWC served 165,000  Programming tiers-TWC had approximately commercial video subscribers 12.3 million residential video subscribers High-speed Data, Networking and Transport  On-Demand services Services  DVR service-51.7%, or approximately 4.6  High-speed data service- TWC had 334,000 million, of TWC’s residential and commercial commercial high-speed data subscribers digital video subscribers also subscribed to its  Commercial networking and transport DVR service services-  Enhanced TV services  Acquisition of NaviSite  TV Everywhere capability-TWC plans to Voice Services- TWC had 111,000 commercial offer additional content via its TV Everywhere Digital Phone subscribers capability during 2011 Advertising- TWC sells advertising in its owned and operated news channels and itsHigh-speed Data Services-TWC served Roadrunner.com portal to local and regionalapproximately 9.5 million residential high-speed advertisersdata subscribers Advanced Advertising- VOD channel  Road Runner Broadband customers receive coupons, samples and/or  Mobile Internet- The Company had 13,000 brochures be at home, which allows TWC to wireless mobile broadband subscribers provide advertisers with feedback about the impact of their advertising and the value ofVoice Services-TWC served approximately 4.4 interactive featuresmillion residential Digital Home Phonesubscribers
  39. 39. Revenue Segmentation Costs and ExpensesRevenue from Franchise Rights & Good Will
  40. 40. Time Warner Time Warner Disney News Corp. CBS Corp Viacom CableMedia Networks $18.9 B $11.7B $17.1B $15B $10.6B $8.2B –Film Entertainment – $11.0B $6.7B $7.6B $5.4B – – – – –Parks & Resorts $10.7B – – – –Consumer Products $2.6B – – – – – –Interactive Media $.76B – – –Publishing $3.7B $8.5B $.79B – – – – –Others $1.5B – – – – $1.7B –Outdoor
  41. 41. Name 2009 2010 Growth in spendingTime Warner Inc. 2,557.81 2,558.53 0.0%The News Corporation Limited 1,817.58 1,818.10 0.0%The DIRECTV Group, Inc. 1,161.76 1,222.71 5.2%Time Warner Cable Inc. 1,019.50 1,072.99 5.2%CBS Corporation 833.03 876.73 5.2%DISH Network Corporation 698.25 734.89 5.2%R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company 696.19 732.72 5.2%Gannett Co., Inc. 463.82 488.16 5.2%Cablevision Systems Corporation 442.12 465.32 5.2%Universal Music Group 419.22 441.22 5.2%CC Media Holdings, Inc. 410.19 431.71 5.2%The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 390.47 410.96 5.2%Bloomberg LP 375.37 395.06 5.2%Tribune Company 313.72 330.19 5.2%
  42. 42. Prospective- Major I.T players
  43. 43. Competitor Engagement focus Market Focus is on Average Contract Average Key Clients is on Size Contract Length Primary:  Application Management Primary:  Data Center  Sony Corporation IT Outsourcing Outsourcing  Belo Corp.,IBM $258.32 million 6.1 Years  Walt Disney Company Secondary: Secondary:  National Amusements System Integration  Desktop & network Management  System Integration Primary: Primary:  Public Broadcasting  Application  Customer Application Service Development Development  Comcast  System Integration  System Integration  Simon & Schuster,Accenture $19 million 2.2 Years  Surewest Secondary: Communications Secondary:  Desktop & network  Scripps Networks  IT Outsourcing Management Interactive  Application  Sony Pictures  Project BasedTCS Management $5.5 million 1.5 years Entertainment  Outsourcing  System Integration  Simon & SchusterWipro Primary focus in on Customer application development in western EuropeInfosys Primary focus is on It outsourcing engagement in telephone and radio communications in TME sector
  44. 44. Strategy Focus Tools Focus Markets & Listed Other Details Segments ClientsAccenture  To gain insight in client  Entertainment  Digital Consumer North America is the primary Accenture has space in order to identify  Broadcast Solution focus region for Media & teamed up with new business and  Publishing  Digital Entertainment Microsoft, is technology trends and  Portal companies Monetization  Public Broadcasting Service delivering the formulate and implement Solution  Comcast Microsoft Connected solutions for clients  Digital Supply  CBS Services Framework  The company has increased Chain Solution  Scripps Networks Interactive its focus on in intellectual property as on August 31, 2009, and had 2,080 patent applications pending in the United States and other jurisdictionsIBM  IBM is making a shift in its  Entertainment  Workflow North America along with business model from  Broadcast Transformation Western Europe are the hardware to software and  On-line  Digital consumer primary Media and services  Cable  Dynamic entertainment markets for IBM  Focus on Smarter Planet  Publishing Infrastructure  Belo and Industry Frameworks  Satellite  Orbit Canada  Sports  Sony Pictures Entertainment  Advertising  Viacom  Walt DisneyTCS TCS has set up Media and IS  Entertainment They have developed North America is the primary Microsoft & TCS Centre of Excellence (CoE) to (Film & Music) tools for remote video focus region accounting for have set up COE for create new digital products by  Broadcasting and processing system major virtualization in leveraging TCS’ Innovation Cable and portion of the revenue Chennai on Labs and Domain expertise  Publishing content management  Sony Pictures Entertainment September 09, 2009  Information solution for industry  Simon & Schuster services wide Digital Services  New Media Platform  Gaming
  45. 45. Strategy Focus Tools Focus Markets & Listed Other Details Segments ClientsWipro Wipro is creating an integrated  Publishing  Content India and EMEA region are the  One of the focus portfolio of customer offerings (Readers Digest Management & major areas where the areas in Media is built on a One Wipro model Association, Inc. ) Distribution contracts have been won Information that offers solutions across the  Information  Ad, rights and  TeliaSonera AB Management spectrum - consulting, Green Services royalty  Dishnet Wireless (hybrid IT  Education management  Aircel Limited environments &  Filmed & Music  Client analytical  Uninor apply multimedia Entertainment solution and  ITV PLC analytics for  Broadcasting adaptive learning business insights)  Cable & Satellite application  TME results in  New Media 29% of its IT service revenue (2009)Infosys  Customer Focus- Gaining  Digitization Flypp an application EMEA and APAC are the  They have more domain expertise and  Enterprise platform for mobile primary focus region. Focus is allocated a increase the revenue from Application operators that primarily on communication specific R & D existing client base Integration enables sector primary client ‘s being center focusing on  Developing the global  Content monetization through  Telstra service, network delivery Model in North monetization ready-to-use  T-Mobile and applications in America and in Latin (Gaming) experiential TME sector American countries applications across  The focus in TME devices sector is in three specific areas- – Product/Servic e Provisioning – Regulation Compliance – End Customer Requirements
  46. 46. Application Data Center Custom System Integration Managed Hosting Management Outsourcing Application Services Development Accenture  Accenture  Accenture  Accenture  ILC  Alliance Data Amdocs Limited  Acxiom Corporation  Cognizant  Amdocs Limited  Intelligroup Inc. Systems (ADS) AT&T Inc.  Amdocs Limited Technology  Art Technology  IT Masters  CGI Group Inc. CGI Group Inc.  Cognizant Solutions (CTS) Group, Inc (ATG)  Nexgenic Inc.  Verizon Cognizant Technology  HCL Enterprise  Auspice Corporation  Nextera Enterprises Communications Technology Solutions (CTS)  US Interactive, Inc.  Avaya Inc.  Oracle Corporation Inc. Solutions (CTS)  Computer Sciences  Xceed  BMC Software  Sapient Corporation  Xerox Corporation Convergys Corporation (CSC)  Cisco Systems, Inc.  Siemens AG  Savvis Inc. Corporation  HCL Enterprise  Cognizant  SmartForce Dell Inc.  Hewlett-Packard Technology  Sony Corporation Futurelink (HP) Solutions (CTS)  Storage Area Global Sports  IBM Corporation  ComArch S.A. Networks Grupo ASSA  TELUS Corporation  Convergys  SumTotal Systems, HCL Enterprise  Wipro Limited Corporation Inc. Hewlett-Packard  Cybernet-  Sybase, Inc. (HP) SlashSupport (CSS)  Tata Group IBM Corporation  Electronics for  Ventyx Inc. Managed Imaging, Inc.(Efi)  Working Concepts Operations  EMC Corporation  Xerox Corporation Oracle Corporation  Grupo ASSA Tata Group  Hewlett-Packard TELUS Corporation (HP) Xerox Corporation  IBM Corporation
  47. 47. Name & Location Overview Company in Brief Specialty Key Contacts Operational Revenue Costs and Expenses  CableTV For over 12 years, itaas has  IPTV  Ms. Vibha Rustagi, worked with all iTV constituents -  ITV Founding Partner  ETV  Mr. Jaspal Bhasin, service providers, technology Type: Privately Held Itass  EBIF Founding Partner & suppliers, application developers Employees: 51-200 COO  OCAP 11695 Johns Creek and programmers - to create and Website:  Mr. Jatin Desai,  Tru2way Pkwy bring iTV solutions to market. http://www.itaas.com Founding Partner &  Video Johns Creek, GA With advanced digital Industry: CTO  MPEG 30097 development expertise, tools, lab Telecommunications  Mr. Jamil Elayan, VP of U.S  embedded software Marketing & Business facilities and deployment support Founded: 1999  Home Networking Development across a broad range of cable  Flash  Mr. Roger Demuth, VP TV and IPTV platforms  Widgets of Engineering  CEA