Project in MAPEH (I-Venus)


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Project in MAPEH (I-Venus)

  1. 1. AspectsAspects ofof HHEEAALLTTHH (Project in MAPEH-2(Project in MAPEH-2ndnd Qtr.)Qtr.) Submitted by : Submitted to:Submitted by : Submitted to: Danica Reymano Vanzuela IvyDanica Reymano Vanzuela Ivy Florencio DelaFlorencio Dela CruzCruz☻☻ Beverly Rivera Tate YumangBeverly Rivera Tate Yumang Charmaine Rosario Michael AbañoCharmaine Rosario Michael Abaño
  2. 2. What isWhat is HEALTH?HEALTH? ••HealthHealth is the generalis the general condition of a person incondition of a person in all aspects. It is also a levelall aspects. It is also a level of functional and/orof functional and/or metabolic efficiency of anmetabolic efficiency of an organism, often implicitlyorganism, often implicitly humanhuman..
  3. 3. •• At the time of theAt the time of the creation of thecreation of the World Health OrganizationWorld Health Organization (WHO), in 1948,(WHO), in 1948, healthhealth waswas defined as "a state ofdefined as "a state of complete physical, mental,complete physical, mental, and social well-being and notand social well-being and not merely the absence ofmerely the absence of disease or infirmity".disease or infirmity".
  4. 4. •• Overall health isOverall health is achieved through aachieved through a combination ofcombination of physicalphysical,, mentalmental, and, and socialsocial well-well- being, which, together isbeing, which, together is commonly referred to ascommonly referred to as thethe Health Triangle.Health Triangle.
  5. 5. 6 Aspects of6 Aspects of HEALTH:HEALTH: 1.1. Mental HealthMental Health 2.2. Physical HealthPhysical Health 3.3. Emotional HealthEmotional Health 4.4. Social HealthSocial Health 5.5. Spiritual HealthSpiritual Health 6.6. Environmental HealthEnvironmental Health
  6. 6. a.a. MentalMental Health
  7. 7. MentalMental means yourmeans your capacity to understandcapacity to understand things, solve problems, dothings, solve problems, do decision-making, your I.Q.decision-making, your I.Q. ••Mental healthMental health is a termis a term used to describe either aused to describe either a level oflevel of cognitivecognitive oror emotionalemotional well-beingwell-being or anor an absence of a mentalabsence of a mental disorder.disorder.
  8. 8.    ••From perspectives of theFrom perspectives of the discipline of positive psychologydiscipline of positive psychology or holism mental health may includeor holism mental health may include an individual's ability to enjoy lifean individual's ability to enjoy life and procure a balance between lifeand procure a balance between life activities and efforts toactivities and efforts to achieveachieve psychological resiliencepsychological resilience.. ••Mental healthMental health is anis an expression of our emotionsexpression of our emotions and signifies a successfuland signifies a successful adaptation to a range ofadaptation to a range of demands.demands.
  9. 9. b.b. PhysicalPhysical
  10. 10. ••PhysicalPhysical means yourmeans your appearance.appearance. •• Physical healthPhysical health can becan be defined as an essentialdefined as an essential part of overall health ofpart of overall health of an individual, whichan individual, which include everything frominclude everything from physical fitness to overallphysical fitness to overall wellness.wellness.
  11. 11. ••Physical healthPhysical health is a way tois a way to maintain our health and fitness withmaintain our health and fitness with our activities or life-style likeour activities or life-style like walking daily, jogging, running,walking daily, jogging, running, bicycling, exercising, doing Yoga andbicycling, exercising, doing Yoga and feeding our body with right type offeeding our body with right type of food and and drinks. ••There are so many ways to maintain andThere are so many ways to maintain and retain physical health which also improveretain physical health which also improve our overall health and thus improving ourour overall health and thus improving our immunity system and reducing chances ofimmunity system and reducing chances of illness, disease and injury. It also helps inillness, disease and injury. It also helps in faster and better recovery for a personfaster and better recovery for a person under medication.under medication.
  12. 12. c.c. EmotionalEmotional
  13. 13. ••Emotional HealthEmotional Health meansmeans the stability of your emotions,the stability of your emotions, and maturity of your feelingsand maturity of your feelings at your your age. ••Emotional HealthEmotional Health –– thethe absence of a mental illness.absence of a mental illness. ••Some mental illnesses are serious enough toSome mental illnesses are serious enough to require pharmaceutical drug intervention.require pharmaceutical drug intervention. However, if you are just experiencing normalHowever, if you are just experiencing normal feelings offeelings of sadnesssadness,, disappointmentdisappointment,, angeranger, etc… All, etc… All of these feelings are normal and experienced byof these feelings are normal and experienced by everyone from time to time.everyone from time to time.
  14. 14. d.d. SocialSocial HealthHealth
  15. 15. ••SocialSocial means yourmeans your interpersonal relationship withinterpersonal relationship with others and with the opposite sex.others and with the opposite sex. ••Social healthSocial health can be applied tocan be applied to both societies in general and to theboth societies in general and to the individual. Social health of a society isindividual. Social health of a society is defined as how well the society does atdefined as how well the society does at offering every citizen the equaloffering every citizen the equal opportunity to obtain access to theopportunity to obtain access to the goods and services critical to being ablegoods and services critical to being able to function as a contributing memberto function as a contributing member of societyof society. . 
  16. 16. e.e. SpiritualSpiritual
  17. 17. ••SpiritualSpiritual means your faithmeans your faith and your respect for other’sand your respect for other’s faiths regardless of whatfaiths regardless of what denomination they belong to.denomination they belong to. ••Spiritual HealthSpiritual Health –(s–(spirituality)pirituality) is having meaning & direction in life. Itis having meaning & direction in life. It involves development of positiveinvolves development of positive morals, ethics & values. Being healthymorals, ethics & values. Being healthy spiritually helps us to demonstratespiritually helps us to demonstrate love, hope & a sense of caring forlove, hope & a sense of caring for yourself and others.yourself and others.
  18. 18. Spiritual Health :Spiritual Health : Characteristics:Characteristics:  Sharing and caringSharing and caring Spirit of praiseSpirit of praise ForgivenessForgiveness FaithFaith HopeHope IntegrityIntegrity HonestyHonesty CitizenshipCitizenship Respect & appreciation of natureRespect & appreciation of nature Value lifeValue life Demonstrate kindnessDemonstrate kindness Recognize individuality/self worthRecognize individuality/self worth Having PurposeHaving Purpose
  19. 19. f.f. EnvironmentalEnvironmental HealthHealth
  20. 20. ••EnvironmentEnvironment is everything that surrounds you-is everything that surrounds you- your family, friends, community folks, the airyour family, friends, community folks, the air you breathe and water you bathe in and drink,you breathe and water you bathe in and drink, and other living or non-living things that existand other living or non-living things that exist in this this world. ••Environmental healthEnvironmental health is theis the branch of public health that isbranch of public health that is concerned with all aspects ofconcerned with all aspects of the natural and built environment thatthe natural and built environment that may affect human health. Other termsmay affect human health. Other terms that concern or refer to the discipline ofthat concern or refer to the discipline of environmental healthenvironmental health includeinclude environmental publicenvironmental public healthhealth andand environmental healthenvironmental health and protectionand protection..
  21. 21. ☻☻◘◘☻☻◘◘☻☻◘◘☻☻◘◘☻☻◘◘☻☻◘◘☻☻◘◘☻☻◘◘☻☻◘◘☻☻ TThhaannkkss ffoorr wwaattcchhiinngg......