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Part 3.3 - Generation Red


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Part 3.3 - Generation Red

  1. 1. Welcome back toImprismed. This isGeneration Two heir,Obsidian.Obsidian is old andhas a weird sleepschedule. Therefore,he does a lot ofdifferent stuff aroundthe house at nightwhen everyone else issleeping. Like fix thesprinkler in hisgarden.
  2. 2. Practice his golfputting.
  3. 3. And tucking Jaffa inwhen he is having anightmare, just likehis father did for hisson.
  4. 4. Jaffa is a pretty welladjusted child. Heenjoys school andgreets his parentswhen they come homefrom work. Well, hegreets Gilbert when hecomes home fromwork. Scarlett stillhasn’t found her job.
  5. 5. He has also broughtboth Jules and Dixiehome from schoolwith him. It’s nice tosee the neighborhoodchildren getting alongso well.
  6. 6. Demi and Obsidian…Idon’t know. They’relike that Katy Perrysong. One minutethey’re hot, nextminute cold.Obsidian is cryinghere, and I wasn’t surewhy.
  7. 7. Turns out it’s becauseDemi is criticizing thepainting he painted ofher. Not sure when hegot so ultra-sensitive.Maybe he’s goingsenile in his old age.
  8. 8. Demi is definitelygoing senile. She hasbecome Gil’s officialcreepy stalker. Theyhave two bolts and shefollows him aroundEVERYWHERE.
  9. 9. Hmmmm, I think thatcounter RIGHT NEXTTO GILBERT needs tobe cleaned.
  10. 10. What fantasticartwork we have inthis room whereGILBERT IS SLEEPING.Yeah, I’ve even had tocancel out her tryingto relax on the bednext to him when he’ssleeping.For all her stalkerybehavior, theirrelationship has stillnot made it out ofsingle digits. Thisgives me much love forGil.
  11. 11. He is completelydevoted to Scarlett.The family went to thepark where these twospent their free-willtime having a pillowfight.
  12. 12. Jaffa ran into Dixieand discovered theplayground.
  13. 13. My ulterior motivewas to get them to thefishing hole and getsome fishing undertheir belts.
  14. 14. Scarlett was the first tocatch anything.Unfortunately it was aboot.
  15. 15. Jaffa caught its mate.
  16. 16. Gilbert was the first tocatch an actual fishand he pocketed itright away.
  17. 17. Jaffa was the only oneto catch more thanone thing for the dayand luckily his secondreel brought him apretty nice fish as well.
  18. 18. Gilbert is still workingon getting enoughskills to become a Hallof Famer. He’s quite abit older than Scarlett,and I think he mightend up aging beforehe’s perma-plat.
  19. 19. Scarlett has beenchecking every day fora job in the musictrack for her LTW.She’s perma-plat fromher influence bar, butI still want her tobecome a Rock God.The purpose of thispoorly taken picture isto show you that ittook nearly two simweeks for the job tofinally show up.
  20. 20. I’ve never had anyonethis high in the musictrack and it was a littleshocking to see theoutfit she went towork in. Very muchnot a Scarlett outfit.
  21. 21. Pretty soon it was timefor a double birthday.First up was Gil.
  22. 22. A sparkle and a twirland here we haveolder, moredistinguished GilbertGeebiv. Scarlett lookssurprised, but trustme, it hasn’t affectedtheir relationship onebit.
  23. 23. Day changed to nightand it was Jaffa’s turn.
  24. 24. He even grew up intoorange. He’s got a bitof a weird brow andchin, which I’massuming comes fromGilbert and Denise. Istill don’t see anythingfrom the Geebivgenetic code.Jaffa is a family sim.His LTW is to graduate3 kids from college.He will likely takeadvantage of thecollege re-roll becauseof Rule #5.
  25. 25. The night had asurprise guest as well.
  26. 26. Apparently it wasObsidian’s time to go.I was unprepared forthis and was almost asshocked as Demi here.I knew it was comingsoon, but I thought hewould have a few moredays.Obsidian died at theage of 79 and leftmoney to a bunch ofpeople includingfamily and friends.
  27. 27. Demi was devastated.Scarlett was sad, buthad to rush off towork.
  28. 28. Jaffa was pretty tornup about it too. Heand Obsidian werevery close.
  29. 29. Expressing grief in hisown way, he made hisway out to the gardenand harvested theplants he had helpedhis grandfather plant.Obsidian’s grave stonelies in his preciousorchard. Hopefullythis one will stickaround.
  30. 30. Grief didn’t deterDemi from stalkingher son-in-law.Scarlett and Gil stillonly have eyes for eachother.
  31. 31. I had to separate themthough or one wasgoing to die fromstarvation.Scarlett got to plantnew seeds in thegarden, earning herbronze badge.
  32. 32. Obsidian’s first hauntwas uneventful. Hewoke Jaffa up, but itwasn’t long before hewas able to get to sleepagain.
  33. 33. It only took Scarletttwo nights to achieveher LTW by becominga Rock God.
  34. 34. It was now time forJaffa to build hisrelationship withother familymembers. Carminecame over and theygot to know eachother. This isimportant becauseCarmine place holdsthe Greek House and Iwould like to make iteasy on Jaffa to get in.
  35. 35. He also needed tokeep up hisrelationship withDenise for no otherreason than I thoughtit was necessary.
  36. 36. Gilbert even showedup for dinner.In the interest ofmaintainingcontinuity, I playedher house until Grimmade his appearance.Gilbert and Jaffa wereupset at thedevelopment, but notoverly so.
  37. 37. Okay, I take that back.Between Obsidian andDenise’s deaths, Jaffawas pretty upset.He kept throwingtemper tantrums.This is another firstfor me. I must be amicro-manager.
  38. 38. To alleviate thetantrums, an attemptwas made to fill someof Jaffa’s wants.One: Be friends withthe neighborhoodsimself kid.Status: Unsuccessful.She had to go homebecause of extremehunger – or bladderfailure – I don’tremember which.
  39. 39. Two: Ask someone ona date. The gypsy wascontacted and cameright over with hermagic crystal ball.
  40. 40. Status: Semi-successful. The gypsydropped this vacationteen. Jaffa paid fullprice because theGeebivs are loaded.They have two bolts.The date endedwithout a flaming bagof poo, but it wasdefinitely not a dreamdate.
  41. 41. Three: Get all kinds ofpuppies and kittens,etc.Status: Success at last.Cymmi here fulfilledtwo wants at once andpulled Jaffa out of hisfunk.
  42. 42. Demi’s life bar waspretty full, so I finallyhad her retire. She’s afortune sim, so shedidn’t roll the want. Ithought her last fewdays should be spentat home withoutworries about work.
  43. 43. Gil finally topped theathletic career track.He is now perma-plattoo.His new LTW is towoohoo with 20different sims. So notgonna happen Mr. Gil,so get it out of yourpixelated little head.
  44. 44. Scarlett still finds himplenty attractive. Theevidence? See howshe checks out his buttas they pass in quickgreeting when hecomes home and sheleaves for work? Truelove, I tell ya.
  45. 45. I think I have a clue inthe case of thedisappearing graves.That plant that seemsto be incrediblyshocking to Jaffa? It’sactually located in thedining room.
  46. 46. He got stuck out hereby the garden wherethe gravestones were.I think there might bea portal problem onthat corner of the lot.The Geebivs are livingwith a rift in thetime/space continuumin their backyard. Arift that eatsgravestones andwrecks character files.
  47. 47. Demi’s time came midinappropriate heartfart for her son-in-law.
  48. 48. The interruptionconfused her. She wassure that this would bethe time that Gilwould finally returnher admiration. Afterall, they had justbecome best friends.
  49. 49. Once Grim explainedthat she would bereunited with herbeloved husband, sheaccepted her drinkand made her way intothe great beyond.
  50. 50. Gilbert was sad. Afterall, they had justbecome best friends.Demi left money tomostly familymembers.
  51. 51. Jaffa sought comfortfrom his new best palCymmi.
  52. 52. It helped, but he wasstill quite upset.Jaffa is the first toreally maintain closerelationships with allthree of hisgrandparents. Ofcourse, he’s the first tohave known morethan twograndparents.
  53. 53. Scarlett was at workwhen her motherpassed. Gilbert mether at the mailbox.
  54. 54. He helped herthrough her grief.
  55. 55. Look! It’s time forCymmi to grow up andI actually caught theprocess. I never getthese shots.
  56. 56. Cymmi grew up intothis disappointinglygrey kitty. I washoping for a little bitof dramatic marking.In all fairness, there issome brindle likemarking to her coat,but it doesn’t show upin pictures well.
  57. 57. Scarlett still works inthe garden. It’s springso she works in thegarden in her nighty.Yes, she has a nightyon.
  58. 58. Jaffa is ready to headoff to college.The day before he wasto leave, who shouldwander by, but MissMeadow Thayer.He’s family, she’sfamily. He likesblondes. I had himgreet her. Sureenough, two bolts. Alittle free willrelationship buildingwon’t be a bad thing.
  59. 59. Geez, that was quick.Meadow usuallyshoots down anyone Iwant to hook her upwith. I didn’t reallycare one way oranother for Jaffa.We’ll see what collegebrings. If he rolls thewant, I might have herthere.
  60. 60. Another towniehappened along thatevening, so I had themall build somerelationship points.Jaffa has no chemistrywith the other girl, sowe won’t run into arepeat of theMelissa/Obsidianproblem.
  61. 61. The next morning,Jaffa made the call andsaid goodbye to hisparents.
  62. 62. Speaking of theMelissa/Obsidianaffair, lets do a quickcheck on the Johnsonhousehold.Katherine, who isJordan’s daughter, notMissy’s, who isholding her, grew up.
  63. 63. Julie found herselfpregnant with hersecond child. HerLTW is to graduate 3from college, so she’llhave one more afterthis too.
  64. 64. Her oldest, Dixie wasthe first to age to teen.Dixie is a romance simand has to be one ofthe prettiest sims I’veever had born ingame. She’s got thatSnow White lookabout her, but withbedroom eyes. I don’tthink she’ll have aproblem as a romancesim.
  65. 65. Jules, who is Melissa’sdaughter, was next.She’s adorable andreally has a pixie lookabout her. Jules is afamily sim.
  66. 66. Finally, Robert had histeen birthday too.Robert is Jordan’soldest son. He’s quitehandsome, but has anodd jaw. Robert is aknowledge sim.
  67. 67. Peter, who is Missy’sson also had histoddler birthday.
  68. 68. Julie gave birth to alittle girl namedMathilda. She looksto be a clone of herolder sister Dixie.With the householdgrowing so large, itwas time to thin theherd, so to speak.
  69. 69. You have not seen a lotof the chaos thatMelissa has caused,but trust me when Isay that this is welldeserved.
  70. 70. I felt bad for Julesthough. Melissa was asucky mother to her,but she was pretty sadabout her death.
  71. 71. Everyone in the househad varying degrees offeeling regarding herdeath, including thebutler and new baby.Aiden seemed like hecould care less andMissy was too busyjuggling cups to reallyreact.
  72. 72. But life went on andhomework needed tobe done.Peter grew up but Ididn’t get a goodpicture of him.Katherine did too, butwe’ll get to her in a bit.
  73. 73. Mathilda grew up to atoddler and was thefirst taught all herskills.
  74. 74. Shortly thereafter shegrew into a fullfledged child. She’s apersonality clone ofher sister Dixie, but Ithink her skin tone isa little darker.You can see that Julieis also pregnant withher third child.
  75. 75. She gave birth to a boythis time namedHarold. He’s the firstwith a genticized skinsomewhere betweenhis mother and father.I can’t wait to see howhe grows up.
  76. 76. You may be wonderingwhy we haven’t seenJordan, Robert orKatherine in the lastfew slides.Well, Jordan fell inlove with someoneelse. She never reallyseemed as much a partof the OT4 as theothers, so she movedher little family out toa little house acrossthe street.This is her wedding.
  77. 77. Komei Tellerman isher groom.
  78. 78. They’re very much inlove.Jordan’s LTW is also tograduate 3 fromcollege, so she andKomei will have achild too.
  79. 79. Robert wasn’t all thattaken with Komei atfirst, but they’vebecome good friends.Katherine loves herstep-dad too.They’re an adorablelittle family.
  80. 80. Picture proof of whyKomei is awesome.All autonomous, hegave Jordan a backrub,talked and played withthe baby, and thenserenaded her.
  81. 81. Jordan gave birth to alittle girl named Kira.She has Komei’s eyesand Jordan’s haircolor.
  82. 82. The three oldestJohnson children willjoin Jaffa at the dormin an effort to achievetheir mother’s LTW’s.Want a sneak peak ofJaffa at college?
  83. 83. Of course you do.Uhm, the purple andstripes? No. Just no.I had such high hopestoo after his teenbirthday.That brow and jaw justkeep getting more andmore pronounced. Nowonder Gil had plasticsurgery.
  84. 84. He did get a make-overpronto, though I’mdebating adding facialhair.Tune in next time forthe beginning of hisreign of the Geebivstory.