What is inbound marketing?


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Presentation held at the University of Applied Sciences Novia, on 1st of December 2011.

This presentation to inbound marketing is an introductory by its nature and includes short company intro as well.

The value is limited for experienced inbound and content marketers.

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What is inbound marketing?

  1. 1. What is Inbound MarketingPresentation by Mikko Rindell at University of AppliedSciences NOVIA (1.12.2011)
  2. 2. Content1.  Short company introduction2.  Inbound Marketing in a nutshell3.  Let’s get hands-on (few tasks)
  3. 3. Company Introduction"   The initial idea of creating Tatami in 2007"   Founded in 2008 by Joonas Rinne, Timo Humalamäki and Mikko Rindell
  4. 4. About myself"   Studied Information Contacts: Systems Science and IB at TSE "   mikko@tatami.fi"   Co-founded Boost "   Twitter: mikkorindell Turku "   Facebook entrepreneurship society 09-10 "   LinkedIn"   Co-founded Tatami in "   Slideshare 2008, actively working since 2010
  5. 5. Company Introduction: Tatami"   In 2008 we started as Search Engine Marketing service provider, with special understanding of Russian online media and search engines."   Today we describe ourselves as Inbound Marketing Agency"   We take care of our clients’ web presence, both locally and internationally.
  6. 6. Inbound marketing in a nutshell"   Inbound Marketing is a marketing strategy, in which the company aims to be discovered by its customers. "   This is the opposite of traditional marketing, which focuses on finding customers and raising awareness among them."   In the current flood of advertising people is often tired with, and even educated to avoid, traditional advertising (TV, radio, direct mail, trade shows, cold calling etc.)
  7. 7. WHAT?? Inbound marketing… Is this really something new or just a buzz word that agencies are using to sell the same services ?
  8. 8. About the two guys commenting:"   Rand Fishkin –  Founder and CEO at Seattle based SEO software company Seomoz http://www.seomoz.org/"   Dharmesh Shah –  Founder and CTO at Hubspot, an inbound marketing software company. Hubspot is #2 fastest growing software company and #33 fastest growing company overall –  Founder of Onstartups.com
  9. 9. To keep it simple:"   Make sure that your business can be found online"   Turn your visitors & leads into customers by engaging them first"   Analyze and develop
  10. 10. How to do this?"   By creating high-quality content (blogs, videos, guides etc.)"   Use Search Engine Marketing in its different forms (so that the potential customers can find your content)"   Use social media systematically (for maintaining the contact to your prospects and spreading your content)
  11. 11. Tools for executing the inboundstrategy"   Most of the tools used in inbound marketing are already used regularly by today’s marketers (at least digitally savvy ones)"   An inbound marketer harnesses the full potential of these different tools"   Tools can be divided into three categories: –  Tools to get found –  Tools to convert –  Tools to analyze
  12. 12. Tools to get found "   Blogging"   Website management"   Social media"   SEO tools –  On-page –  Off-page
  13. 13. Tools to convert"   Prospect intelligence"   Lead intelligence"   Landing pages"   Email manager"   Lead nurturing"   A/B testing
  14. 14. Tools to analyze "  Web analytics"  Marketing analytics"  Competitor tracking"  Blog analytics Source:  h*p://rogernolan-­‐blog.com/ tag/web-­‐analy8cs/  
  15. 15. Why do companies have difficultieswith inbound marketing?"   It is still pretty unknown (especially in Finland)"   Lack of knowledge in understanding the online environment"   Hard to find the time for blogging –  To succeed in blogging you need to go all-in"   It needs a lot of convincing that you should first give away something for free before selling anything"   Many others..
  16. 16. Hands on!"   For which kind of businesses would an inbound strategy be most useful?"   Where wouldn’t it work at all?"   How would you harness an inbound strategy for promoting your line of studies at NOVIA?
  17. 17. Thank you! Connect with us to keep yourself up-to-date:http://www.facebook.com/tatami.digitoimistoRead more on our blog at:www.tatami.fi/blogi (only in Finnish)