Social Media as a Part of Inbound Marketing


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Presentation held at the Turku University of Applied Sciences.

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Social Media as a Part of Inbound Marketing

  1. 1. Social Media as a Part of InboundMarketingPresentation by Mikko Rindell at Turku University ofApplied Sciences, in Salo Finland (9.3.2012)
  2. 2. Content1.  Company and personal introduction2.  Inbound Marketing in a nutshell3.  Social media as a part of Inbound Marketing4.  Why businesses struggle to understand social5.  Tools and strategy vs. Strategy vs. tools 6.  Facebook Marketing7.  ZMOT8.  Paid – Owned – Earned9.  Questions
  3. 3. Company Introduction"   The initial idea of creating Tatami in 2007"   Founded in 2008 by Joonas Rinne, Timo Humalamäki and Mikko Rindell
  4. 4. About myself"   Studied Information Systems Science and IB at TSE "   Co-founded Boost Turku entrepreneurship society 09-10"   Co-founded Tatami in 2008, actively working since 2010"   IB studies at Turku university of applied sciences in 2004-05"   High School in Halikko
  5. 5. Company Introduction: Tatami"   In 2008 we started as Search Engine Marketing service provider, with special understanding of Russian online media and search engines."   Today we describe ourselves as Inbound Marketing Agency"   We take care of our clients’ web presence, both locally and internationally
  6. 6. Take-away from this lecture1.  Understand the basics of inbound marketing and why it is so powerful2.  Understand the best way to use most of the Social channels3.  Understand the difference between Paid, Owned and Earned4.  Zero Moment of Truth
  7. 7. Inbound Marketing in a nutshellGET  FOUND   ENGAGE   SELL/CONVERT   CRO  =  Conversion  Rate   Op0miza0on     Measurement  (web  analy0cs)    
  8. 8. Inbound marketing in a nutshell"   Inbound Marketing is a marketing strategy, in which the company aims to be discovered by its customers. "   This is the opposite of traditional marketing, which focuses on finding customers and raising awareness among them."   In the current flood of advertising people is often tired with, and even educated to avoid, traditional advertising (TV, radio, direct mail, trade shows, cold calling etc.)
  9. 9. To keep it simple:"   Make sure that your business can be found online"   Turn your visitors & leads into customers by engaging them first"   Analyze and develop
  10. 10. How to do this?"   By creating high-quality content (blogs, videos, guides etc.)"   Use Search Engine Marketing in its different forms (so that the potential customers can find your content)"   Use social media systematically (for maintaining the contact to your prospects and spreading your content)
  11. 11. Tools for executing the inboundstrategy"   Most of the tools used in inbound marketing are already used regularly by today’s marketers (at least digitally savvy ones)"   An inbound marketer harnesses the full potential of these different tools"   Tools can be divided into three categories: –  Tools to get found –  Tools to convert –  Tools to analyze
  12. 12. Tools to get found "   Blogging"   Website management"   Social media"   SEO tools –  On-page –  Off-page
  13. 13. Tools to convert"   Prospect intelligence"   Lead intelligence"   Landing pages"   Email manager"   Lead nurturing"   A/B testing
  14. 14. Tools to analyze "  Web analytics"  Marketing analytics"  Competitor tracking"  Blog analytics Source:  hJp://rogernolan-­‐ tag/web-­‐analy0cs/  
  15. 15. Why do companies have difficultieswith inbound marketing?"   It is still pretty unknown (especially in Finland)"   Lack of knowledge in understanding the online environment"   Hard to find the time for blogging –  To succeed in blogging you need to go all-in"   It needs a lot of convincing that you should first give away something for free before selling anything"   Many others..
  16. 16. Social Media and InboundMarketing"   Social media platforms are the place where businesses can easily engage their prospects and customers"   Social Media is getting every day more and more important in sense how you discover new stuff"   It is the place where content can be spread, or in best cases the content spreads virally"   Inbound Marketing ≈ Content Marketing"   Think about this (Kony2012):
  17. 17. Why most businesses strugglewith Social Media?"   Let’s think about the past; the available channels were limited to few"   Today’s marketers need to be awake all the time –  E.g. Pinterest"   Most businesses are mentally stuck in the era when just having a website was the thing  Today it’s nothing!"   The industry is still very young and evolving quickly
  18. 18. Why most businesses strugglewith Social Media?"   When businesses are planning their digital presence they forget the basics"   HUMANS want to interact with HUMANS"   Many decision makers in companies just aren’t familiar with the tools by themselves"   Acceptance of 24/7/365 presence"   Many others?
  19. 19. Strategy vs. tools "   It is widely accepted in the marketing literature that you first need to form a strategy and after that you execute."   This doesn’t apply to Social Media very well – WHY?"   Back in the days businesses knew the channels based on which they could form the strategy –  TV, Radio, News papers, Magazines, Trade shows, Outdoor advertising, cold calling etc."   Today the executers need to get familiar with the channels first
  20. 20. Facebook in Social MediaMarketing"   Remember; Facebook alone is not Social Media –  It’s huge though"   Facebook Marketing can be divided into 3 different categories:1.  Advertising; Ads and sponsored stories2.  Applications3.  Facebook Pages
  21. 21. Facebook Advertising"   Precise targeting"   Weak CTRs"   Not differing a lot from traditional banner ads"   Picture matters a lot
  22. 22. Facebook Pages "   Used to interact with followers/fans"   Still very weakly used by many businesses "   THIS IS WHERE THE ACTUAL POTENTIAL OF SOCIAL MEDIA IS HIDDEN"   Keyword for proper use CONVERSATION"   Not a push channel
  23. 23. Other Facebook Marketing tacticsyou might not know about:"   Facebook Insights for your website"   Facebook comments –  For a blog –  For product pages "   Facepile
  24. 24. Rand Fishkin blogged in July 2011•  Social Media Marketing: Facebook + Twitter Aren’t Enough•  Why is that?
  25. 25. But what about others (2011):100+  million   25+  million   10+  million   Up-­‐and-­‐Comers  users   users   users  Facebook   Reddit   Tumblr   Posterous   StumbleUpon   StackExchange  TwiJer   Flickr   Care2   Namesake   Slideshare   Quora  LinkedIn   Yelp   Scribd   Foursquare   DeviantArt   Hunch  Youtube   Wikipedia   Digg  (fading)   Forrst   Delicious   Dribbble  Myspace   (fading)  (fading)  
  26. 26. And Pinterest"   At the moment 1.36 million users daily"   Gender breakdown: Female 68%, Male 32%"   Over 10.4 million registered users"   9 million monthly Facebook-connected users"   BIGGEST TAKE-AWAY: It wasn’t on that list made 8 months ago.
  27. 27. ZMOT mixes with Social"   This is already happening"   It is somewhat unpredictable "   Businesses and marketers who get this will win
  28. 28. Paid – Owned – Earned: buzzwords insocial media marketing
  29. 29. Paid – Owned – Earned: buzzwords insocial media marketing "   The big question among Social Media Marketers at the moment is what is the best way to combine these?"   Earned media is the one increasing most in importance"   Marketers need to understand that Social Media is not vertical like advertising or PR but a horizontal layer"   It is connected to businesses from customer service to customer acquisition to customer retention!"   Measuring the VALUE of Social Media is important, it varies often according to campaign objectives
  30. 30. Recommended reading"
  31. 31. QUESTIONS?
  32. 32. Thank you! Connect with us to keep yourself up-to-date: more on our blog (only in Finnish)You’ll find this presentation on Slideshare under the username ”tatamimedialabs”