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  • Sachin -which offers manufacturers strong growth opportunities. Thus, companies are likely to look to explore this untapped small appliance category. Over the forecast period, sales of vacuum market are projected to grow by an 8% retail volume CAGR.
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  • Eureka fobes ppt

    1. 1. About Eureka Forbes• Eureka Forbes, part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group.• EFL was started in 1982 as a joint venture between the Forbes (India) group and Electrolux of Sweden.• Business under Mr. Suresh Goklaney’s leadership.• Being Asia’s largest direct sales organization it is a 12 billion INR, multi product and multi channel corporation. 2
    2. 2. Euro ChampsWhile recruiting, EFL Targetedyoung men in early 20s from middleclassExtroverted, enthusiastic,outgoing and effectivecommunication skillsFinancially needy made themdriven and young age made thementhusiastic
    3. 3. Euro ChampsRecruited from second-tier colleges throughrecruitment sessionsSecond tier college students may not have any betterplacement offers and would take up offerThrough Friend-Get-A-FriendA current Euro Champ knows the qualities neededand would be able to recommend friends with thequalities
    4. 4. Educating Customers MaintainingProspecting Relationship s Euro After Champ Monitoring Sales Tasks CompetitioService n Installation and Gathering Demonstrat Feedback ion
    5. 5. How Euro champs are Motivated Image makeover : Social Service Own your own bike Focus shifted to quality rather then quantity of sales EFL established centralized training and recruitment centerRecommendation – Success stories of Euro Champs portrayed on billboards & Euro champ magazines Introduce psycho-therapist services for Euro Champs Gym or swimming pool etc for relaxation
    6. 6. Dealing with sophisticated customersRecommendations:Hire management professionals as team leaders for providing assistance to Euro Champs for closing sales.Send E-Catalogs on hand held devices or Email Id’s.Flexible appointment timings for high end customers.
    7. 7. Marketing Mix : ProductProduct Levels :Core Benefit – Pure WaterBasic Product – Water PurifierExpected Product – Water storage facilityAugmented Product – EMI SchemesPotential Product – Inbuilt Water cooling and heatingsystem (Recommended)
    8. 8. Marketing Mix : PricePrice range• Water Purifiers: Rs.1,990 to 18,990/-• Air Purifiers: Rs. 4,600 to 19,990/-• Vacuum Cleaners: Rs. 800 to 25,000/-Pricing Strategies:Market Skimming - Gradual decrease in priceValue Pricing – Strong brand with lower price
    9. 9. Marketing Mix : PlaceDoor to door selling ( 0 level )Interactive website ( 0 level )Multi-Branded consumer durable retail showrooms- Eureka Forbes ‘Home Store’Industrial/ Corporate Selling
    10. 10. Marketing Mix : Promotion TV advertising Magazine Newspaper advertising Placing adds and promotions online Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment Promotion through CSR activities – Installation of Water Purifiers when Mumbai was submerged – Water Purifiers installations during Tsunami Recommended:  Health awareness programs in schools  Developing gaming apps for mobiles and pods
    11. 11. Brand ManagementEureka Forbes.aviPortraying Aqua Guard synonymous to water purifierFriend for lifeFriend to society (CSR )Friend of environment(Euro Rainwater Harvesting Program)Pani ka Doctor
    12. 12. Levels of Brand Attributes – Durable Product – Technologically advanced (RO, UV technologies, Euro- clean Launches “Robocleanz”) Benefits – Functional (Long lasting) – Emotional (Health benefits) Values - High performance - Friend to Society
    13. 13. Competitor analysisIndustry Point of View: Pureit (HUL) KenStar Water Purifier Whirlpool Water Purifiers Luminous Water PurifiersMarket Point of View: Boiled Water Packed Water Bottle Earthen pots
    14. 14. Product Extension• Related Diversification – Water Purifier – Packaged drinking water – Air Purifier – Vacuum Cleaner• Unrelated Diversification – “EuroDiya” – Eurovigil
    15. 15. Product Life CycleSales Saturation Maturity Decline Growth Launch / Introduction R&D Time line
    16. 16. Product life Cycle – Vacuum Cleaners• In 2010, the penetration of vacuum cleaners reached only 1% in India that means its product life cycle is neither in declining stage nor in maturity stage. It is in the emerging stage and has huge potential for growth• Vacuum cleaners is not considered an essential type of consumer appliance in the majority of Indian households.• In 2010, retail volume sales increased by 11% to reach 364,000 units.• Eureka Forbes dominates vacuum cleaners market with a 72% share of retail volume sales in 2010.• The company offers a wide range of products through its distribution network of 7,000 direct sales staff.
    17. 17. Recommended positioning of vacuum cleaners• Dusting, sweeping and swabbing are the most commonly adopted methods to keep ones house clean. But does visible cleanliness alone ensure a hygienic place?• Did you know that the bed where you and your child sleeps and the woolen blankets have millions of germs?• These air borne germs harmfully affects almost each and every member of the household.• What is the possible way out?• VACUUM CLEANING... Complete, healthy, hygienic!!! The only efficient, convenient, time-saving way to thorough deep cleaning.