TCS Innovation Forum 2012 - Big Data Whodini


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TCS Innovation Forum 2012 - Big Data Whodini presentation

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TCS Innovation Forum 2012 - Big Data Whodini

  1. 1. Finding and BeingFound, Contextually A Big Data Application Pankaj Mehra CTO, Whodini
  2. 2. CONTEXT-AWARE COMPUTINGMy world, abstracted and orchestrated my way CONTEXTUALIZATION Emotions & SERVICES will enable Outcomes individuals to VIEW and ACT upon their world through an Web of Contracts & people context Commitment ARRAY OF INFORMATION SERVICES content The key innovation will be CONTEXT-MEDIATED Web of Time & TRANSACTIONS against knowledge Place persistent CONTENT, which will be everything that the Web of things user owns Context-Aware Computing: Beyond Search and Location-Based Services, IEEE ComputingNow theme, Aug 2010 And special issue of Internet Computing in Feb-Mar 2012
  3. 3. “large context”Organized along the temporal dimension Web of Web of Knowledge People Project Professional Task Network Collaboration Meeting competency Customer service Loyalty Product Event (team / brand / party) ownership Vacation Trip Large family parenting Small Context Time & Context Social Web of Contracts & LocationEmotions & network Things commitments Outcomes interests From “The Ecosystem of Context: How to Play” (Mehra) at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011
  4. 4. Maturity Model for Information ManagementOperational Visibility Integration Access, Scale, Exploitation, Protection Optimization InnovationFunctional Content Communication Mobility Context Agency CollaborationBehavioral Hunting & Cultivation & Connecting Affordances: Automation Gathering settlements & sharing work  funExperiential Ignorance Chance Dearth - Abundance – Immersion - encounters - seeking pervasive use being addiction INFORMATION INFORMATION PLANNED FORAGING SEEKING SERENDIPITY
  5. 5. Knowledge workers: All US>Co. w/500 employees>Co. w/10k employees
  6. 6. Could not find an expert in a 320,000 people company
  7. 7. Ashok Rao, Chairman & CEO Todd Liebman, SVP (Sales) & CMO -Serial entrepreneur - 4 successful -Serial entrepreneur - 3 successful startups (all revenues $100M+) startups -Founder & CEO – Midcom -Founder & CEO, Ze-VO Products Communications, IPO July 1995 -CEO IntelliCheck (AMEX:IDN) -CEO – Trexcom- acquired by L-3 in 2000 -Founder & CEO, Quick Kiosk (acquired -President – Enron North America, 1996- by NCR) 1997 -SVP - Sales, TrexcomAni Chaudhuri, President & COO Pankaj Mehra, SVP & CTO -Serial entrepreneur - 2 successful -Distinguished Technologist - HP Labs startups -expertise in “sense-making” -Cofounder Opelin - 5M users in 25 -Tech. Staff Tandem, countries - acquired by HP in 2007 -Faculty, IIT Delhi and UC Santa Cruz -Cofounder eCircle - acquired by Reliance in 2003 -Scientist, NASA -Director, WW Web Services -Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence Initiatives, HP, 2007-2009
  8. 8. A Big Data Manifesto? Here is the NLP version• Skilled human annotation slow and expensive.• Experts disagree on quality (64%).• Use available large-scale data rather than hoping for unavailable labeled data.• Human language has already evolved words for important concepts.•  Simple representations•  Nonparametric models Alon Halevy (‘09)
  9. 9. An average US employee writes 600k words in emails annually, or more than half the Harry Potter series
  10. 10. ‘’Analyzing ones personal emailcollection is a lot likelooking in a mirror.’’Hansen, Shneiderman & Smith, 2010
  11. 11. Whodini generates 210M data points per person per year
  12. 12. 71922