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Sustainability at TCS 2015

This is the ninth edition of TCS' Sustainability Report. The report addresses the key sustainability topics gleaned through interactions with the different stakeholder groups, based on the core principles of materiality and stakeholder inclusiveness. These topics cover the full range of material economic, social and environmental impacts of the organization.

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Sustainability at TCS 2015

  1. 1. Copyright © 2015 Tata Consultancy Services Limited 2015 Sustainability atTCS
  2. 2. Contents From the CEO’s Desk An Industry Leader Global Footprint Small Steps and Giant Leaps Our Approach to Sustainability Innovation is in Our DNA Finding the Right Fit An Eye on Excellence Grooming the Next Generation The Workplace of Choice All-Round Wellness Being the Change Using Technology to do Good Fitness Gets a Leg-up TCS Paints the NYC Marathon Green The Future Generation Many Means to One End Focus Areas Green Buildings Green IT Efficient Operations Water Management Waste Management Supply Chain All’s Well with the Ridley 3 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 25 26 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 37 38 In Good Company All About Us A World of Difference
  3. 3. From the CEO’s Desk for growth. We started a new talent paradigm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by creating the first all-women center in BPS and IT. I am proud that as an organization we sustain and improve the quality of experience of our 1500+ customers. Over 96% of our customers appreciate the responsiveness and accessibility of our project teams; 98% consider TCS a partner of choice and are willing to endorse our capabilities; and 94% feel that it is easy to collaborate and do business with us. As an organization, we continue to build our people strength through diversity in multiple dimensions. While our total employee base reached 319,656 this year, making us the third-largest employer in the global IT services industry, we were also delighted to celebrate the landmark of employing 105,481 women – a rare feat in the corporate world also in the context of TCS being host to 122 nationalities across our global footprint of 232 locations. Dear Stakeholders, I am glad to connect with you around this time each year on the occasion of the publication of Tata Consultancy Services’(TCS) Corporate Sustainability Report. This is our 9th edition of the Report since 2007. I am pleased to reaffirm our support to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of Human Rights, Labor, Environment, and Anti-Corruption. FY 2014-15 has been another year of industry leading growth rates and deepening our footprint in key markets. Our revenues grew 15.7% to $15.5 bn on a year-on-year basis and our net profits grew 12.8% to $3.54 bn1 while sustaining our operating and net margins. We intensified our focus on markets such as Japan – crafted a new joint venture with Mitsubishi Corp to strengthen our presence and create a platform 1 Excluding impact of $423 mn paid as Special One-time Bonus to employees 98% of our customers consider TCS a partner of choice 96% appreciate the responsiveness and accessibility of our project teams
  4. 4. While we focus on business, we also continue to promote the health and wellness of our employees through the Fit4Life program. Sponsorship of marathons like the TCS New York City Marathon has created a unique opportunity to engage with communities in health and wellness. With our Purpose4Life program, TCSers volunteered over 200,000 hours globally to make an impact in communities in education, health, and environment. These are exciting times when India has taken the lead in mandating corporate spend on social causes. FY 2015 represents the first year for reporting on CSR under the new regime of the Companies Act 2013. TCS has a CSR Committee of the Board and has published a global CSR Policy. We have also established a CSR Foundation to undertake large-scale projects. This is in addition to the existing volunteering and projects which utilize core competency to support social causes. TCS was among the first corporates to identify with the Prime Minister's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Initiative), and has pledged ₹100 crores to build dedicated sanitation facilities for girl students in government schools. Our CSR flagship, the Adult Literacy Program, reached over 2,00,000 beneficiaries, with around 30,000 jail inmates becoming literate. STEM education has become a focal point for our community efforts in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. Since its inception in 2009, goIT has impacted more than 8,800 students across 11 cities. In UK, the IT Futures program has facilitated learning for students in 160 schools. TCS is also proud to be a founding donor of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. The safety and well-being of our employees is of prime importance. Our drive on road safety, ergonomics, fire safety, general office, and personal safety is strengthened with a behavioral safety approach. We have deepened our engagement with employees on safety, and converted them to being safety responsive. TCS promotes employee health and wellness through its Fit4Life program. impacted by goIT AWARD ₹1 bn pledged to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan 8,800 students 11 cities TOP EMPLOYERS INSTITUTE #1 Employer in Europe, UK, and North America
  5. 5. We have completed a year since the launch of the Safety First initiative on May 2, 2014 in which we had chosen to focus on Accidents, Crime, Health, and Self Harm. We are constantly working to make TCS a‘Zero Incidents’organization – both internally and externally. The endeavor to pursue our Environmental Sustainability Roadmap continues. Carbon footprint and energy management are among areas of strong focus. We continue to work toward the target of specific carbon footprint reduction in order to decouple business growth from the carbon and energy footprint. Green buildings, green IT, operational energy efficiency, and renewable energy are the pillars for achieving this target. Looking forward, we have a unique opportunity to grow and lead our industry to greater heights with a strong focus on our customers; a culture of innovation and collaboration; a platform for our employees to realize their potential and make a strong impact on society. We continue to invest in new technology and building people capabilities. We remain a performance-driven organization that believes in excellence and rigor in everything we do. Regards, N. Chandrasekaran CEO and MD, TCS AWARDS CNN-IBN Indian of the Year (Business) NBC TV 18 One of India's Top 15 Business Icons FINANCE ASIA'S BEST COMPANIES POLL India’s Best CEO
  6. 6. All About Us
  7. 7. An Industry Leader # Excluding impact of $423 mn paid as Special One-time Bonus to employees Taxes# $11.97 bn Total Assets $1,087 mn$15.45 bn Net Sales $79.59 bn26.9% Market CapitalizationOperating Margin Year-on-Year Revenue Growth 15.7% 17% YoY Volume GrowthGross Margin 44.5%$3.5 bn Net Income# AWARDS Total shareholders’ equity in 2015 $9,185 mn Retained earnings in 2015 $10,669 mn TCS paid a total dividend of $1.3 (₹79) per share in FY 2015 BUSINESS SUPERBRANDS Superbrands Status in the UK THE ECONOMIC TIMES Company of the Year BUSINESS STANDARD Best Company of 40 Years NASSCOM SILVER JUBILEE AWARDS Leading IT Company for 25 Years DOW JONES SUSTAINABILITY WORLD INDEX Global Leader CHANNEL NEWSASIA SUSTAINABILITY RANKING #1 among Top 100 Companies
  8. 8. A Global Footprint Delivery centers Revenue North America 10 51.9% Latin America 9 2.1% Middle East and Africa 2.0%3 India 111 6.4% UK 4 16.7% Continental Europe 6 11.6% Asia Pacific 8 9.3%46 countries 30 countries 232 offices across 151 delivery centers across
  9. 9. Small Steps and Giant Leaps Expansion of goIT Program to 10 cities in North America Inauguration of TCS Japan Technology and Culture Academy September 2014 September 2014 Establishment of Saudi Arabia's first women-only business process center 100,000 women employees October 2014 Launch of SafetyFirst initiative May 2014 June 2014 First Indian company with market capitalization of ₹5,000 bn July 2014 TheTata Group has a long history of encouraging women to achieve their potential and contribute to the community and we are delighted to work with Saudi Aramco and GE to help provide careers for women in the Kingdom and enable them to contribute to its economic progress. - CYRUS MISTRY, Chairman,Tata Group The company was proud to become one of the few organizations in the world employing more than 100,000 women. Our talent pool’s gender diversity ratio of 33% is something we are all proud of and we hope to see more successful women leaders emerge in the future. - N. CHANDRASEKARAN, CEO and MD,TCS
  10. 10. TCS’ corporate sustainability is founded on the 'triple bottom line' approach. Profit PeoplePlanet Sustainable Marketplace Environment Sustainability – Internal & External Sustainable Communities – Internal & External Business Focus People FocusEnvironment Focus Internal Stakeholders of Sustainability Key Elements of Sustainability Governance Triple Bottom Line Our Approach to Sustainability
  11. 11. Innovation is in Our DNA Innovation is a key enabler of our 'Experience Certainty' promise. We have well-defined processes and a framework to drive innovation across our diverse businesses. AWARDS R&D EXPENSES 11.6% Co-Innovation Network (COINTM ) Providing an environment for sophisticated IT research Technology Market Map Innovating, and identifying and delivering to customers Innovation Life Cycle Ideating, designing, experimenting, and launching new products Customer Value Proposition Analyzing the customer's needs and delivering value Innovation Themes Categorizing innovation programs Innovation Culture Generating ideas for creation of business value 36.5 FY 2014 -15 ($ mn)32.7 FY 2013 -14 ($ mn) FORBES World's 100 Most Innovative Companies INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR Most Honored Companies in Institutional Investor's 2014 Annual All-Asia Executive Team Rankings
  12. 12. In Good Company
  13. 13. [The inclusion of 100,000 women in its workforce] is something that the company should be extremely proud of.The ability of women to pay attention to detail, the sheer constraint of balancing one’s family and work, and most importantly, the dedication that women bring in is absolutely phenomenal. - VIJAYA DEEPTI, VP and Global Head, Insurance Products, TCS Financial Solutions, and the first woman engineer to joinTCS in 1982 We need more organizations likeTCS, which truly hire people on the basis of merit alone. And we need to make more provisions for people of all kinds. - MALINI CHIB, UK Finding the Right Fit TCS’ ability to attract and retain the right talent, in the right numbers, has played a key role in ensuring its success, and as a result its sustainability of revenue growth. 319,656 permanent employees 105,481 women in the workforce 11% women in management 89.6% India 61% <30 Yrs 32% 30-40 Yrs 7% >40 Yrs 10.4% Others
  14. 14. I believe the team’s diversity has allowed us to obtain richer results as well as to learn from the differences.Working in this team allows me to broaden my professional and humane horizons. - CAROLINA ZORILLA, Uruguay Being the 100,000th female employee of TCS makes me feel honored to be part of a prestigious company that offers opportunities to grow and exceed my goals. I am glad to be a part of an organization that is so proud of its history and heritage and at the same time forward looking and progressive. - DULCE FABIOLA, Mexico New employees by region UK and Ireland 0.6% Other regions 8.2% Asia Pacific 7.4% India 77.6% North America 4.9% Continental Europe 1.2% An Eye on Excellence TCS has one of the world’s most diverse base of intellectual capital. At present, employees from 122 nationalities are deployed in 46 countries.AWARDS GOLD STEVIE Best Human Resources Department 2014 DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION (DANDI) AWARDS Top Workforce NASSCOM 2014 AWARDS Excellence in Gender Inclusivity
  15. 15. Grooming the Next Generation Membership on Boards of Studies and Curriculum Committees Collaboration with 37 institutes across India to align curricula with industry trends Student Workshops Sessions for students on technical, managerial, and soft skills Student Awards Best Student and Best Student Project awards sponsored by TCS Technical Events Sponsorship of events in partner institutes Quizzes Contests that build awareness about IT and encourage students Faculty Development Programs Training programs conducted by senior employees Project Support and Internships Internship opportunities for students TCS IT Wiz, the biggest inter school IT Quiz program in India, builds awareness among young students and hones their IT skills. TCS plays a pivotal role in mentoring students and encourages them to explore opportunities in the IT/ITES industry. A session of the BPS Employability Training in Gadu, Gujarat. The program provides participants training in the English language, computers, functional mathematics, personality development, and interviewing techniques.
  16. 16. TCS is building a digital organization that is always learning. The Workplace of Choice The one moment that stands out vividly is when the first delivery center in Delhi was assessed at CMM Level 5. It was the result of two long years of unrelenting effort, unstinted support, and commitment from the management, delivery teams, and the quality group. It was an onerous endeavor that, above all, unified and drove the entire center passionately toward a common goal. - ALKA CHAWLA, Principal Consultant, Corporate DEG – Delivery Metrics Lead Look for opportunities that are challenging – it is both your successes and failures that will give you valuable experiences. Good leadership and management develop with experience and practice. - DEBORAH HADWEN, Country Head, Australia and New Zealand Role Mobility Competency Enhancement Town Hall Meetings Competitive and Differential Compensation Rewards and Recognition Certification Programs Career Growth Options Flexible Working Hours Announcements of Achievements on the Intranet Collaborative Work Environment 2,599,768 days dedicated to competency development
  17. 17. Fit4Life motivates employees to participate in physical fitness activities. Launched by the CEO in May 2014, SafetyFirst targets making the company a zero fatality organization. In today’s economic scenario, employee wellness is no longer desirable, but pivotal to an organization’s long-term success. However, the pace of life often deters people from taking up activities for improving health. If the concept of improving health and wellness is coupled with improved bonding and camaraderie among co-workers as well contributing to a social cause, I am convinced many professionals will be proud to be associated with such an initiative. - N CHANDRASEKARAN, CEO and MD,TCS All-Round Wellness We take an active interest in the overall well-being of employees, and focus on a culture of fitness activities and social good. Fit4Life SafetyFirst Purpose4Life encourages employees to contribute toward societal well-being. Each employee is encouraged to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours in a year.
  18. 18. Environmental Sustainability Health and Wellness Education and Skill Development Pro Bono IT services SponsorshipsVolunteering Being the Change Our efforts in education and skill development, health, and environmental sustainability have made significant contributions in benefiting society at large. AWARDS HYDERABAD SOFTWARE ENTERPRISES ASSOCIATION CSR Award 2015 for Community Development and Environment Protection GOLD STEVIE Corporate Social Responsibility Program ₹2.53 bn invested in CSR initiatives 221,000 hours volunteered 72,179 employees participated
  19. 19. TCS has generously provided its Med Mantra solution for quality care and patient satisfaction. The installation of this system has been carefully planned and executed byTCS, taking into account our unique clinical and operational needs.We are grateful to the entireTCS team for their unstinted commitment. - Dr. V SHANTA, Chairperson, Cancer Institute In FY15, TCS supported health-based initiatives for organizations such as Retina India Foundation and Operation Smile. The team has also prepared a case management system to assist the NGO Justice and Care in tracking human trafficking cases. An integrated hospital management system and IT infrastructure solution has been provided free of cost to the Cancer Institute in Chennai and Tata Medical Center in Kolkata. Avin, a beneficiary of Childline India Foundation, at Mumbai Central Station Using Technology to Do Good TCS provides pro bono services to help social organizations be efficient and accountable. TCS has worked tirelessly – and across numerous time zones – to help us identify a path forward for an improved and innovative database to support our global cleft care efforts... We are honored to partner with TCS, to help strengthen our cleft prgrams in India and more than 80 countries around the world. - CHARLES B WANG, Director, SmileTrain
  20. 20. The project utilizes technology to educate rural communities and provide a platform to develop ideas and skills for increased employability. Nandni Rana was forced to give up studies and work as a laborer from the age of 10. But Nandni’s chance meeting with National Confederation of Dalit Organizations (NACDOR) representatives changed her life.“On February 4, 2014, the team began a three-day training program, and I started teaching in government schools from February 24,”she says. Not just that, the training made her proficient in the use of laptops and today, she uses it to teach children. The program helped her find a mission in life.“I want to help my society so that each and every child can be inspired, just as I was.” A case in point TARGET BridgeIT 1,471 students benefited from computer-aided learning 6 digital entrepreneurs created 25 new entrepreneurs inducted in March 2015 Provide supplementary academic inputs to primary and pre-middle school children through Pratham’s Computer Aided Learning (CAL) module Facilitate digital literacy for middle school children (grades six to eight) Improve adult literacy in village communities through TCS’Computer Based Functional Literacy (CBFL) software Groom young Dalit men and women to be successful entrepreneurs
  21. 21. At Maitree, we have a vision to educate, inspire, and empower individuals to strive for excellence in all areas of their lives.We strongly believe this can be achieved through academic enhancement, leadership development, and financial literacy. - NINA SCREWVALLA, Global Head,TCS Maitree Introduced in 2007, the program trains women in sewing skills. Maitree has also helped them form a Self-Help Group, and today, they are independent and assertive entrepreneurs. Surekha, a housewife in Waze village of Maharashtra, was inducted into TCS Maitree’s Women Empowerment Program. Surekha became the breadwinner for her family of six. She learnt to make products such as shopping bags and clothes. Soon, all the women in the group began following Surekha’s lead, which helped them increase their earnings. Today, through TCS Maitree's Women’s Empowerment Program, a unique bond has developed between these women, who know that they can depend on each other in times of need. Says Kanchan, a beneficiary of the program,“TCS Maitree volunteers have taught us tailoring, stitching, embroidery, and how to make paper products. Ours is the first bachat gat (a self-help group) in which all the women earn a decent remuneration on a regular basis.” A case in pointWoman Empowerment Program 127,340 children reached through education initiatives
  22. 22. goIT is TCS’signature community engagement program in North America to increase students’interest in and awareness of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Learning is project-based and hands-on. goIT participants acquire critical thinking and problem-solving skills while troubleshooting designs and adopting agile methodology. Future job growth will be in STEM disciplines, and a nation aspiring to be a global leader can use STEM education as a perfect platform for economic growth and prosperity. The US has long been looked upon as a leader in global innovation. In order to continue to lead, it is critically important to focus on four key areas: building capability, increasing capacity, enhancing quality, and improving employability in STEM education. I am very proud of the work TCS has done and continues to expand in all of these areas. - EDIE FRASER, CEO, STEMconnector AWARDS STEM Education 3,000+ STEM volunteers 24,800 students served 34,000 hours invested in student skill building STEMconnector CEO N Chandrasekaran Named One of 100 CEO Leaders in STEM LUMITY 2014 Community Corps Corporate Champion
  23. 23. With a focus on candidates from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, this program imparts free training to B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, BBA students. The modules also provide training in the English language, computers, functional mathematics, personality development, and interviewing techniques. An advanced Microsoft Office training session prepares them for a professional environment. Through a 14-week training program designed by TCS, Udaan seeks to improve skills relevant to the industry as well as increase employment opportunities available to youth from Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Sajad Mufti, an Udaan trainee, was undaunted even after leaving his home town in J&K.With no experience in the ITES sector, Muftee's performance record atTCS has been excellent. He has displayed 96% accuracy in the last quarter of FY 15. Extremely creative in his work, he is one of the key members of the production team, delivering more than the daily production target. A case in point The best thing about this training is that it has taught me how to dream big. - KANJI, Trainee of the BPS Employability Program BPS Employability Program Udaan 50,000 people trained 3,500+ candidates joined TCS BPS 459 youths trained through TCS Udaan
  24. 24. TCS' digital solution accelerates adult literacy through innovative teaching methods. Using animated graphic patterns for easy visual and auditory learning, the solution enables functional literacy in around 50 learning hours. The best thing about being literate is that I know I can become a better person. - AJAY, 25 YEARS, Central Jail,Tihar, New Delhi I used to go along with my husband to shepherd goats. I had always nursed a desire to learn to read. Now, this has finally happened. - NETHRAVATI, Learner, Basaveshwara Colony I did not know much about the injustices in our society as I did not know to read or write. Literacy classes in the night helped me to read and write.This has helped me to become a representative in a women’s self-help group. - SHIVALINGAMMA, Learner, Chouluru # National Institute of Open Schooling Computer-based Functional Literacy 250 training centers 2,00,000+ people made literate 94% pass rate at the NIOS# test
  25. 25. Over the last five years, our employees and over 30 client organizations have joined forces to raise over $550,000 for charitable causes such as cancer research and elder care. TCS has won several corporate engagement and CSR awards in recognition of these initiatives. Fitness Gets a Leg-up We sponsor marathons across the world to reinforce our commitment toward fitness and excellence. MARATHONS TCS has developed a global emphasis on fitness, backing running programs and marathons to promote wellness and community development through sports. The company has partnerships with seven of the world’s leading races.
  26. 26. Approximately 9 tons of unused food donated to City Harvest More than 26 tons of clothing collected and donated to Goodwill 65 tons of material recycled by Royal Waste Services 85.57 tons of material recycled through Royal Waste Services 9.65 tons of food collected and donated through City Harvest 103.5 tons of clothing collected and donated to Goodwill 20132014 We collect clothing, backpacks, and other discarded items on race days to keep them out of landfills. The collected goods are sold at Goodwill stores. TCS Paints the NYC Marathon Green Some of the moves we have made over the past two years. More than 100 tons of material recycled by New York Road Runners
  27. 27. AWorld of Difference
  28. 28. As  part of its mission to be a responsible corporate citizen, TCS continuously strives to reduce its ecological footprint by decoupling growth in business and the impact on the environment through conscious changes in its strategy across the value chain and a‘beyond compliance’approach. Senior management commitment and an integrated management system approach under the aegis of BEYOND COMPLIANCE RESOURCE EFFICIENCY GREEN BUILDING INFRASTRUCTUREGREEN IT EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SUPPLY CHAIN FOCUS GREEN PROCUREMENT CLIMATE CHANGE MITIGATION TCS’Environmental Policy form the basis of our strong focus on environmental sustainability. Globally, 99 TCS locations are certified for Environment Management System (EMS) under ISO 14001:2004, with an ongoing commitment to bring additional and upcoming software development centers under the scope of certification. The Future Generation AWARDS CARBON DISCLOSURE PROJECT Global A-list for Leadership in Climate Performance CARBON DISCLOSURE LEADERSHIP INDEX (INDIA), 2014
  29. 29. *Scope 1: Diesel-operated generator sets, company-owned vehicles, refrigerant gases (fugitive) emissions, cooking gas combustion, and fuel combustion for space heating *Scope 2: Purchased electricity ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION (kWh/FTE/month)SCOPE 1 + SCOPE 2 EMISSIONS (tCO2E/FTE/ANNUM)* 319 275 267 3.00 2.71 2.44 2.35 2.12 1.99 1.97 1.82 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 246 231 216 196 186 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 Many Means to One End GOAL Reduce specific carbon footprint by 50% and achieve 20% renewable component by 2020 Measures such as green building infrastructure, green IT, and operational energy efficiency have been deployed to reduce the company’s carbon and energy footprint. This year’s focus was on Remote Energy Monitoring and Control to optimize energy efficiency along with our continued focus on creating green infrastructure. CARBON AND ENERGY
  30. 30. Green Buildings Efficient Operations ENERGY AND CARBON MANAGEMENT Renewable Energy Onsite renewable energy installations, solar PV and solar thermal energy Procurement of renewable energy from third parties Energy efficiency by design Energy efficient equipment Green IT Operational efficiency Remote energy monitoring and control Server virtualization Server consolidation Cooling optimization Green procurement 2.4% of power from renewable sources 55% reduction in business air travel emissions PUE of 1.81 across 16 key data centers 0.82 million tonnes of CO2 and 1,328,993 MWh of electricity avoided 39% reduction in specific carbon footprint 7 LEED certified campuses ACHIEVEMENTS Focus Areas
  31. 31. Highlights of TCS’green buildings include energy efficient design of building envelope, energy efficient electrical and mechanical equipment, onsite renewable energy (rooftop solar photovoltaic panels), solar thermal installations (hot water generators), chiller waste heat recovery units, and solar PV based peripheral lighting systems. LED street lighting on the campus Rear-side building envelope covered with metal screen to minimize solar heat Green landscaping Maximum use of natural daylight and natural ventilation Green Buildings All new TCS offices are being designed as per LEED standards. ACHIEVEMENTS LEED-CERTIFIED TCS OFFICES Siruseri, Chennai Kalinga Park, Bhubaneswar Peepul Park, Trivandrum Sahayadri Park, Pune Banyan Park, Mumbai Synergy Park (Phase 2), Hyderabad Garima Park, Ahmedabad GOAL Focus on optimizing energy and resource efficiency within officesTCS Sahyadri Park, Pune
  32. 32. INITIATIVES FOR PUE MANAGEMENT IT load optimization through server consolidation, virtualization, removal of ghost and power hungry systems, and shift to energy-efficient IT equipment Cooling efficiency improvement through capacity rationalization, raising of data center temperature to 23-24 degree Celsius, optimal rack alignment, and installation of perforated doors Reduction of losses in power distribution through UPS load optimization Green IT We are focusing on energy efficiency across IT systems. ACHIEVEMENT Improved PUE of 16 data centers from 2.16 to 1.81 GOAL Achieve a weighted average data center PUE of 1.65 by 2016
  33. 33. TCS has embarked on a program to actively monitor, manage, and reduce the energy consumption of its facilities. In FY 2014-15, TCS invested in energy monitoring infrastructure and an Energy Monitoring System, over three phases, which cover over 100 facilities in India, accounting for over 90% of overall energy consumption. This involved the installation of over 5,500 digital energy meters. TCS monitors energy consumption at facility and load levels in real time. Optimization of HVAC operating hours Optimization of illumination levels Installation of variable frequency drives in air handling units Energy-efficient lighting fixtures Remote desktop power management Power factor management Efficient Operations GOAL Deploy remote energy monitoring and control systems across all offices for better control and efficiency ACHIEVEMENT 42% reduction in per capita electricity consumed
  34. 34. Awareness creation Water efficiency Treatment and recycling Rainwater harvesting Water Management Water Management Initiatives include water conservation at source, water treatment and recycling, rainwater harvesting, and community-based watershed management projects. GOAL Achieve water neutrality by 2020 ACHIEVEMENTS 13% reduction in specific water consumption 4 mn kL water recycled 266,458 cum rainwater harvesting potential created
  35. 35. ACHIEVEMENTS Biodegradable Waste Management 25% of the total wet waste generated treated through onsite composting or bio-digester treatment Paper Management 100% paper waste recycled E-waste Management 15,550 computers disposed of through government-authorized handlers or recyclers Hazardous Waste Management 16,001 L of lube oil from diesel generator sets 5,022 used UPS batteries disposed through authorized channels Waste Management TCS’ sustainable waste roadmap emphasizes the 3R principle (reduce, reuse, recycle) to mitigate emissions and manage waste. GOAL Zero waste to landfill by 2017 ACHIEVEMENT 78% reduction in specific paper consumption
  36. 36. Sending zero waste to landfill (including production, hazardous, and packaging waste) Sending limited amount of waste for Energy from Waste (EfW) Commitment to continual improvement – waste reduction and diversion The accreditation was awarded by environmental solutions provider Valpak, based on the following criteria: 33 Grosvenor Place, London 1 Tithebarn Street, Liverpool TWO UK OFFICES ACHIEVED ACCREDITATION OF ‘ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL’
  37. 37. Study of vendor landscape and risk assessment Inclusion of compliance to Supplier Code of Conduct and HSE requirements included in contracts Desktop review for vendors, accounting for 80% of expenditure Supply Chain TCS encourages its supply chain partners to conduct their business in socially and environmentally responsible ways. We engage with and train our suppliers on adopting sustainable practices. GOAL Include vendor sustainability requirements in contracts and conduct assessments by 2017
  38. 38. TCS, along with Mumbai-based NGO, Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra, has been running the Marine Turtle Conservation Program since 2010-2011. The program aims to protect the breeding sites of the globally endangered olive ridley turtles. The project covers six villages in Maharashtra. Conservation activities include preventing the killing of turtles, protecting their nests, constructing and protecting hatcheries, translocating eggs to hatcheries, and releasing the hatchlings into the ocean. Local villagers work with TCS volunteers to carry out these conservation activities. All’s Well With the Ridley Through its Marine Turtle Conservation Program, TCS is not only protecting the endangered Olive Ridley turtles but also helping locals earn a livelihood. ACHIEVEMENTS 2,210 eggs translocated to hatcheries 59% survival rate of hatchlings 1,303 hatchlings released 21 nests protected
  39. 39. About Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that delivers real results to global business, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match. TCS offers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled infrastructure, engineering and assurance services. This is delivered through its unique Global Network Delivery ModelTM , recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development. A part of the Tata Group, India’s largest industrial conglomerate, TCS has a global footprint and is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India. For more information, visit us at All content / information present here is the exclusive property of Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS). The content / information contained here is correct at the time of publishing. No material from here may be copied, modified, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transmitted, posted or distributed in any form without prior written permission from TCS. Unauthorized use of the content / information appearing here may violate copyright, trademark and other applicable laws, and could result in criminal or civil penalties. Copyright © 2015 Tata Consultancy Services Limited IT Services Business Solutions Consulting