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Sensing, Shaping, and Orchestrating Demand with IBP

Businesses today are struggling to respond to the dynamics of technological advancements and digitization. The opportunity lies in the digitization of the planning process with Integrated Business Planning, which ensures real-time, secure access to insights anywhere and everywhere.

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Sensing, Shaping, and Orchestrating Demand with IBP

  1. 1. Sensing, Shaping, and Orchestrating Demand with IBP Consulting & Service Integration
  2. 2. Gear Up for Industry 4.0 The integrated business ecosystem demands: Inclusion and transparency within and beyond the organization Effective data and process governance Increased market responsiveness Innovative, scenario driven planning
  3. 3. Identify Gaps in Enterprise Resource Planning Ineffective demand-supply alignment Reactive and less responsive supply chain Lack of network visibility Unsynchronized production, marketing, and sales
  4. 4. Transition to Integrated Business Planning + Implement robust financial integration and review processes Harness causal statistical forecasting Optimize product lifecycle through simulations and scenario planning Sync your business goals with dynamic supply chain strategies Embrace predictive analytics and complete digitization Read MoreTweet This
  5. 5. Create Your Own IBP journey Depending on the nature of your organization, you can: Establish people and process vectors on IBP first and then deploy technology Strengthen individual planning pillars – demand, supply, product – then establish the IBP rhythm Drive IBP top-down, with CXO engagement and alignment of roles and goals Read MoreTweet This
  6. 6. Facilitate ‘Connected’ Collaboration Embrace a fresh approach to product strategies, supplier agreements, and consumer interactions Enable participative decision-making to increase accountability Ensure leadership is familiar with IBP goals, processes, and analytics Read MoreTweet This
  7. 7. Create a Single Customer View Detect shifting demand patterns with analytics Gain real-time insights with Internet of Things (IoT) Tap into new data pools by using geo-positioning systems Track changing consumer tastes with social media Read MoreTweet This
  8. 8. Accelerate Your Business Planning with IBP Improve financial ratios Reduce working capital Link promotional campaigns to manufacturing Streamline communications Gain higher ROI % $ Read MoreTweet This
  9. 9. Sensing, Shaping, and Orchestrating Demand with IBP Copyright © 2017 Tata Consultancy Services Limited Contact a consultant Read the Article