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Preparing for the Wearable Customer Experience


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Wearables may be the first of new wave of digital technologies that promise to revolutionize the customer experience, again. Companies should be evaluating if, how, and when they will incorporate this technology.

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Preparing for the Wearable Customer Experience

  1. 1. Preparing for the Wearable Customer Experience Skip Vanderburg, Director – CX Innovation, Design and Emerging Technologies, Global Consulting Practice, TCS Courtney Wood, Director – Innovation Solutions, Global Consulting Practice, TCS Priscilla Walter, Senior Consultant – Customer Experience Insight Solutions, Global Consulting Practice, TCS Septmeber 2015 Copyright © 2015 Tata Consultancy Services Limited
  2. 2. Wearables are a part of the new wave of digital technologies that will revolutionize customer experience. They present challenges and opportunities to businesses. To respond successfully to digital innovations, companies must be agile and respond quickly. Wearables, 2015 Introduction: Revolutionary Technology
  3. 3. The first wave of digital disrupters obliterated many companies. To win the market, a responsive enterprise must rapidly identify, evaluate, and respond to the threats and opportunities that the second wave of disrupters pose for the company. Wearables, 2015 Responding to Disrupters
  4. 4. Tweet this The consumer market changes constantly. While older customers suffer from device fatigue, millennials eagerly adopt emerging technologies. Businesses will have to devise different strategies that factor in the experiences of different customers with their brand. Wearables, 2015 Read More Understanding Customers
  5. 5. Tweet this Wearables can be employed in areas well beyond customer service. Businesses should use wearables to become an integral part of customers’ lives and constantly engage with them. To achieve customer experience innovation, companies require a responsive process and system. Wearables, 2015 Read More Changing Customer Experience
  6. 6. To successfully adapt to new technologies, companies require a systematic, cross-enterprise approach. The outputs of your customer experience strategy and plan are many of the inputs that help successfully manage customer experience innovation. Tweet thisWearables, 2015 Read More CX Innovation Management
  7. 7. Tweet this The first phase in innovation management is outlining strategy. Engagement maps and current customer insight should be used to define gaps in customer experience. Any gap without a solution must become an innovation goal. Wearables, 2015 Read More First Phase: Innovation Goals
  8. 8. Tweet this Idea management entails continuous generation and collection of ideas for improved customer experience. Companies with innovation systems can review ideas already submitted. Others can develop ideation sources: data analysis, workshops, crowdsourcing, and expertsourcing. Wearables, 2015 Read More Second Phase: Ideation
  9. 9. Tweet this The selection criteria for new ideas should be in line with innovation goals. Cost effectiveness, integration, and maintenance feasibilities are other criteria to consider. Only top-ranked ideas will be prototyped and tested. Wearables, 2015 Read More Third Phase: Idea Selection
  10. 10. Tweet this The company must prototype, try, and refine ideas very quickly. A ‘prototype factory’ can be used to evaluate wearable technologies. This will help create rapid prototypes, and conduct trials and iterations. Wearables, 2015 Read More Fourth Phase: Experimentation
  11. 11. Tweet this Companies operationalize, scale, and optimize tested ideas in this phase. This includes measuring, tracking, and communicating progress and results to key stakeholders. Companies can determine whether or not sub-performing ideas should continue with additional support and changes or should be retired. Wearables, 2015 Read More Fifth Phase: Realization
  12. 12. Tweet this Wearables can significantly transform customer experience in the near future. To successfully deal with this technology, companies must be agile. They should adopt a systematic approach to identify, select, test, and deploy new ideas. Wearables, 2015 Read More Conclusion: Structured Innovation
  13. 13. IT Services Business Solutions Consulting Preparing for the Wearable Customer Experience Contact a ConsultantRead More