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Internet of Things: The Complete Reimaginative Force


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The TCS Global Trend Study 2015 looks at findings on how IoT technologies are being used in four regions of the world and 13 industries, as well as the keys to generating business benefits from them.

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  • The new era of smart products and smart proactive service offerings to end users
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Internet of Things: The Complete Reimaginative Force

  1. 1. in 4 regions Some Companies are Investing Big in the IoT Mobile Apps Top the IoT Adoption Charts 1 spoke about how they use IoT technologies for Premises monitoring Product monitoring Customer monitoring Supply chain monitoring Ways in which companies use IoT technologies And are investing more too... Figures represent percentage of total revenue spent on IoT initiatives Average per-company IoT spend $86M $103M 3 North American and European Companies Lead the Way in IoT Technology Use4 Industrial Manufacturers are Ahead in the IoT Game6 Through wearable technologies To monitor business premises25% Embed digital sensors in products25% 14% with $22b average revenue from 13 industries 795 companies revenue gain in 2014 through IoT initiatives, the highest among all industries surveyed average IoT spend in 2015 Personalized products and services Customer segmented market strategies Product usage insights for service representatives Early issue detection ~29% Identifying and pursuing new business and revenue opportunities Being able to gather, process, and analyze huge amounts of digital data/Big Data Determining what data to capture from the IoT Strategic Cultural Technology Determining what technologies to develop internally or externally Strategic, Cultural, and Technology Factors Will Determine IoT Success7 7 Differentiating Strategies of IoT Leaders8 Among 65 IoT leaders KEY FINDINGS spend ~8xmore on the IoT than The More Expensive the Product, the Greater the IoT Spend2 To track app activity47% In production and distribution operations45% North America Latin America $121.28M Having top management believe in the IoT's value, with willingness to invest in it Changing staff mindset on customers, products, and processes 2015 2018 The IoT Has Had Far-reaching Impact5 0.34% 0.40% 0.45% 0.23% Europe Asia-Pacific 48% are monetizing customer product usage data *** ** Make IoT reliable in the field by reducing security risks Digitally reimagine their businesses to create value for customers Deal better with organizational resistance to the truth IoT technologies can reveal Respond swiftly to insights revealed by data Understand the breakthrough potential of the IoT in delivering real insights Invest selectively before making large investments Deliver value through new business models, product and service offerings, product bundles, and data Companies with products priced >$10M Companies withproducts priced <$100 25x revenue gain as compared to IoT followers 97% have made changes to their business model to accommodate IoT @TCS_News #TCSIoT 45% have increased their service business as they can monitor product usage INTERNET TCS Global Trend Study 2015TCS Global Trend Study 2015 OF THE COMPLETE REIMAGINATIVE FORCE THINGS