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Intelligent Asset Performance & Energy Management for Pulp & Paper Industries


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Intensive global competition and sustained cost pressure have highlighted the importance of asset management in many industries. Concentration on “Return on Assets” has become a key issue in the process industry. This presentation addresses challenges and provides a solution in the form of Intelligent Asset Performance Management with a focus on the pulp and paper industry.

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Intelligent Asset Performance & Energy Management for Pulp & Paper Industries

  1. 1. 1Copyright © 2012 Tata Consultancy Services Limited Intelligent Asset Performance&Energy Management for Pulp & Paper Industries Prepared by : Murali Chandrahasan Practice Head- Plant Solutions
  2. 2. 2 Brief Agenda for the presentation  Business drivers for Asset Performance Management  Asset Life Cycle Management for Process Industries  Need of Asset Data Synchronization.  Solution Architecture for Asset Performance Management  Pulp&paper Industry Asset Data Model  Intelligent Asset View for real time decision support  Business Benefits of integrated Asset Performance and Energy Management
  3. 3. 3 Asset Performance Related Business Drivers Asset Performance Management PROFITWORKFORCE ENABLEMENT SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYSAFETY MANAGEMENT Asset Uptime Asset Longevity Asset Utilization Energy Reductions Decision Support Collaboration Tools Workflow Tools Accident Prevention Safer Work Environments Safety Practices Emissions Control Carbon Footprint Regulatory Compliance
  4. 4. 4 Asset Information view and various stake holders Plant Engineer • Pressure • Flow • Speed • Energy Site Manager • Volume pumped • Product throughput • Operation history • Power consumed Maintenance Manager • Running hours • Performance spec • Spares on hand • Maintenance date Operations Engineer • Related equipment • Energy • Vibration data Asset Planner • Purchase date • Warranty • Manufacturer • Engineering specsFinance Manager • Asset Cost • Capex planning • Opex budgets Control System/HMI Historian Asset Database ERP Systems Maintenance Management System Asset information viewed in silos across operational and enterprise systems and people Plan Design Procure Build Operate Maintain Retire & Recycle Project Performance Management (PPM) Asset Performance Management (APM)
  5. 5. 5 P T Process Line 0 p s i 4. 0 0 P C V Z e r o S p a n Engineering Drawing P & ID Name Plate Legacy Database Purchase Order EAM Users Engineering Systems Vendors Catalogs/ Manuals ERP Systems EAM System Asset Performance Management needs data synchronization
  6. 6. 6 Intelligent Asset Performance Management Solution Architecture for Pulp and Paper Industry Configurator Business Activity Monitor Asset /Energy KPIs PLC/DCS EAM Legends: Web PortaliASM Partner Systems Predictive Maintenance Preventive Maintenance Energy Management Intelligent Asset Tag Asset Performance Management Paper Industry Asset model Energy Meters Plant Engineering APM Dashboards Energy Dashboards ERP SCADA and Historian
  7. 7. 7 Pulp and Paper Industry Asset Model
  8. 8. 8 Intelligent Asset view enable real-time decision support  Single Click view of all assets in Utility  Provide user based Intelligent asset View  Drill down based on asset type  Provide the following information – Operational Information – Maintenance History – Specific Energy Consumption – OEE for all the assets – Engineering Specification – Manufacturing vs Actual Efficiency – Cost associated to Efficiency Improvement – Monitor alarms on Efficiency and Energy – Plan Asset Repair vs Replace vs Refurbish – Reduce OPEX and plan your CAPEX Intelligent Asset Tag
  9. 9. 9 Asset Performance Management Dashboard
  10. 10. 10 Energy Management Dashboard
  11. 11. 11 Who benefits? Executives Decision making support Information transparency Plant Manager Cost Analysis Maximize asset availability Maintenance Supervisors Repair vs. Replace Energy Managers Energy analysis Optimize Usage
  12. 12. 12 Business Benefits of Intelligent APM and EMS …Your apps are seamlessly integrated … …You have visibilityin a heterogeneous environment … …You can have Real-time asset performance and energy and PAT dashboards… …Manage your asset efficiency and manage Energy …Your asset information are in sync with enterprise and operational apps … …You can monitor your assets in real-time for exceptions…
  13. 13. 13 Thank You Murali Chandrahasan Practice Head – Plant Solutions +91 98402 99072