Innovation Leadership in the Digital Age by K. Ananth Krishnan, VP and CTO, TCS


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In this opening key note, Ananth shared insights on technologies and trends that are changing the way we view atoms, people, materials, things and data, and how we can prepare ourselves to exploit these new opportunities.

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Innovation Leadership in the Digital Age by K. Ananth Krishnan, VP and CTO, TCS

  1. 1. Opening Keynote June 28, 2013
  2. 2.     
  3. 3. Research Areas Application and Sciences Software and Services Life Cycle Domain Knowledge Enterprise Systems Information Systems Communication Systems Cyber-physical Systems Engineering Sciences Life Sciences Data Sciences People Sciences
  4. 4. De-Risk Innovation Themes Analytics-led IT Transformation Software Engineering Tools ICME Social Media- Knome Intelligent Infra Information Fusion Connected Marketing HPC and Big Data Supply Chains Security and DRM Privacy GRC Platforms Green IT IT for Green Water Frugal Health
  5. 5.   
  6. 6. Genomes People Materials Things Data
  7. 7. TCS Innovation Labs Startups Customers Research Institutions Academic Institutions Student Community Venture Capitalists Entrepreneurs In Residence Alliance Partners Consultants Industry Bodies            
  8. 8. Spirit of Co- Innovation, Networking Incubator for spawning new ideas COIN in the context of customer’s business Jointly develop innovation roadmap; metrics
  9. 9.      
  10. 10. This is an excellent event, and I think that there may be an opportunity to broaden attendance. -Anon TCS is a true leader in the industry and events such as the Innovation Forum showcase the thought leadership the company provides. -Anon Many interesting topics and exhibits. I wrote more tweets for this event than any other I've attended. - Ralph Rio, Research Director, ARC Great event. I liked the fact that it was not sales related. - Kalyan Raman, CTO, Nielsen More speakers and panelists from amongst IT leaders of TCS clients You may consider including some brain storming sessions in small groups - on a specific topic This would work well as a single day session following the TCS Summit in NA. Cloud Application Adoption in Large Enterprises - Some additional case studies would help Recruit more clients to attend - particularly senior IT and line-of-business execs. Event contains true thought leadership.
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  12. 12.         
  13. 13. Let’s Innovate Together Corporate Technology Organization