How to build a digital insurance company


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Insurance organizations will have to transition to digital enterprises to remain competitive and profitable in this age of constant disruption. While the ultimate goal of insurance — providing financial stability and protection for customers at various stages of their lives — will always remain, how insurers achieve this goal will evolve constantly. Repositioning for this new normal must be looked upon as an opportunity and not as a threat, since digitizing the enterprise can help drive efficiencies and innovation, use data more effectively and create newer and better business models. Insurers have the opportunity to extend their portfolio into newer adjacent eco-systems —tying up with auto companies to use vehicle telematics to create new insurance products based on shared data is just one example.

Technology is a key enabler in the transition to a digital enterprise, and insurers must invest in a robust business and technology architecture with the relevant tools to create an agile and flexible organization. Insurers can use the digitization opportunity to deliver greater value to their customers and gain competitive advantage, engaging more intensely with existing customers and attracting newer customers with innovative products, improving both profitability and growth. Based on our experience in digital insurance enterprises transformations, we have developed this presentation to debunk some of the myths around such transformations, and delineate the USER approach developed to help companies metamorphose into digital insurers of the future.

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How to build a digital insurance company

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  2. 2. Social Influencers Physical to Digital Footprint Realize Rapidly Extend Portfolio Reach Everyone Sense Demand Business Objectives as the Enterprise Evolves Yesterday Today & Tomorrow Traditional Enterprise Digital Enterprise 2 TCS Confidential
  3. 3. Social media Four generations coexisting Multi-channel experiences Global reach Evolving technology Customer centricity Next gen genomics, autonomous vehicles, internet of things & intelligent cities Market drivers forcing evolution Yesterday Today & Tomorrow Traditional Insurer Digital Insurer 3 TCS Confidential
  4. 4. Top executives Decision Support Systems of Engagement External Stakeholders Consumer technology Mobile face SOR Integration Middle of the Organization Context Public Cloud Systems of Record Transactional workers 4 TCS Confidential
  5. 5. Characteristics of the Digital Enterprise New Business Models Omni-Channel Experience Customer Centric Innovative Products & Services Insight Driven Next Gen Efficiency Simplified Processes Improved Effectiveness Digitization of Workplaces Growth Improved Compliance New Business Outcomes 5 TCS Confidential
  6. 6. Mobility & Pervasive Computing Channels Cloud AI & Robotics Business Processes Five Digital Forces Big Data Analytics Business Models Products & Services Customer Segments Social Media Workplaces 6 TCS Confidential
  7. 7. Myth Myth Buster Direct to consumers only • Omni-channel • Flexibility for customer to use preferred channel • Ability to switch between channels without losing context Customer segment of one • It will never be for “1” • Better customer insight for finer segmentation • Contextualized offers & next best action recommendation • Use both structured & un-structured data • Use externally available data wherever it makes sense • Use data from social to complement internal CRM data “It’s all about big data” 7 TCS Confidential
  8. 8. Unify: Ability to provide a consistent customer experience across brands, products, and channels • Omni channel customer experience • Matching & mapping of enterprise customer & social persona into SocialCRM Simplify: Ability to achieve operational excellence in both business and IT • Process simplification • Application portfolio simplification E R Engage: Ability to create and sustain customer engagement • • • • • • Improved stickiness Advocacy Collaboration Rewards Value added productivity tools Gamification Respond: Ability to sense and react to customers timely • Anytime anywhere • Real-time systems integration • Insight driven next best action recommendations Engage S U Respond Simplify Unify 8 TCS Confidential
  9. 9. Holistic Digital Strategy Integrated insurance digital experience platform vision Business prioritization Single executive sponsor / owner Small projects with continuous business value delivery • • • • Web / portal redesign & consolidation Web content migration & management Insurance forms modernization Multi-channel analytics & Voice of customer • • • • Social data leverage & big data analytics Backend service & data integration Incremental legacy modernization Infrastructure & availability optimization 9 TCS Confidential
  10. 10. Invention R&D, CoEs Internal Social Network External CoInnovation Network 1,000s of Ideas Innovation Derivative Innovations Platform Innovations Disruptive Innovations 10 TCS Confidential
  11. 11. Optimize Sustain Digitize Research Areas and Themes Analyze De-Risk 11 TCS Confidential
  12. 12. iAgent Virtual Assistant Insurance Quickpass Telematics CubuZZ Social CRM Quotation & Illustration Fraud Analytics & Data Mining Executive Dashboard GIS Integration Real Time Integrated Platform for Services & Analytics Knowledge Mgmt & Collaboration Platform 12 TCS Confidential
  13. 13. 1.45 Billion US$ Revenues* 21,700+ 2,500+ Employees India’s Most Valued Company by Market Capitalization* Domain consultants Leader in Enterprise Mobility Services - Forrester Research 110+ 28 Clients Countries Worlds Most Innovative IT Services Company** Click here to download Digital Insurance White Paper TCS Confidential • FY13 Revenues ** Source : 2013 Forbes’ List of Worlds Most Innovative Companies 13
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