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Published in: Sports, Technology
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  1. 1. Hockey: Pro’s and Con’s By: Thomas Symons
  2. 2. Pro’s• Fitness• Hand-eye coordination• Entertainment• Fun• Teamwork• Health
  3. 3. Fitness• Doing dry-land• Skating for an hour and ten• Runs
  4. 4. Hand-eye Coordination• Stick handling• Catching a flying puck• Balancing puck on blade• Batting the puck from the air• Tipping
  5. 5. Entertainment• Amazing goals• Big hits• Sick sauce• Good fights• Hard shots• Sweet snipes
  6. 6. Sweet Snipes
  7. 7. Fun• There is recreation• Getting to skate• Shooting pucks• Playing with friends•
  8. 8. Teamwork• Together• Everyone• Achieves• More
  9. 9. Health• Being fit• Eating well• Non-greasy food
  10. 10. Cons• Headshots• Concussions• Travel• Money on gear• Money on gas and hotel• Smell dressing rooms
  11. 11. Headshot’s• A shot to head from opponent• Can cause major concussion• Can take you out for half a season• The league is trying to eliminate them
  12. 12. The headshot on Crosby
  13. 13. Concussions• level 1:Temporary • Level 3: Loss of forgetfulness , no knock consciousness. For out, symptoms clear up seconds or minutes. in 15 minutes or less• Level 2: Temporary forgetfulness, no knock out, symptoms are there for 15 minutes or more
  14. 14. Concussion
  15. 15. Travel• Going down island almost every weekend• Staying in the car is tiring• My ankles hurt after awhile
  16. 16. Money on gear• A good stick is $100-200• Chest protector is $175• Helmet is about $200-300• Gloves are about $150-200• Elbow pads and shin pads are $100-150• Pants are about $150-200• Jock is around $50• Skate’s are $150-550• Socks are $15
  17. 17. Money on gas and hotel• Gas is from $0.95- $1.50• Some people stay hotel for about $125-225• I stay at family’s houses
  18. 18. Smelly dressing rooms• When you get whole teams in there they stink• And febreeze sucks• You can air it out and it won’t smell as bad
  19. 19. Go Eagles Go!!Thanks for watching 
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