Cover letter tasvir a r chowdhury with docusign


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Cover letter tasvir a r chowdhury with docusign

  1. 1. Apt# A3, Lilac Apartments House# 59/1, Road# 15(A) Dhanmondi R/A Dhaka 1209Head of Human ResourcesGulshan, Dhaka 1212Dear SirApplication for any suitable top level managerial position in your esteem companyFollowing your recent job recruitment procedure, I am pleased to submit herewith my CV for your kindconsideration.Over the years, I have successfully organised& managed many organizational events& responsibilities indifferent situations and big corporate houses. My outstanding communication and oratory skills, effectivemanagement and unparalleled drive and energy with consistent determinationin reaching goals would alsomake me an ideal candidate for any top level managerial position in your company.For more than f years, I have worked with Banglalink in different managerial positions inCustomerCare including both Corporate & Personal market along with Corporate Sales&Sales Distributiondepartment. It has helped me to diversify my knowledge in dealing directly with the target consumers &understand the integrated consumer behaviour in light of sales and distribution networking channel,expanding sales volume nationwide with solid customer retention and satisfaction as well as developingand structuring effective marketing and other strategic objectives. Consequently that has helped medevelopa strong rapport with the top tier of various MNCs & big companies. The experience I havegathered working there has been immense in improving my team playing skills, leadership capabilities,managerial and supervisory responsibilities. Through my job description, I have obtained variousknowledge and skills and have enhanced my ability to work under pressure and perform at the optimallevel. At the moment, I am working as General Manager at Accord Associates Limited, a global tradinghouse with great pleasure and honour in re-structuring their overall business arena followed byunbelievable success in enhancing their overall sales volume & revenue.I have also successfully completed my MBA majoring in Marketing, BBA also in Marketing and MIS (dualmajor) from North South University anddid my schooling in Maple Leaf International School(O’Levels). Ihave also had the pleasure of working with British American Tobacco, Bangladesh (BATB) as an intern inthe Production Department in its head office, Mohakhali.I am passionate and very much interested to be a part of your growing team at Magnum and want towitness and contribute my efforts in bringing further fast paced success for your reputed company.Thanking you.Yours faithfully,