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Props and characters (media)


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This is a power point to show why specific Props and Characters were used in thriller opening.

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Props and characters (media)

  1. 1. The Main Props The use of a vase was used to show That Faye has just woken up from the dream. This was effective as it was able to cut to another scene and cause tension to the audience. The use of the Christmas tree was to cause a mysterious atmosphere as in this scene we see Faye The use of the laptop was to entering an empty pub. indicate that Faye is recording herself on the 20th day to explain how she feels and to almost get the audience to feel sympathy towards her as shes in this empty world. The use of a mysterious tattoo was inspired by the show called “The Secret Circle” where there was a tattoo which linked too families The alarm together. This also relates to our clock was to Thriller plot as there was a tattoo on show that Faye both Faye and Nick’s neck which has just woken somehow shows that there is up. someone else who is with her in this empty world and may reveal a key to the future.
  2. 2. Characters Both our characters were also inspired by the show “The Secret Circle” which is about 5 witches who each have ability to different magical powers. Faye is a girl with long brown hair, shes very shy and someone who doesn’t socialize with other as much, shes a very independent and someone who enjoys sports. In our Thriller opening Faye is seen with long brown hair, fairly tall with brown eyes. Even though we don’t see Nick that much often in the opening, he plays a huge role to the film, as he is shown as a mysterious young man, whos also seen with the same tattoo as Faye, and begin to question us as an audience “why do they have the same tattoo” as there must be a story behind all this.