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Media evaluation question2&3


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Media evaluation question2&3

  1. 1. Media Evaluation Question 2: how does your media product represent particular social groups? Our media intro represents three social groups to be almost complete opposites to the normal stereotype that they would usually be represented by, these groups are; Teenagers- Our intro shows teenagers to be good at seeing the best in what ever situation evenin the worst times, in our thriller we see our female Orva being quite happy and never really giving up this challenges the stereotype of teenagers being moody and pessimistic. Females- our media product represents females as being strong, she challenges the normal stereotype of females being weak and unable to protect themselves.Males- males are represented as being strong as in our intro as soon as we see Jad we can tell he is the strong one out of the too even if we only see the back of his neck, we can still see the contrast between the two. Question 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?The media institution that may distribute our media product is companies which are distributed by The Hunger Games as it is a similar genre. It would usually cost a lot of money to professionally make our film, due to the locations, mise en scene and props. As it is a Psychological Thriller, it would be very animated in terms of the way it is filmed. Another reason why companies like these would want to distribute our film as they use consistent of supernatural films. As our theme was similar to the hunger games, a lot of the actions and in terms of storyline was very effective. We did not have the budget to make it as professional as the hunger games however it still looks like a film people would want to go and enjoy in the cinema!