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Summer newsletter(aug)


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Summer newsletter(aug)

  1. 1. Knighthawk News August 2012 Task Force Knighthawk News Commander’s Corner Team Knighthawk! support from the 10th Mountain the installation support mecha- Rebecca, Gavin, Kellen and I Division ensuring its success. nisms. I cannot highlight how are extremely happy to be part For those who were not able to important it is to establish rela- of the team. Since our arrival in make it out to the salute to the tionships at the company level late April we have had the op- nation parade during Mountain in order to form strong support portunity to begin to meet each Fest, you missed an awesome teams. For the seasoned veteran member of the Task Force and display of combat power by TF families who have survived mul- your families. It has been a very Knighthawk as we conducted tiple deployments already, busy time with a high turnover the Air Assault Demonstration. please pass your experience’s of folks across the Task Force to Excellent performance by Alpha on. If deployments are new to include changes of command and Charlie Company crew’s your family, this is the time to within three of our Companies. who flew the demonstration, as begin preparing! Welcome to CPT Chris Gage well as the rest of the Task Again, it is a privileged for Re- coming over to the Pathfinders Force that supported it behind becca and me to be just two as we said goodbye to CPT the scenes. The Division Com- more members of the Team! Steve Hassink who is off to Har- mander said it was the best fly- Your Husbands, Wives, Sons vard Law School. CPT Brian ing Demo the North Country and Daughters who are assigned and Casey Green assumed com- had seen in years! to the Best Aviation Task Force mand of the reflagged Alpha As we all return from in the Army are doing a superb Company (formerly Golf Com- Block Leave, the remainder of job! Continue to be safe over pany) and said farewell to CPT the summer and fall will begin the summer months and get out Jim Coker who is off the Har- to get very busy! As Charlie and enjoy the North Country! vard Business School. Most Company finishes training on recently CPT Dan and Sterling the new UH-60 “Mike” Model Fly To Glory! Reep took the helm of Echo Blackhawk we as a Task Force Company from CPT Mattie will begin our intensive training The Braman’sLTC Matthew Braman Howe, who is off to Fort Lee to cycle in preparation for a lateTask Force Knighthawk Com- become an instructor at the Lo- October rotation to the Jointmander gistics schoolhouse. We will Readiness Training Center continue to see a few more arri- (JRTC). Upon return for vals and departures as we solid- Thanksgiving for most of us, we ify the Team for JRTC and fu- again will send folks on the road ture directed deployments. to Colorado for High Altitude We have been enjoying training before and after the the awesome spring and summer Christmas break. weather and have been maxi- As our Soldiers con- mizing our outdoor time (while tinue to train for our wartime it last!) here in the North Coun- mission we will also begin to try! It has been a great back- prepare our families for future drop to the numerous activities deployments. The JRTC rota- that have been going on re- tion will be a good time to iden- cently. Riverfest was highly tify the needs of each family and attended within the Task Force work through the company this year and the local commu- FRGs to seek available support nity appreciated the continued both within the unit as well as
  2. 2. Knighthawk News Nomads Summer will soon be here…but with the rising and we are excited to officially have him as our temperatures, so comes an upswing in our newest NCO. Last but not least, congratula- training in preparation for future operations. tions are in order for SGT Jason Feltzer, who HHC continues to work hard and the Company retired this month after 20 years of military will be looking forward to a much deserved service. Your presence in the S3 shop will cer- block leave period this July. tainly be missed, but you have earned every bit of your newfound time off. We know that Jennifer and I would like to take the opportu- Leanne and the girls are glad they’ll have you nity to welcome some new Families to the No- home a bit more often. mad formation. CW3 Ed Smith is the new CPT W. Cannon Task Force Tactical Operations Officer. CW3 In Little Nomad news, PFC Tyquannah Pace1SG Manuel Reyes Smith, his wife Jean, and Family are not new to recently gave birth to a baby girl, Harmony. FRG Leader the Brigade, however. They were last assigned Harmony decided to enter the world a little Jennifer Cannon with Task Force Phoenix during our most re- earlier than planned, but we are glad to report cent deployment and he brings a wealth of ex- that both she and Mom are doing very well. perience to the team. Next, SSG Stephanie Many of you may know that SSG Wolfe, our Thomas and her Family come to us from Ko- Headquarters Platoon Sergeant, recently lost rea. SSG Thomas is a new addition to our S4 his house due to a fire. While that is certainly shop and will play a major role ensuring that not good news, the outpouring of support and the Task Force is properly equipped. We have assistance from the Nomad Family was truly also recently welcomed two Captains to our S3 inspiring. Many of our Soldiers and Family section. CPT Jon Ryder, an Apache pilot, and members gave of their time, money, or donated his wife, Courtney, come to us from the Avia- belongings to help SSG Wolfe and his Family tion Captain’s Career Course at Fort Rucker. get back on their feet. I would like to thank the In addition, CPT Mark Axtell, a Blackhawk whole Company personally for their efforts in pilot, and his wife, English, were last assigned helping one of our own in his time of need. In to Fort Benning, Georgia, where he attended case you haven’t heard, SSG Wolfe has already the Infantry Captain’s Career Course (we’ll try begun the process of rebuilding his home and it not to hold that against him though). We will hopefully be complete this Summer. would also like to welcome SSG Shawn Cal- vert, our new S2 NCOIC, and 1LT Meghan In closing, I hope everyone is enjoying the Brower, our new S6. We are glad to have all change in weather and making plans to take of these key players on board. part in all the North Country has to offer. As always, please be in touch if there’s anything On 1 June, we were privileged to promote two we can do for you. very deserving Soldiers. First, PFC Mark Dunn from our S2 section was promoted to SPC. In addition, CPL Rogelio Lamont is now Captain Wes and Jennifer Cannon wearing Sergeant stripes. SGT Lamont has Nomad 06 Team Page 2 proven himself from day one with the Nomads
  3. 3. Knighthawk NewsDeathstalkerThe Summer Block Leave period could not be immediate future, but I am confident that allmore well-deserved or come at a better time. this training will pay off dividends come nextAlpha Company has been working hard and year.accomplishing more than expected recently, aswe are now knee-deep into our train-up that In other company news: Congratulations towill continue until we deploy in the spring of Amanda and Delbert Conley for the birth of2013. I encourage everyone to take advantage their second son, Mason. Another congratula-of these two weeks off by resting up, spending tions goes to Dan Misenhimer for graduating from the Maintenance Test Pilot Course in Fort CPT S Lancianeselots of time with family, and preparing for the Rucker. He will return to Fort Drum and fill 1SG J Chilsontraining that is coming up after the Leave pe-riod ends. the position of Company Maintenance Officer, a role that has been vacant for months. Alpha FRG LeadersI am proud of all we have accomplished so far: Company is still very short on people, and we Becky BlanchardWe have been acing all of our inspections, and should start to finally see some more new faces Carole Barlowwe continue to fix the aircraft as soon as they around the company area. It will come as wel-break, which is a daily occurrence. We made it comed relief to those who have been workingthrough the Aerial Gunnery exercise, and we overtime, sometimes filling the roles of two orreceived glowing compliments from all who three people in order to accomplish the mis-attended the Mountain Fest Air Assault demon- sions so far.stration. Finally, we have been focusing onphysical fitness and coming together as a team. I want to thank all the families again for their continued support. Enjoy your timeFollowing Block Leave, we will be getting away from work, take advantage of the beauti-right back into training with a Division-wide ful weather, and remember to be safe.event called Mountain Peak, where we willprovide Aviation support to Infantry companiesfrom 4-31 IN, 2-14 IN, and 1-89 CAV as they Steve Lancianesego through platoon and company traininglanes, live fire exercises, and practice air as- “Deathstalker 06”saults. In August, Alpha Company will, onceagain, participate in an Aerial Gunnery exer-cise. We have a lot of lessons learned from thelast Gunnery, so it will be a great opportunityto train the pilots and maintainers who weren’table to participate last time, and those who didparticipate last time will be able to see theirscores improve. In September, the focus willbe on Air Assault training, as we prepare forour deployment to the Joint Readiness TrainingCenter, which will begin October 29th. As youcan tell, there is no sign of slowing down in our Page 3
  4. 4. Knighthawk News Warlords Things have been busy with the Warlords and will continue to be busy; Change is the one constant that everyone however this is a company that is definitely can count on in the Army. Since the last newsletter, there have been many changes up for the challenge. I look forward to that have occurred within the Assault Com- keeping everyone up to date on what the CPT Green pany in Task Force Knighthawk. On May Warlords are doing and I am very excited to be a part of the Knighthawk Team. 1SG B Boots 11, 2012 the G/2-10 colors were cased and G/2-10 was reflagged as C/2-10. During FRG Leaders that ceremony, a change of command also Casey GreenHeidi Woerheide took place between CPT James Coker and CPT Brian Green. CPT Green I am very grateful to have the op- portunity to write this column for the news- letter. Since the change of command, things have been very busy with the War- lords. We have conducted an aerial gun- nery qualification to qualify all of our pro- gressed crewchiefs , we have started send- ing our pilots and crewchiefs through the UH-60M Model qualification course, and have even begun conducting our planning and rehearsals for the Mountain Fest Air Assault demonstration. This is a busy first month for a new command, but this com- pany is definitely up to the task. Our biggest training event coming up is the Mountain Fest Air Assault dem- onstration. On Thursday 28 June 2012, TF Knighthawk will be flying the Air Assault Demonstration during Mountain Fest. C/2- 10 was given the opportunity to conduct the 4-ship Air Assault of 2-14IN. This is going to be a great demonstration of the capabilities of the UH-60 aircraft.Page 4
  5. 5. Knighthawk NewsDragonhawksCPT David Fitzpatrick was born and raised in Syracuse, New York. He attended NiagaraUniversity and graduated with a BA in Business Management. After college CPT Fitz-patrick went to Flight School at Fort Rucer, AL. He graduated the UH-60 course inApril of 2010 and was assigned to Fort Drum in May of 2010. CPT Fitzpatrick was thenassigned to G Company 2-10 Aviation and deployed to JRTC and later to Afghanistan insupport of Operation Enduring Freedom XI. Upon redeployment from Afghanistan CPTFitzpatrick was reassigned to D Company 2-10 where he served as a Platoon Leader untilMarch of 2012, until taking command of D Company in March of 2012. CPT. Fitz-patrick is excited in commanding the Dragonhawks and looks forward to the road ahead. CPT David Fitzpatrick CPT Fitzpatrick 1SG L. Brown FRG Leaders Shaunna Fitzpatrick Kimberly Perez Page 5
  6. 6. Knighthawk News Knight Riders "Echo Company has undergone many bers who attended and participated in changes in the last several months the games. while supporting the Task Force train- We look forward to spending more ing and conducting its own company time with the Knight Rider families in level training. the Echo Company would like to say near future!" goodbye to Captain Mattie Howe and CPT D Reep welcome its new command team: First 1SG Matlock Sergeant James Matlock and Captain- Daniel Reep. Both are very excited to FRG Leader V/r, prepare the Knightrider Soldiers and Sterling Reep Families for the upcoming deployment. CPT Reep Echo Company supported the Task Force gunnery in May and is preparing to support the upcoming August gun- nery as well as JRTC in October. We had a great BBQ event during block leave this month for the Soldiers who did not take leave and would like to say thank you to all the family mem- Knight Riders FRG Leader My name is Sterling Reep, and I am any questions, concerns, problems, or the new FRG leader. I am excited to suggestions that you would like to dis- meet each of you. I very much appreci- cuss. The FRG is in need of volunteers, ate all of Kelly Daniels hard work and so if you are interested, please let me commitment, and I am looking forward know. Thank you so much for all that to continuing to grow and build the you, your spouse, and your family do FRG. I am available to you and your for the Company and the Army every families when you need me. Please do single day.Page 6 not hesitate to contact me if you have
  7. 7. Knighthawk NewsFirehawks designated to keep pace for their group ac- curately measured their steps, while the05 June 2012, just moments before dusk, rest of the team plotted the points on theSoldiers of Foxtrot ATS Company map and developed their game plan to ac-(Firehawks) set forth on a journey not com- complish the challenge at hand. With littlemonly traveled by members of the ATS daylight left, an accurate pace count estab-community. The challenge; navigate from lished, and a marked map each team stepspoint to point through a dense unfamiliar off almost simultaneously to their first tar- CPT J Sampselforest inhabited by wild turkeys and hun- gets. Each team raced to the first point and 1SG Leavellgry bears in the dead of the night using found it successfully as the sun finally set. FRG Leaderonly a map, a compass, and a red lens With the complete absence of the sun it Jamie Sampselflashlight. To make final preparations for became increasingly difficult to move Wendy Averettthe event that lay ahead, Firehawks under- about in the thick brush, let alone locate thewent a series of refresher training that en- eye-level orange and white markers thatcompassed the basics of Land Navigation. depicted each point. Fueled with theirSpearheading this training were SSG (P) competitive natures and marked by chemi-Pizzuto, SSG Squires, and SSG Guetersloh cal lights, each team continued to drive onrepresenting their respective platoon well seeking out their objectives. As the chal-with quality training that fostered an excel- lenge continued Soldier safety became anlent opportunity for each Soldier to hone issue and the call was made to cease thetheir skills with a compass and a map. competitive effort.These three skilled NCOs later served asObserver/Controllers to ensure an elementof safety during the voyage through therugged terrain. CSM Parmer was presentduring this preparation phase and gladlyprovided senior experience and tricks ofthe trade to Soldiers rotating through thetraining stations. Three groups wereformed and endowed with knowledge andthe appropriate tools. They eagerly waitedto moment to put them to use. As the sunset, they executed what they had learnedand put their skills to the test. Personnel Page 7
  8. 8. Knighthawk News Pathfinders Families and Friends of TF Knight- ing the skills of our profession. There will even be Battal- hawk, ion combined events and a culminating off-post training event at Cranberry Lake, NY. Our concentration on small Greetings from the Pathfinder Team. unit tactics lends itself to leader development and individ- I am deeply humbled and honored to ual soldier skills allowing each of us to become confident join the Knighthawk’s as we prepare in our warrior tasks and drills. This will lead to a company for our next rotation in support of Op- that can function and adapt with little guidance or informa-eration Enduring Freedom. In the past few months, we tion in an ever changing battle field.have had a large turnover in both Soldiers and their leaders Entering the heart of our training cycle, all I ask is for yourwithin the company. Many of the past deployment’s veter- continued love and support in the coming weeks for ourans have moved on to bigger and better things and we Soldiers. The previous and future success in our training isare sad to see them go. However, we are fortunate to have not only contributed to the Soldier’s hard work here ingained the experience of multiple seasoned Soldiers and Pathfinder Company, but also to the dedicated support theytheir families joining us from other units. I am already receive from you. Your hard work has not gone unnoticedoverwhelmed by the progression we have made as a and is greatly appreciated. Although your Soldiers are the“Team” in just a few short months of being together. I can ones out training every week, you are just as much a part ofonly anticipate this level of performance and motivation to this team and I look forward to working with each andincrease over the next few weeks as we continue to build every one of you.the Pathfinder Family. Knighthawks! As we come off block leave, the Pathfinder Company will First in Last Out!be rapidly progressing to the “run” phase of our training.We have already completed numerous static weapon Christopher Gageranges, Fire Team Live Fire Exercises, and even an off-post CPT, INtraining event in the mountainous terrain of the Adiron-dacks. In addition, Soldiers from the company graduatedPathfinder School and Air Assault School, earning the cov-eted Pathfinder Torch and Air Assault Wings. Great workmen! With individual training almost complete, we willcontinue to advance, challenging the company to come to-gether as a tightly knit team to accomplish more complextasks, while incorporating additional military assets in thetwilight of night and the simulated fog of war. Your Pathfinders will continue to maintain the trainingtempo as we focus on preparation for our upcoming rota-tion to the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) in No-vember. In the next few weeks, we will be conductingmultiple Situational and Live Fire Training events at both the squad and platoon level, hon- Page 8
  9. 9. Knighthawk News Salute to the NationPage 9
  10. 10. Knighthawk News Knighthawks in Action Mountainfest 2012 Air Assault DemoPage 10
  11. 11. Knighthawk News Knighthawks in ActionPage 11
  12. 12. Knighthawk NewsChaplain’s CornerHello to the family and friends Counseling, and (of course) aspect to life. As a result, ourof Task Force Knighthawk, Religion. Susanna has studied vision for this segment is to and been certified in the areas offer practical reflections on I would like this op- of Communication, Sociology, relationships to the Knight-portunity to introduce my wife, and Mediation. As you can hawk community. We do notSusanna, and myself to the see, we both have a passion for claim that these are expert re-Task Force. We are coming relationships and communica- flections or that we know morefrom Denver, Colorado and tion. about relationships than you;this will be our first duty sta- rather, we just want to sharetion. Admittedly, we did not If you’re not inter- some things that we’ve learnedask for Fort Drum, but we are ested in the degrees and want along the way that could offerconstantly encouraged by the to know what we are really Ch (CPT) Daniel Werho and Suzanne some insight into your rela-supportive and friendly com- about, I could simply tell you Werho tionships.munity that is the Fort Drum that we are about relationships.Family. Thank you all for that. We value and always seek to Our ultimate goal isWe look forward to working develop authentic and suppor- that these reflections will serve(and playing) with you as we tive relationships because we as a springboard for conversa-all support each other through have found that there are times tion and eventually lead tothis upcoming deployment. in life when it’s just too hard deeper trusting relationships to get by on our own. Not only that will hopefully support us Let me take some that, but sometimes, life can be all through this deployment.time to share what we bring to brighter when you’re with peo-the table as your Taskforce ple that you truly know andChaplain Couple. If you’re can trust.interested in the degrees andstuff, I have studied and been We hope that you alsocertified in the areas of Family share in this passion, butStudies, Human Development, whether you’re passionateMarital and Pre-Marital Coun- about relationships or not, rela-seling, Stress Management, tionships are an unavoidable Page 12
  13. 13. Knighthawk News MFLC Military Family Life Consultant Personal Finacial Counselor—MFLC Room 19933 MSR Tampa Easy as learning your A, B, Cs HHC Room 108 Talk to our MFLC to learn more... Did you know that the MFLC Program in- cludes Personal Financial Counseling to A= Awareness to your current and future help you and your family manage all your situation. Learn about life as a process. financial needs.“To catch the readers B= Balance of all your energies. Learn attention, place an  Complete confidentiality about using your energy for success.interesting sentence or  Guidance with specific issues or gen- quote from the story C= Control of what you care about. Learn eral education for future use and plan- here.” when to hold and when to fold. ning Just some of the topics are… Need to Talk? Need someone to listen?  ROTH TSP  Spending plans For any issue such as adjustment, coping ,  Saving and investing strategies loss/grief, separation, strengthening, par- enting, resolution, communications, rela-  Retirement tionships, decisions, etc.  College planning  Debt management Call our own 10th CAB Military and Fam-  Free credit report & score– tips on how ily Life Consultant at 315-405-7449 to raise your credit score up  Transitioning to Civilian life And so much more! Call 315-523-3765 for an appointment or more information. Page 13
  14. 14. Knighthawk NewsFarewells"Dont be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, aftermoments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends."~ Richard BachClever Prince Yap James HartJustin Sturm Hector Huertas John KolodgyMatthew Smith Charles Odle Kaylee LaaksoLee Hough James CokerMatthew Cootware James BergeAvonelle Brown StephensAhmed Boyd Chris DickersonAdam Hook Jacob RhodesJustin McBride Jessica CiociJohn Meier Aleth ToussaintDavis Devine Courtenay GalvinHailsPlease take the time and extend a very special welcome to newest members of the Task Force team…Matthew Braman Daniel Reep Cory Albertson Garrett WoodHarold Browning Shawn Calvert Dale Hughes Zealand ShouseHenry Nanez Jared Snyder Orville Gross Taylor HurdEugene Walker Nathan Humbert Jesse Naputi Jared CasiasAndrew Bergquist Bradley Campbell Daniel Werho Robert IbarraKevin Lawistowski Corey Kesty Kinyada ColbertMark Axtell Joseph Lancaster Chase RoeBenjamin Schouwerwou Corey Konieczko Michael HolenchickRonald Scheuren Kristopher Dendtler Manuel ReyesTravis Gordon Aaron Young Jennifer GonzalezMario Nunez Scott Newhart Asaad Brown Page 14
  15. 15. Knighthawk NewsBrigade Soldier Spotlight—SPC Leonardo Sanchez Soldier Spotlight is on SPC Leonardo Sanchez, a vehicle mechanic with E Company, 2nd Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment, Task Force Knighthawk.Despite the 10th Combat Aviation Brigades aviation mission, there remains a real need for ground vehicleswhich are used by aviation support staff such as Downed Aircraft Recovery Teams, fuel and armament spe-cialists, maintainers, logistics, and food specialists. Each battalion has a platoon of ground vehicle mechanics.Sanchez, a native of the Dominican Republic, has been in the Army for 20 months. He entered the Army withan electrical engineering degree from the DR and hopes to improve his English so he can one day use his de-gree in the U.S. He would like to one day attend Officers Candidate School.His favorite part of being a mechanic is actually working on truck. His least favorite part is paperwork and allthe abbreviations the Army uses."For example, why do we say LMTV when we could simply say truck," asked Sanchez.When hes not working, Sanchez says he likes to read books which help him improve his English. He looksforward to reading novels in English eventually.Living in the North Country is perfect for Sanchez since he has family who live in Canada and New York City."You can raise your family here," Sanchez said. "I could live here forever." Page 15
  16. 16. Knighthawk NewsLil Knighthawks Your new baby will bring you joy; Your hearts will swell with love and pleasure; Congratulations to both of you
 And a welcome to your little treasure.Vivianna Grace Perez, born 14 JanAnna Reed born 13 MarchColton Andrew Reed, born 26 MarCharles Jeffrey Shouse, born 7AprilHarmony Pace, born 22 MayKhaleesi Denise Averett, born 4 JulySavonn Roman Vanderpool, born 28 JuneNathaniel Nunez, born 4 June Page 16
  17. 17. 19912 MSR TampaFort Drum NY What does it take to be a 10th Mountain Division Warrior? Peter Wayner, from Syracuse visited the 10th CABs Pathfinder company to find out TF Knighthawk for himself Government Organization Free-lance journalist particpates in Pathfinders battle-focused physical trainingPeter Wayner, a free-lance journalist from Syracuse visited F Company, Pathfinders, 2nd Battalion, 10th Aviation Regi-ment, Task Force Knighthawks, July 24, to experience battle-focused physical training. Wayner is researching what ittakes to be a 10th Mountain Division Soldier.