Questionairre ananlysis


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Questionairre ananlysis

  1. 1. Questionnaire resultsIn this PowerPoint I will be analysing the results from my questionnaire and be using this to make decisions about my final magazine. A questionnaire was a good way of seeing what my target audience thought about the ideas I had come up with, and also a way for me to see exactly what my target audience actually wanted in their magazine.
  2. 2. The majority of the people who answered myquestionnaire were female, therefore I know the answers are going to be more femaleoriented. This can help me when I think about the answers my questionnaire has given me.
  3. 3. This shows me that the majority of people that answered myquestionnaire were between the ages of 16-20 therefore maybe this is the age range i should try and focus my magazine on.
  4. 4. To know how many magazine people buy in a month, gives me an idea on how often I should publish my own music magazine,as my competition (Kerrang, Q, NME) will all have customers that buy their magazines on a regular basis.
  5. 5. Kerrang and NME seem to be purchased by people who could be my potentialcustomers, therefore i will have to make my magazine stand out from these 2 magazines, meaning that my magazine can stand out and catch the eye of all potential customers. Also, when thinking about feature articles, I will try and have stories and exclusives that match that of Kerrang & NME.
  6. 6. This shows me the genre of music that my target audience like, as I am considering producing anIndie/Rock magazine, the turnout of my Questionnaire results is very good.
  7. 7. This question was to get an idea of the bands and artists that people like, the2 with the most listeners are Ed Sheeran & McFly, it id good to know this, as ifany of these acts fit my chosen Genre, I will be able to see who would be well sought after by my readers.
  8. 8. This question shows me some of the types of music that my potential readers listen to, although they have told me their favourite bands, some people do happen to have a different song by another artist as their favourite song.
  9. 9. The previous slide gives me an idea on the types of thing my readers associate with Indie/Rock Music. The feedback from this question will come in handy when it comes to choosing the mise en scene for my music magazine including the front cover image and the images within the magazine. The results show that guitars are definitely something that a lot of people associate with Indie/Rock, therefore this is something I should include in my mise en scene when it comes to taking my front cover image.
  10. 10. Favorite Colour Black Purple Orange Red Green Blue Plum Knowing the readers favourite colour could help me when it comes to thecolour scheme of my magazine, as the reader is more likely to take notice ofmy magazine on the shelf if the front cover has the reader favourite colour on it, as it is eye catching.
  11. 11. This question really helps me when making my music magazine, as I will now be able to know what the reader thinks of some of my ideas for my music magazine. Most of the ideas, the readersseem to think will be good, but the ones which they are not sure, I will now consider other options.
  12. 12. To know the price that my potential customers are willing to pay for my magazine is verybeneficial. I know from this that if I charge more than £3 the public are less likely to purchase my magazine, but to sell it at £1-£1.99 may be too cheap, and this will mean that I will not make aprofit, therefore I could struggle to reproduce the magazine. I think that £2-£2.99 is a reasonable price to sell my magazine as it benefits both me and the customer.
  13. 13. I initially had an idea of how often I would like my magazine tobe published, and my audience result gives me added reason to believe that publishing my magazine fortnightly will be the option, I will now consider this whilst going to publication.
  14. 14. This question was to get the readers opinion on free gifts with the magazine, for example feature singles, vouchers, coupons etc. the majority of thepotential customers seem to think this is a good idea, therefore I will consider it when doing my publication plan.
  15. 15. From this graph I can see that my results show that my potential customers seem to want a fairly small magazine, this benefits me, as it means theproduction cost will not be so high. This result gives me a clear idea of how the customer would like my magazine to be sized.
  16. 16. Overall:Overall I think the results of this questionnaire have given me a clear idea ofsome of the things I can put in my magazine, for example, my prospective seemto like the ideas of free gifts, exclusive interviews, up and coming band guides,and gig guides. All of the feedback has given me ideas on how I can improveideas I have already had, and come up with new concepts based on what mycustomers want. I have now made my decision on the amount of pages mymagazine will contain, and the price at which my magazine will be issued. Ithink the questionnaire is a great source of information and customer feedback,and therefore I would complete questionnaires more often when it comes to mymagazine.