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UK dvd releases feb 2011


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UK dvd releases feb 2011

  1. 1. UK <br />DVD Releases <br />February 2011<br />
  2. 2. 31st Jan-6th Feb<br />Winter’s Bone-<br />An unflinching Ozark Mountain girl hacks through dangerous social terrain as she hunts down her drug-dealing father while trying to keep her family intact.<br />22 Bullets-<br />A retired mobster goes on a revenge spree after being left for dead with 22 bullets in his body by his former childhood friend<br />Mr Nice-<br />The life story of Howard Marks, an elite British drug smuggler.<br />Worlds Greatest Dad-<br />A comedy about a man who learns that the things you want most may not be the things that make you happy, and that being lonely is not necessarily the same as being alone.<br />
  3. 3. 7th Feb-13th Feb<br />Eat Pray Love-<br />A married woman realizes how unhappy her marriage really is, and that her life needs to go in a different direction. After a painful divorce, she takes off on a round-the-world journey to "find herself".<br />Charlie St. Cloud is a young man overcome by grief at the death of his younger brother. So much so that he takes a job as caretaker of the cemetery in which his brother is buried.<br />I Spit on Your Grave<br />A writer who is brutalized during her cabin retreat seeks revenge on her attackers, who left her for dead.<br />The Runaways<br />A coming-of-age biopic about '70s teenage band The Runaways.<br />
  4. 4. Last Week<br />Accidents Happen<br />There are dysfunctional families... and then there are the Conways. After a family tragedy, 15-year-old Billy Conway has become the de facto glue between his bitter mom, distant brother, and stoic dad.<br />Red<br />When his peaceful life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent Frank Moses reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive and uncover his assailants.<br />Open Season 3<br />Boog'sfriends rally to bring him home from a Russian traveling circus.<br />The Social Network<br />A chronicle of the founding of Facebook, the social-networking Web site.<br />
  5. 5. This Week<br />Despicable Me<br />When a criminal mastermind uses a trio of orphan girls as pawns for a grand scheme, he finds himself profoundly changed by the growing love between them.<br />Alpha and Omega<br />Two young wolves at opposite ends of their pack's social order are thrown together into a foreign land and need each other to return home, but love complicates everything.<br />Operation Endgame<br />A battle ensues among groups of government spy teams in an underground facility after their boss is assassinated.<br />Burke and Hare<br />A black comedy about two 19th century grave robbers who find a lucrative business providing cadavers for an Edinburgh medical school.<br />