Why Parental Engagement is important for Schools to help raise Pupil Achievement


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A web-based parent portal software designed to link directly with the SIMS management information system, allowing schools to engage parents in their child's education. Schools decide what data to make available for parents to view. Parents can login to INSIGHT Software, via a link on the school's website and see their child's data.

The parent portal has helped schools improve communication between teachers, parents and pupils thus sharing pupil data online, as a result helping improve a child’s attendance, behaviour and more.
By sharing pupil data online with parents, has helped schools save time and costs of paper, printing, and postage, as well as create a dialogue with parents and pupils helping in raising pupil attainment across the school.

Parents can quickly see a snapshot view of the most important data as soon as they login, including: attendance for today, school notices, alerts for attendance and behaviour, assignments, recent behaviours. By keeping track of their child's attendance by viewing: timetable, attendance for today, attendance for this term, week by week attendance with overall weekly percentage, lesson by lesson attendance, attendance code summary, statistical summary, attendance by session, attendance by subject, comparison of attendance against class and year, termly attendance for the whole time at school..parents can see how their child's attendance is improving or otherwise.

Positive and negative behaviour along with points can also be viewed by parents. Parents can also see any detentions issued and scheduled for their child and check if the detention was attended. To view how well their child’s behaviour is compared with the class and year group, a behaviour comparison chart is available to display this data.

With schools reporting assessment data in INSIGHT, parents can login to see their child’s assessments and also view subject reports with the functionality of saving and printing these. Examination data, including exam entries, exam results and exam coursework, exam timetable and key stage results can also be viewed.

If parents have new personal details to inform the school about, the new details can be sent to the school in INSIGHT. The personal details will be updated, once approved by the school... a quick, easy and convenient way for parents. A list of contacts associated with the child is available for parents, allowing them to instantly and conveniently contact a staff member regarding any issues or concerns regarding their child. For schools that hold school events, the ‘Ticket and Seat booking’ feature is a great time saving online tool allowing parents to book their seats and tickets online. General information such as: weather, RSS Feeds, school details, school announcements, user-defined pages, newsletters and school dinners can also be viewed.

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Why Parental Engagement is important for Schools to help raise Pupil Achievement

  1. 1. INSIGHT Software for Parents, Pupils & Staff
  2. 2. Company Profile • Established in 1991 • Developers of pupil data management software products for schools and LAs • Supplying to education establishments all over the country • Premier Partner of Capita CS.. • Allows TASC Software products to link directly to the SIMS MIS in the school - no transfer of data is required.
  3. 3. Why is Parental Engagement important?
  4. 4. Parental Engagement... “Engaging parents is a powerful lever for raising a child's achievement through continual support and encouragement. Having the ability to share pupil data and interact dynamically with parents builds on the achievements in school and drives school improvement.”
  5. 5. With effective use of ICT in achieving parental engagement: • Pupil information is presented in a meaningful and timely way to parents • A communication channel is created between parents and staff, including the ‘hard to reach’ parents • An increase in pupil achievement will result due to improved dialogue between parents and their children. Using ICT in Parental Engagement
  6. 6. Using ICT in Parental Engagement Learner SchoolParent Partnership Timely ManageableMeaningful Source: Becta, (2009) ‘Exploiting ICT to improve parental engagement, moving towards online reporting’, Coventry,: Becta Publications.
  7. 7. HOW can your school engage Parents in their child’s education? Answer... INSIGHT Software for Parents, Pupils & Staff
  8. 8. INSIGHT Software... The portal can be used collaboratively, thus creating a 3-way communication, instantly and regularly. An effective way of managing a pupil’s behaviour, attendance, progress and more... A web-based solution, designed for: • Parents • Pupils • Staff ..to login and view pupil data, held in the school’s SIMS MIS.
  9. 9. How does INSIGHT work? INSIGHT is... • a web application • hosted in school on an IIS Server using standard Microsoft technologies • available on the most popular browsers conforming to W3C standards • available on mobile devices.
  10. 10. Why INSIGHT.. for online reporting? Involves parents in their child’s learning By having instant access to their child’s data, anytime and anywhere in real-time. Pupils become more engaged in their progress With access to an online tool to view, track and improve their progress at school. Pupils can also view their homework set and upload evidence for homework completed. Saves on costs and time By reporting pupil data and reports online, schools can save on printing and posting. Having all the relevant information in one place and instantly accessible online, helps save time.
  11. 11. Why INSIGHT.. for online reporting? Parents can... View their child’s attendance, behaviour, assessments and subject reports online Contact staff directly Report their child’s absence Update their personal details Book their seats and tickets online for any school events Participate in Forums Give feedback on Surveys Teachers can.. Select a pupil to see their data Record and issue homework to pupils Download any homework evidence Access their SIMS Marksheets and enter grades online View Parents Evenings Appointments, selecting from a range of reports
  12. 12. Why INSIGHT.. for online reporting? Easy access via mobile devices available on iPhone, iPad and standard mobile phone devices. Links with other systems Cashless catering Systems to show school dinners VLEs Reports from other systems external to SIMS
  13. 13. What data can Parents and Staff view online? INSIGHT Software is a very flexible solution and the school decides what data to allow the different roles to see: Parents, Pupils and Staff.
  14. 14. Snapshot A quick overview of the child’s: attendance for today, alerts, behaviour summary with the most recent rolling behaviours, homework set.
  15. 15. Parents can see their child’s timetable with subject name, tutor, timetabled room and session times. Timetable
  16. 16. General Information • Notices – school notices can be viewed by parents • Gallery – to display images of a pupils’ work • School details & school calendar • User defined page – display useful information for parents, newsletters or a webpage • RSS Feeds – i.e. BBC Education News • Weather
  17. 17. Book Parents’ Evening Appointments Parents can book themselves appointments for parents’ evenings online and remove themselves from an appointment. An appointment list can be printed also.
  18. 18. Attendance Summary Parents can keep up to date with their child’s attendance for: today, week by week summary provided with overall percentages, attendance by session, code summary, Lesson Summary and a career attendance for their whole time in school. An attendance comparison chart displays the child’s attendance compared with class and the year group.
  19. 19. Behaviour Behaviour incidents can be tracked by parents including positive and negative behaviour points, outcomes and the recorder. Parents can view any detentions set, the reason and if it was served. The Cash-In feature allows pupil’s positive behaviour points to be traded in for physical rewards.
  20. 20. Assessments Assessment grades can be viewed along with the results, result date for the Aspects and Result sets. Assessment data can also be viewed in chart format allowing parents to see progress made at a glance..
  21. 21. Examinations Examination entries, Examination Coursework, Examination Timetable and Examination results can be viewed including board Level, exam, result, status, forecast and Points.
  22. 22. Reports Reports from Sims linked documents, Assessment Manager, PARS Software or Profiles can be viewed online. Parents can also save a copy of the report and print it.
  23. 23. Optional Extras available.. Pupil login for pupils to login and view their data Parents’ Evening Booking System Allows parents to book appointments for themselves and also remove appointments. Surveys – allows staff to design surveys for feedback from parents
  24. 24. Optional Extras available.. Options Offer – to allow parents/pupils to select GCSE options online, writing back to Sims. Marksheets – for teachers to see their marksheets from sims and access their grading from home. API (Application Program Interface) – allows data to be viewed in other external applications
  25. 25. Why Schools, Parents, & Pupils like Insight?
  26. 26. Why Schools, Parents, & Pupils like Insight?
  27. 27. The reaction from parents on the Insight product has been second to none! With continual updates, ease of use and speed, parents really have found the communication between the school and home has been improved on the back of that product being introduced into the school. Insight has a far greater level of functionality than any of the other products that we have seen out there. - Luke Nicolaou, IT Director, Sunbury Manor School, Surrey We have found INSIGHT excellent, we also found setting up students to access INSIGHT extremely beneficial as they can access various information including Time tables, Exams info, Homework, which has been useful saving staff admin time. Students and parents become more involved in discussing Progress, Behaviour etc as they can keep up to date with this info. - Steven Cleaver, Network Manager, Lode Heath School, Solihull My son is year 9 and a typical lad, not telling me much when he gets home! If I see any CQs and can ask what he has done and also encourage him with any rewards given. I can check and see what lessons he has today so I can ask how he got on. INSIGHT has opened up really good conversations and his behaviour has improved. I find the software easy to user, nice and simple, easily categorised. - Year 9 Parent Newent School, Gloucester
  28. 28. Would you like to see a full demo? For further information and to book a demo, please contact: sales@tascsoftware.co.uk 01902 824281 www.tascsoftware.com # tascsoftware http://www.youtube.com/user/TASCsoftware