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Newsletter of the William V.S. Tubman University, Liberia, West Africa

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Tu times november

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 3 WILLIAM V. S. TUBMAN UNIVERSITYTransformation for Worthy ServiceInside this issue: First Round of CPR Classes 20 staff of the William V.S. Tub-First Round of CPR 1 man University on Friday, No-Classes vember 18, 2011 participated in a one day training session onStudent Capacity 2 Cardio-Pulmonary ResuscitationBuilding Seminar (CPR), held at the academic com- plex of the William V. S. TubmanCollege of Education, 6 University.Division of EarlyChildhood The session was facilitated by Dr. Asad Khan, Medical Specialist/ The major causes of cardiac arrest 5. Normal breathing? Check 6 Medical Doctor at the Pakistani are heart disease , drowning, suf- breathing – look, listen and feelStudents—Say—So Level II Hospital in Harper, Mary- focation, poisonous gases, head for signs of breathing land County, and was the first injury, drug overdose and electric round of a series of training ses- shock. 6. Start CPR-Cardiac compres- sions to be sponsored by the Paki- sions: The ratio of 30 chest stani Level II Hospital. The session was based on theo- compressions followed by 2 retical and practical demonstra- breaths, with a compression rate According to Dr. Khan, Cardio- tions of the basic steps in CPR of 100 per minute. Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is administration. a combination of mouth-to-mouth 7. Mouth-to-mouth- put your resuscitation and chest compres- The basic CPR steps, according to mouth over the person‟s and blow sions that delivers oxygen and Dr. Khan are: into their mouth. artificial blood circulation to aSpecial points of in- person who is in cardiac arrest or 1. Dangers? Check for danger, Dr. Khan stressed that administer-terest: heart attack. approach with care and do not put ing CPR should only be stopped yourself in danger. for one of the following reasons: Harper an Alluring Para- A „heart attack‟ occurs when the the person revives and starts dise 2. Responsive? Is the victim con- heart is starved of oxygen. A heart breathing again on their own; attack can „stun‟ the heart and scious? Gently touch and talk to medical help, such as ambulance Sports day at TU interrupt its rhythm and ability to them, as if you are trying to wake paramedics, arrive to take over; or pump. If the heart stops pumping, them up. If there is no response, the person performing the CPR is it is known as a cardiac arrest. get help. forced to stop from physical ex- This is because the heart does not haustion. 3. Call for help . receive enough oxygen and cannot pump blood around the body. The next round of CPR classes is 4. Open airway -Check the airway. There is no heartbeat because the scheduled for mid January 2012. Gently tilt their head back, open heart is not working. their mouth and look inside.
  2. 2. Page 2 Capacity Building Workshop for Student LeadersMr. J. Philip Augustus Theoway Director Students Clubs & Activities The November 25 – 26, The Department of Student Clubs municating Effectively in the Uni- provided by the university. 2011 Capacity Building & Activities in collaboration with versity Community, Time Man- Workshop for Student the Division of Students Affairs of agement, Fundraising & Resource The Participants appreciated the the William V.S. Tubman Univer- Mobilization, Budget Forecasting, workshop , describing it as timely Leaders was intended sity have held an intensive Internal Controls, Financial Re- and could not have come at a basically to provide and/ “Student Capacity Building Work- porting and Internal Audits. better time, they were full of ap- or increase the knowledge shop” for student leaders. preciation for being partakers of and skills of 25-30 student Facilitators for the workshop were the Student Capacity Building leaders in various clubs The two day workshop which ran drawn from a wide range of fac- Workshop as they have been and organizations as well from November 25—26 had its ulty and staff of the university equipped for better service not venue at the gallery of the aca- as the SGA on how they with vast experience in their re- only to the university but to their demic complex of TU. spective fields and topics. communities. can effectively and efficiently operate and The November 25–26, 2011 Ca- In a conversation with TU Times For his part, Mr. Aaron S. Collins, meet their objectives in pacity Building Workshop for at the beginning of the workshop, President of the Student Govern- the University Student Leaders was intended Mr. J. Philip Augustus Theoway, ment Association of Tubman community, taking into basically to provide and/or in- Director of Students Clubs and University, said that the workshop crease the knowledge and skills of consideration current Activities, who organized the was an eye opener and a source of 25-30 student leaders in various university policies and workshop said that at the end of enlightenment for the effective clubs and organizations as well as procedures, principles of the workshop, it is expected that handling of student and faculty the SGA on how they can effec- operation and core values. tively and efficiently operate and student leaders would have devel- related issues as well as a perform- oped an understanding of their ance enhancement in being a meet their objectives in the Uni- roles and responsibilities in the foreman of students at one of the versity community, taking into university community in relations nations prestigious universities. consideration current university to those of the overall university policies and procedures, principles administration. They should also Facilitators at the workshop in- of operation and core values. be able to employ system thinking cluded, Dr. Joseph T. Isaac, Vice as a means of fostering the overall President for Administration, Mr. Topics facilitated during the work- objectives of the university and Gbalee Gray, Mrs. Viola Lassanah- shop were: Roles & Responsibili- develop efficient and effective Lincoln, Mr. Solo Otto Gaye, Mr. ties in the University Community, models of communication based Abraham Kiazolu, among others. Channels & Procedures for Com- on the procedures and channels
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 3 Page 3Pictorial of the Student’s Capacity Building Workshop
  4. 4. Page 4 Cape Palmas (Harper) a Paradise to Visit By: Solo Otto GayeMr. Solo Otto GayeDevelopment Officer Are you in search for a place to have a Besides its natural beauty, Harper is the monument embodies nine- short vacation? Then an alluring para- a historical destination, especially teenth century events, from Afri-Besides its natural dise in Southeastern Liberia awaits for African-Americans. It is consid- can repatriation to nation-beauty, Harper is a you. Hiking, biking, safari, fishing, ered to be one of the traditional building. rafting, boating, sunbathing; beaches hometowns of "Americo-historical destination By the early 1850s, Harper was a lined with coconut trees could give Liberians", descendants of freedespecially for African- small, yet thriving, harbor town. you peace and a better access to slaves from the United States whoAmericans. It is The colonists constructed a tower Harper (Cape Palmas). These are just settled in Liberia. Harper is also on the top of Cape Palmas, andconsidered to be one of few that mark Harper as a new and the birth place of William V.S. Tub- they imported a lighthouse mecha-the traditional key destination for tourism. Harper is man, president of Liberia between nism from England, the beams of indeed a new paradise where investors 1944 and 1971. There are manyhometowns of "Americo- which could be seen by sailors 20 in the tourism industry can invest in houses built with "African- Ameri-Liberians", descendants miles out at sea. Today this light order to display undiscovered incredi- can" influence, old architectural house still stands in Harper.of freed slaves from the ble beaches, high plains savanna, styled churches reminiscent of theUnited States who settled lagoons, rivers, lakes and islands. early 20th century, and historical Getting to Harper is a thirteen statues or monuments to discover. (13) hour drive from the capitalin Liberia Though active tourism has not started Monrovia. Though commercial yet, many people have already placed Rising incongruously from lush flights have not been introduced the city on their tourism map for vegetation on a steep slope above yet, the city still maintains a small much needed relaxation and rest. In sea level is a historical monument airport that could be used by pri- recent times, the city has witnessed an which was erected in 1957 in honor vate or chattered aircrafts. Several increase in foreign guests curious to of the centennial of admission of boats have already started moving relax on oceanfront beaches with the state of Maryland , formally a between Harper and Monrovia. access to "stress out reduction" re- colony of Maryland Colonization The city maintains a number of gime of swimming, boating, joking, Society (USA) and briefly, an inde- guest houses, motels and even fishing and good sea food. “If tourism pendent nation, into Liberia as its individual homes that provide a catches on, it could bring more fifth county in 1857. possible base for tourism. money to those who are first to invest Shaped like an obelisk with an open here”, says a local businessman who is pavilion in the center containing interested in investing his money in two statues ( A Grebo Chief & a the Harper tourism industry. Free Slave) locked in an embrace,
  5. 5. Volume 1, Issue 3 Page 5 St. Mark Episcopal Church, Harper Historical Monument Lake Shepherd with its beautiful Coconut Grove Traditional DancersCape Palmas alone can boast of Lake Shepherd is another lovely men using dug-out wooden It is an annual event to celebrateseveral lovely beaches and lakes. place to fish, boat, and swim. boats ply the Atlantic Ocean. and remember the spirits of theThe beach at Rock Town, 3 Kilo- The lake which is approximately dead. Lobsters, swordfish, crayfish,meters from Harper is found at the 15 miles long is divided from the dolphins, manatees and other Traditional mask performers carry-mouth of a huge, green lagoon roaring Atlantic Ocean by a marine species are abounding in ing cutlasses, mortal pestles andwhere alluvial waters rush in and out green sliver of land with coconut the under-fished waters of fanners dance to drums. "Docler",daily. Bathers can ride seven foot- trees and a sandy beach. Located Harper. as it is often called is performedhigh waves unto shore or plunge on the lake is a floating market during the death of a high priest,into the warm lagoon as kids somer- where locals living at the upper Arguably, the most exciting elder or when requested.sault and tumble in the nearby surf. part of Lake Shepherd bring event to witness is certainly theAt Fish Town, the beach is more fresh coconuts, cassava, and traditional war dance and funer- Dancers are decorated with chalkprotected from rough surf and bath- vegetables for sale, a scene that als with "talking coffins". Across and charcoal applied to their torsosers can wade out in clear waters for could be compared to that of the the Hoffman River in Big-town, and faces. Some wear head gearover 100 meters. A venture too can floating market in Thailand. a Harper suburb, traditionally with cow horns and cutlasses inleave one on the "Dead Island" There are myriad opportunities occupied by the Grebos is most one hand and a cow tail in another.where coffins of Grebo chiefs, eld- to fish in Cape Palmas, from the often a scene of traditional "false The performers dance in a circleers and high priests are piled on the Cavalla to Hoffman Rivers, burials. while a "Clown" entertains onlook-rocky islet. where a small group of fisher- ers with jokes and stories.
  6. 6. Page 6 College of Education, Division of Early Childhood The first few years of every Africa, as a member of a group of Research on brain development child‟s life shape how they see 15 persons selected by the Early attests to the importance of key the world and have a strong Childhood Development Bureau mental, physical and social capabili- influence on their future. of the Ministry of Education. ties. If these fundamental capabili- ties are not well established from According to Ms. Lillian Nealy, The Conference focused on teach- the start, a childs learning potential Director of Early Childhood, in ing young children from a devel- could adversely be affected. As the College of Education at the opmental approach and from a such, education in early childhood Ms. Lillian Nealy William V. S. Tubman Univer- physical, cognitive, social & emo- must have its own specific practices Director, Early Childhood sity, her focus is on teaching tional perspective. and issues. parents how to provide the right Ms. Nealy stressed that children ―People and parents form of education for their Ms. Nealy further asserted that her children while they are still in needs during early childhood are focus is on laying the foundation different from those of olderneed to look at children the state of infancy. She stressed for a developed educational system that the first three (3) years of schoolchildren, because early and also a new approach to child- as having the right to every child‟s life is the most childhood sees the greatest growth hood development, pointing out important in the child‟s brain and development, when the brain that she has developed a culturallyplay and being able to development. develops most rapidly, almost at its diverse curriculum for university fullest. It is a period when walking, students in the field of Early Child- develop physically, Ms. Nealy has spent over 40 talking, self-esteem, vision of the hood that will be effective in help- years in the field of childhood world and moral foundations are ing to see teaching from a differentcognitively, socially and development and has worked in established. The early years of life perspective. countries like Kenya, Niger, are critical to the development of emotionally‖ USA ,etc.., and has just returned intelligence, personality and social from a conference in South behavior. Students Say-So “I will like to commend Dr. university which requires gradual I wish to congratulate Dr. Joseph Elizabeth Davis-Russell, along process to develop and improve”. T. Isaac who expounded on with her co-workers, for their Therefore, we do anticipate im- “Leadership Ability & Time Man- tireless efforts in getting Tub- provement in the not too distant agement”. From him we have man University to this level, future. come to understand our own strengths and weaknesses. which has brought light and knowledge to the southeastern I would like to stimulate and ad- I finally, want to recommend to monish students with the ambi- region, especially Marylanders. the university‟s administration to tion of furthering their studies that provide more learning resources Tubman University is a source TU is the best medium/source of like internet service and up-to-date of quality education and excel- acquiring quality education. books for research purposes. ItName: Othello P. Dennis lence. However, due to its worries me personally as a student I also want to extend felicitationsSex: Male recent emergence, learning at of the College of Agriculture to TU is a bit challenging. to the facilitators of the recentlyCollege: Agriculture walk in the library and see no shelf held Capacity Building Workshop.Major: General Agriculture that has the requisite books for the Dr. Davis-Russell continuously The seminar was very enticing as College of Agriculture & FoodAmbition: Agriculturist emphasizes that “Tubman there were a lot of beneficial ideas Sciences”. University is a 21st century and knowledge gained.
  7. 7. Volume 1, Issue 3 Page 7Sports Day at William V.S. Tubman University
  8. 8. Transformation for Worthy Service William V.S. Tubman University History & Facts Chartered: 14 September 2009 Vision: TU aspires to be a center of quality and excellence Mission: Provide quality educational experiences that transform the lives of individuals for worthy service  6 Colleges:  Agriculture & Food Sciences  Arts & Sciences  Education  Engineering &Technology We’re on the web!  Health Sciences www.tubmanu.edu.lr  Management & Public AdministrationUpcoming Events: Seminars with PakMed Level II Hospital TU Times Newsletter Students Clubs & Activities Strategic Planning Seminar For inquiries please contact: Mr. Ambrose T. Wreh Mr. & Miss TU Beauty Pageant Division for Institutional Advancement Night of a Thousand Laughs William V. S. Tubman University Email: publicrelations@tubmanu.edu.lr awreh@tubmanu.edu.lrDon’t Miss out on these events!!Disclaimer !!TU Times is a monthly Newsletter from the Division of Institutional Advancement of the William V. S. Tubman University.If you wish to discontinue receiving emailed copies of this Newsletter, please email to: awreh@tubmanu.edu.lr orpublicrelations@tubmanu.edu.lr