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The mobile app revolution


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Published in: Education
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The mobile app revolution

  1. 1. The Mobile App Revolution
  2. 2. •Mobile phones are no longer being used to just make calls and send text messages. They are becoming networked computers with endless possibilities!
  3. 3. •Smartphones, with the revolution of apps, have already replaced books, maps, cameras, MP3 players etc. in our bags and pockets.
  4. 4. • More than a billion smartphones are being used everyday around the world, and that number is rapidly growing.
  5. 5. •As more and more adults are increasinly turning to mobile devices and apps, so are their children!
  6. 6. •According to a recent study done in America in 2013, the survey showed that among children under the age of 2, 38% had used mobile devices like iphones, tablets or kindles.
  7. 7. •Another recent study done in America showed that currently 40% of families now own tablets (up from 8% two years ago), while 7% of children under the age of 8 own their own tablets.
  8. 8. •Certainly, mobile devices are more convenient than traditional technologies, wheather for parent's own use, or for distracting a young child.
  9. 9. •Although the America Acadamy of Pediatrics reccomend that children under the age of 2 have no screen time, the group's recomendation is mostly ignored.
  10. 10. • A servey done in America showed that children under the age of 2 spend on average an hour a day in front of screens, engaging in activities such as watching television, using computers, viewing DVD's, and playing with mobile Apps.
  11. 11. •Children ages 2-4 spend an average of two hours a day in front of screens, and children between the ages of 5-8 spend an average of two hours and twenty minutes a day in front of screens.
  12. 12. •There are a vast number of educational apps available for babies and children that are either free or low cost. These apps teach children to learn letters, shapes, numbers, sign language, animals, as well as provide opportunities for children to engage in music to create art.
  13. 13. •Many parents enjoy the various opportunities and benefits that are available on smartphone apps for their children's use, but there are simultaneous concerns about the safety and privacy of their children's personal lives revealed to the public.
  14. 14. • Some parental concerns include: instant access to unsuitable online material, too much information available to strangers, expensive phone bills etc.
  15. 15. • Mobile apps are drastically and rapidly changing our lives and the way we do things.
  16. 16. • Mobile apps are making it possible for us to engage with the outside world and not leave the house.
  17. 17. •Mobile apps make it possible to order groceries, shop online, pay bills, deposit checks etc., all from the confort of your home.
  18. 18. •Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular around the world for people of all ages, weather used for convenience, buisness or pleasure.
  19. 19. •The revolution of mobile apps are changing the way we live our lives, for better or for worse.
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