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Reflective Measurement and Quantified Self


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Reflective measurement and quantified self

Published in: Business, Technology
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Reflective Measurement and Quantified Self

  1. 1. Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self in Social Network SitesReflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  2. 2. ―Our daily routine is more and more ruled by numbers—by the things we measure. Is there anything that we shall not someday be able to measure, accurately and profitably?‖– John M. HenshawReflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  3. 3. Measurement Measurement exists since the manbegan to compare things, objects andanimals. Since the industrial revolution,the measurement of human activies hasbecome a central issue, mainly in termsof performance, asset, work time,accuracy etc. Human activities just as universal assport, education and games are widelybased on measurement.Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  4. 4. Measurement, Register and Memory The increasing digitization ofinformation devices has increased thefacility and pervasiveness ofmeasurement. • It is becoming standard, and not the exception, that the actions and interactions are recorded. • The devices show registered information in a way accessible and usable • People pay more attention to measuring thingsReflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  5. 5. Infographics FeverThe growing interest in infographics isa symptom of these factors.Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  6. 6. RunKeeper “Track, measure andimprove yout fitness.”Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  7. 7. I Just Made Love“Find out what the worldthinks about yourwonders.”Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  8. 8. Measuremente, Performance andCompetition• The measurement of human activitiesemphasizes the concept ofperformance• Individuals and organizations haveincreased awareness of its activities inabsolute and relative manners,comparing to others.• New dynamics of competition emergeand others are exacerbatedReflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  9. 9. HealthyJump “Applying computingtechnology to eliminatetedium of trackingperformance or statushelps people to achievepredetermined goals oroutcomes” (FOGG)Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  10. 10. BeAwareContinuous monitoring ofenergy consumption.Persuasive devices with features to control energyexpenditure.Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  11. 11. BeAwareReflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  12. 12. Social Network Definition This widely used definition of social networksites already have a component aboutmeasurement: web-based services that allow individuals to (1) construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system, (2) articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and (3) view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system. The nature and nomenclature of these connections may vary from site to site (BOYD & ELLISON)Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  13. 13. Quantified Self The Quantified Self project isfostering practices of self-tracking. Check out varioustools and specialized software inthe Quantified Self Guide.Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  14. 14. Social Media and Reflexive Measurement The technical configuration ofsocial network sites favors theconstant monitoring of actions andinteractions performed in thesystem, largely in quantitativemeasures: friends, followers, fans,comments, scraps, testimonials,photos, communities, membersetc.Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  15. 15. Social Media and Reflexive Measurement Brazilian community at the site Orkut: “I have + commmunities than friends”Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  16. 16. Social Media and Reflexive Measurement Tweets from brazilian users talking about tweets, followers and lists quantities.Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  17. 17. Social Media and Reflexive Measurement Several social practices ofcompetition, collaboration orsimple comparison is furthered bysocial media. The users themselves takeownership of the measurement andthat the system does add asymbolis layer upon numbers.Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  18. 18. Social Media and Reflexive Measurement Brazilian community at the site Orkut: “Fill my profile with 1000 friends!”Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  19. 19. Using Reflexive Measurement When planning digital communication, it is necessary totake into account the reflexive measurement. For example: • Contests: Creating contests in which users can monitor their performance • Seeding: to select users and social hubs must involve some measurable principle • Presence: discrepancies in the symmetry of the connections (more followings than followers followed por exemplo) has been correlated with undesirable impression • Loyalty: retain repeated customers through giveaways, for example in Foursquare, is positive and almost a requirement: consumers today know hor to measure their loyalty and its impact on branding and productReflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  20. 20. References More- Does Measurement Measure Up?- John M.Henshaw- HTLab - BeAware - Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the DigitalAge, de Viktor Mayer-Schonberger Reflexive Measurement and Quantified Self
  21. 21. Get in Touch: Tarcízio Silva Measurement and Quantified Self