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Bv doshi 1

  1. 1. Centre of Environmental Planning and Technology [ View thumbnail images ] Location Ahmedabad, India Architect/Planner Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi Architect/Planner Jai R. Bhalla Client Ahmedabad Education Society Date 1968 Century 20th Decade 1960s Building Type educational Building Usage university Project ID 65NotesThe Centre of Environmental Planning and Technology is an autonomouseducational institution. It is situated on a rectangular site. The layout with itsfour corner entry allows students to cross the central court. This court issurrounded by the school of architecture to the north, the school of planning tothe east and the visual arts centre to the south. The design weaves togetherindoor and ourtdoor spaces and shaded and open areas so as to construct theentire site with its buildings and landscape as a large classroom.(Source: AKTC)