types of quadrilaterals


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types of quadrilaterals

  1. 1. welcome
  2. 2. Made by: Vishal Rana Submitted to: Meenakshi mam
  3. 3. Q Draw the graph of equation 2x+y=6. find the co-ordinate of the point, where graph cut the x-axis. Shade the region bounded by the graph & the co-ordinate of axis. 1) which is the shape form? 2)find the area of shape formed?
  4. 4. 2x+y=6 y=6-2x if x=1 then, y=6-2(1)=4 if x=2 then, y=6-2(2)=2 if x=3 then, y=6-2(3)=0 X 1 2 3 Y 4 2 0
  5. 5. 1) It is a triangle 2)Base of triangle:3 units height of triangle:6 unit area of triangle=1/2 x base x height =(1/2 x 3 x 6)units =9 sq . units
  6. 6. The word ‘quad’ means four & the word ‘lateral’ means sides. thus, a plane figure bounded by four line segments AB,BC,CD&DA is called a quadrilateral & is written as quad.ABCD or ABCD. The point A,B,C,D are called its vertices. The four line segment, AB,BC,CD,DA are the four sides, and the four angels <A,<B,<C,<D are the four angles of quad. ABCD. Two line segments AC&BD are called the diagonals of quad. ABCD.
  7. 7. A quadrilateral having exactly one pair of parallel sides, is called a trapezium. ABCD is a trapezium in which AB||CD. A B D C
  8. 8. >its two sides are parallel. >its diagonal are not equal. >sum of all angles is 360 degrees. >
  9. 9. A quadrilateral is a parallelogram if its both pairs of opposite sides are parallel.
  10. 10. >A diagonal of a parallelogram divides it into two congruent triangles. >in a parallelogram, opposite sides are equal. >the opposite angles of angles of a parallelogram are equal
  11. 11. > The diagonal of a parallelogram bisect each other. >in A parallelogram, the bisectors of any two consecutive angles intersect at right angles > if diagonal of a parallelogram bisects one of the angles of the parallelogram, it also bisects the second angles.
  12. 12. A parallelogram whose each angles is a right angle, is called a rectangle. A B D C
  13. 13. >its all angle are of 90 degrees. >its opp. Sides are equal & parallel. >its diagonal are equal & bisect each other. >its diagonal cut each other at 90 degrees.
  14. 14. A parallelogram whose each angles is a right angle and each sides are equal, is called a square. A B D C
  15. 15. >it’s each sides and each angles are equal . > its diagonal are equal to each other and bisects each other at 90 degrees . >its opp. Sides are parallel to each other.
  16. 16. A parallelogram with equal sides is known as rhombus.
  17. 17. >Rhombus has equal sides. >it’s opposites angles are equal. > it’s diagonal bisect each other. > it’s diagonals cut the rhombus into two congruent triangles.
  18. 18. A quadrilateral is a kite if it has pair of equal adjacent sides & unequal opposite sides
  19. 19. >it have a pair of equal angle & unequal angles. >it have unequal diagonals. >its longer diagonal always cut the kite into two congruent triangles.
  20. 20. Thank you