Mahindra War Room 2012 Grand Finale


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Team Members: Pulkit Bohra, Pulkit Mathur, Mudit Jain, Tarun Gupta
We presented the above presentation in Mahindra War room finals, 2012. This presentation discusses the business strategy for Mahindra EPC in Clentech sector.

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Mahindra War Room 2012 Grand Finale

  1. 1. Business Strategy for Cleantech (MEPC) Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi Cleantech (MEPC)
  2. 2. Case Study Objectives What Differentiated Offering can be made by Mahindra EPC ?Reforming How should Mahindra EPC become theMahindra preferred player for solar power developers? EPC How should Mahindra EPC scale up the business ? 2 [8] Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  3. 3. Research Methodology Qualitative • Telephonic interview with Company executives from Rays Power Infra, FirstGreen Consulting, MINDA NexGentech • Discussion with Professors at IIM Ranchi • Secondary research from internet and databases (ISI Emerging, Proquest, EBSCO & Indiastat, CRISIL) Quantitative • On field survey (2 MW Solar Plant) • Technical associates Ltd. , Sandauli, Barabanki, U.P. • EPC Contractor was Mahindra EPC Critical & Action Oriented • Cost – Benefit analysis for Solar park (300 MW) • Gujarat case study Analysis 3Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  4. 4. About NSM EPC in IndiaTraversing The Mahindra EPC Value Objectives Chain Case Recommen dations Appendix [8] [8] 4 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  5. 5. Roles of an EPC About NSM Regulatory Authority Utility/PPA Financing Project Developer Project Consultant EPC in India Institutions/Banks Module/Equipment EPC BoS Suppliers Supplier Company Objectives Case Consulting Consulting Recommen dations Vendors for Solar Offerings Cliental Offering Operation & Procurement (On-Grid + Off-Grid) & Access Maintenance Data Appendix AccumulateSource: Interactions with PV developers and industry experts [8] [8] 5 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  6. 6. The Mahindra Advantage About NSMTrack record of executing successful projects On-time completion • Jodhpur – 5MW (completed) record is a critical • Lucknow – 2MW (completed) factor for project EPC in • Jodhpur – 33MW (under construction) India financing • Bikaner – 23 MW (under construction) Objectives Case Synergies with Mahindra sister companies • Mahindra Construction Equipment: Potential mutual For construction equipment cost-optimization • MaCE: Engineering Consulting • Mahindra Logistics: Logistics support Recommen dations • Mahindra Finance: Currently, primarily in rural financingMahindra Group’s financial strength to avoid stoppage of work due to Appendix working capital [8] [8] 6 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  7. 7. EPC Companies Are Facing Several Challenges About NSM Solar technology is not considered for project finance funding – Substantial fund requirement with limited banking facility EPC in India Competitive bidding drove prices for grid-connected Issues solar energy to INR7.49 – Race for cost reduction has led to compromise in quality With Solar EPC Objectives CaseCompanies New technology – Shortage of skilled manpower Financial closure, land procurement and Recommen development reduces project execution time – dations Compromising quality Grid connectivity is delayed sometimes by as long as 12 months in certain cases – losses for EPC contractor Appendix [8] [8] 7 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  8. 8. Case Study Objectives About NSM How should Mahindra EPC scale up the EPC in India business?Reforming Objective-1 How should Mahindra EPC become theMahindra preferred player for solar power developers? EPC Recommen What Differentiated Offering can be made by dations Mahindra EPC? Appendix [8] [8] 8 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  9. 9. About NSM Recommendation 1 EPC in India Mahindra EPC should considerbackward integration to optimize Objective-1 cost and be future-ready Recommen dation - 1 Appendix [8] [8] 9 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  10. 10. Analyzing the scope of vertical integration for cost optimization About NSMForward Integration: Already existing in the form of No Scope Mahindra Solar One. Backward IntegrationDomestic Content Requirement EPC in IndiaAnti-Dumping Duties Opportunities Objective-1Market for INR1.6 worth modules by 2022 Indian Suppliers to EPC Companies Solar Moser Baer Semiconductor Recommen dation - 1 Mahindra EPC Topsun Solar Titan Energy generating synergies from IndoSolar PLG Power backward integration BEL BHEL Lanco Solar Appendix Source: Expert Interviews, Lanco, India Solar Compass, BridgeToIndia, October 2012 edition; Indian solar manufacturers ask for anti-dumping duties of up to 200%, PV Magazine; Business Today [8] [8] 10 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  11. 11. Threat from existing Module Manufacturers About NSM Backward Integration Modules Inverters Balance of Systems Inverters used in solar Used to account for only 10- China dominates 70% plants are same as 15% of the total cost EPC in of the global module used in other India market conventional power With recent decline in other plants cost components BoS contribution is touching 40% Costs have fallen Existing players have Does not make much sense in down by more than been in the industry investing resources in this half in last two years for decades Objective-1 activity as components are diverse (civil costs, cables, labor component, steel Very difficult to structures) and difficult to Looks to be a difficult compete with such consolidate solution at this point existing players in in time terms of technology as well as cost Recommen dation - 1Threat from local module manufacturers entering EPC space• Vikram Solar – Projects pipeline of 40MW for module supply and EPC under batch two of phase one of the NSM and the Gujarat Solar Policy.• Lanco Solar – Providing EPC for Gas Authority of India Ltd. (GAIL), is expected to use its own modules. Appendix Source: Expert Interviews, Lanco, India Solar Compass, BridgeToIndia, October 2012 edition; Indian solar manufacturers ask for anti-dumping duties of up to 200%, PV Magazine; Business Today [8] [8] 11 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  12. 12. MEPC: Wait for Clarity on Regulatory Front and go for Phased Integration About NSM Poly Silicon Ingot & Wafer Cells ModuleMargins ~ 50% ~20% >10% ~7-10% EPC in IndiaInvestments US $ 0.75 US $ 0.5 to 0.75 ~ US $ 1 ~US $ million/MW million /MW million/MW 100k/MWOptimum Scale of 700 – 1000 MW 80 – 100 MW 30 – 50 MW 10 – 20 MWInvestment ($560 - $800 ($45 - $60 ($30 - $ 50 million) ($1 - $2 Objective-1 million) million) million)Project timeline 2.5-3 years 1-2 years ~ 1 year 4-6 monthsCost Drivers Electricity, CAPEX, Raw Raw materials, Raw CAPEX materials & R&D materials Recommen dation - 1 Consumables Decent margins, provides entry point for future expansion, low CAPEX, smaller project Appendix timelines Source: Solar PV Manufacturing, EAI [8] [8] 12 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  13. 13. Case Study Objectives About NSM How should Mahindra EPC scale up the EPC in India business?Reforming Objective-2 How should Mahindra EPC become theMahindra preferred player for solar power developers? EPC Recommen What Differentiated Offering can be made by dations Mahindra EPC? Appendix [8] [8] 13 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  14. 14. About NSM Recommendation 2 EPC in IndiaOFF-GRID & ON-GRID Objective-2 A Franchise Model Recommen dation - 2 Appendix [8] [8] 14 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  15. 15. Current Market is Dominated by Local Players About NSM Current Allocation under Phase 1 – Batch 2 Total capacity: 340 MW• As Per JNNSM, Batch II - Phase I 50 data, The major EPC contracts were EPC in 50 India raked up by the Local EPC Players. 185 35 20• Mahindra acquired only 14.7% of the Objective-2 total contracts. Mahindra Welspun Azure L&T Others Reasons Quoted By Clients For Low Turnover Of Contracts Recommen For Mahindra EPC dation - 2 Perceived Stringent Perceived loss ofLack Of Local Presence Of Processes Affects bargaining power by Mahindra EPC Approachability developers Appendix [8] [8] 15
  16. 16. Leveraging Mahindra’s Off grid for On-grid Solution About NSM Huge demand of SEZs Regionslacking in grid Telecom EPC in connectivity Towers India Sales center Objective-2 OFF-GRID ADVANTAGE OFFSETTING ON- Recommen dation -2 GRID DISADVANTAGE Franchisee Model: Regional Sales Offices AppendixCommon outlet for Off-Grid & On-Grid Sales Support [8] [8] 16 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  17. 17. About NSM Recommendation 3 EPC in IndiaBig Data Meets Solar Energy Objective-2 Recommen dation -3 Appendix [8] [8] 17 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  18. 18. Lack of Information made Solar Investments Risky in Phase 1 About NSM Without a proven track recordReverse biddingleading to under High interest EPC in India pricing of bids rate in India Risky Investments Objective-2 Lack of Information on Recommen dation -3Project Development Project Deployment Project Performance Appendix Banks were reluctant to lend funds [8] 18 [8] Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  19. 19. Data Monitoring: A Value-added Service About NSM Absence of data in pre- Delayed EPC in bid stage India FinancialLack of data Closure Long lead in equipment Objective-2 procurement Recommen dation -3 Urgent need for data monitoring and data accumulation – maintaining a Solar data depository Appendix • Data would be accumulated directly from the solar plants • Value added services to the clients – Long term relationship with prospective client • Easier loan sanctions – Scientifically estimated bid for solar tenders [8] [8] • Data can be sold to other solar plants for analysis 19 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  20. 20. Advantages of Data repository About NSM EPC System Components System System O&M Installation Commissioning EPC in India Data Model : Contractor • Proposal Preparation Maintenance • On-site Equipment Services Provision • Web Portal Accurately & timely Objective-2 Customization Information about • Support & Data Repository Plant Status Maintenance Data Industry Solar Plant Base Security Recommen dation -3Maintenance Solar Plant Related& Upgrades Monitoring Events Solar Plant Insurance Security Owner Company Company Appendix [8] [8] 31
  21. 21. Roles of an EPC About NSM Regulatory Authority Utility/PPA Financing Project Developer Project Consultant EPC in IndiaInstitutions/Banks Module/Equipment EPC BoS Suppliers Supplier Company Objectives Case Consulting Consulting Recommen dations Vendors for Solar Offerings Cliental Offering Operation & Procurement (On-Grid + Off-Grid) & Access Maintenance Data Appendix Accumulate [8] [8] 21 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  22. 22. Case Study Objectives About NSM How should Mahindra EPC scale up the EPC in India business?Reforming Objective-3 How should Mahindra EPC become theMahindra preferred player for solar power developers? EPC Recommen What Differentiated Offering can be made by dations Mahindra EPC? Appendix [8] [8] 22 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  23. 23. About NSM Recommendation 4 EPC in IndiaC(‘onsulting)EPC Objective-3Thinking Ahead Recommen dation-4 Appendix [8] [8] 23 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  24. 24. CEPC over EPC About NSMCEPC : Consulting, Engineering, Procurement & Construction EPC in • Ensures early entry for Mahindra along the value chain India • Better relationship with the clients • The same team can be further expanded to convert clients for REC Objective-3 REC brings scores of business opportunities: By PPA Through Recommen Allotment dation-4 State Govt. Meet RPO Central Imposed and captive Government Requirement RPO Power By REC Through Trading Appendix Source: Renewable Energy certificate registry of India Website [8] [8] 24 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  25. 25. Opportunity Assessment & Challenges About NSMState 2010‐11 2011‐12 2012‐13 2013‐14 2014‐15 2015‐16Kerala 27.4 29.1 31.0 66.5 71.1 75.7Gujarat 109.8 237.7 515.5 695.1 894.9 1115.1Maharashtra 159.6 181.0 192.9 411.4 436.9 462.4Uttar Pradesh 98.0 214.0 466.9 629.9 811.4 1011.3Bihar 17.3 20.2 23.3 52.6 58.6 64.7 • Penalties imposed on States EPC in IndiaHaryana 47.8 52.1 56.7 61.4 66.1 70.8 for not complying withDelhiPunjab 39.9 67.0 86.3 146.0 139.9 238.4 203.5 341.0 275.5 455.3 330.7 581.1 1 obligated RPO’sRajasthan 66.2 142.4 230.1 330.4 442.6 566.6Karnataka 73.0 157.6 255.9 374.9 510.8 663.6Andhra pradesh 121.6 266.5 437.2 639.4 869.8 1128.4 Objective-3West Bengal 53.9 114.9 184.2 268.6 364.6 472.0 • Bankability of productsMadhya Pradesh 62.2 133.7 216.0 312.7 421.7 543.0 without PPA in questionChhattisgarh 26.5 58.0 95.1 140.0 191.4 249.4 2Total 1467 2780 4550 6740 8729 10980 Recommen • For a Market driven dation-4 Requirement of Solar phenomenon feasibility is capacity in MW in 3 difficult to access. different states of the country to meet the RPO. Appendix Source: Renewable Energy certificate registry of India Website [8] [8] 25 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  26. 26. About NSM Recommendation 5 EPC in India Solar Parks Objective-3Ready To Sell Power Plants Recommen dation-5 Appendix [8] [8] 26 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  27. 27. Current Issues With Staggered Power Plants under JNNSM About NSM Targeted Capacity by EPC in India2022 in National SolarMission : 20,000 MW Objective-3 Average Capacity targeted per State : 690 MW Recommen dation-5For an average 5 MW Plant, Number OfPlants per State : 138 Appendix Source: MNRE website [8] [8] 27 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  28. 28. Surmounting The Challenges About NSM A New Model For Mahindra EPCConstruct Big Solar Parks of 300MW capacity and sublet them in modules of EPC in 5-10-20 MW to SPVs India Objective-3 Recommen dation-5 CONNECTING TO THE WATER AVAILABILITY GAS, SEWERAGE, ROADS LAND AVAILABILITY GRID ISSUE AND FENCING Appendix [8] [8] 28 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  29. 29. Cost – Benefit analysis of Solar park (300 MW) About NSM EPC Installation Cost• Mahindra would be the sole ONM 7 6 EPC setup cost (Crs INR) contractor 5 Cost is INR 6.36 crores/MW — Reduced cost (Man power 4 per MW would reduce) 3 EPC in India 2• Over and above ONM 1 contract, cost reduction of 24.6% 0 per 5 MW setup Objective-3 Cost for 5 MW plant – INR 4,138 lakhs Cost for 300 MW plant – INR 3,121 lakhs for 5 MW 1% 5% 4% 1% 8% 5% Recommen dation-5 9% 6% Reduction in overall cost 77% 84% Solar Plant Appendix Civil works Evacuation Cost Assuming current tariffs, break-even can be Preliminary and Preoperative Expenses Land achieved by selling 134 MW in a 300 MW setup [8] [8] For a solar park, all other costs exceptIguanas, IIM Ranchi significantly reduced 29 Team ‘Solar Plant’ with get
  30. 30. Cost Benefit sheet for Solar Parks in Rajasthan About NSM Total Savings 24.57% Break Even point (no. of 5 MW plant) 27 Synergy - Cost reduction Break Even point (MW) 134 Margins for Modules Only 5% for cost reduction Barren land cost (Lakhs INR) 2 for developer 75% Land requirement for 1 MW (Acre) 4 Cost savings in Civil, EPC in Cost savings in Civil, Evacuation Evacuation and India and preliminary costs 50% preliminary costs 50% Break Even analysis Total cost for 5 MW Total Cost for 300 MW Cost (Lakhs INR) Components (Lakhs INR) Cost Components (Lakhs INR) Cost Fixed costs turnkey Land and Infrastructure 40 Land and Infrastructure 2400 Land and Infrastructure 40 Civil and General Works 389.895 Civil and General Works 11696.85 Civil and General Works 389.895 Solar Plant 3180 Solar Plant 157350 Objective-3 Evacuation Cost 312.75 Evacuation Cost 312.75 Evacuation Cost 9382.5 Preliminary and Preoperative Expenses 215.45 Preliminary and Preoperative Expenses 215.45 Preliminary and Preoperative Expenses 6463.5 Total fixed costs turnkey 958.095 Total 4,138.10 Total 1,87,292.85 Margin for Solar plant 159 Total returns for 5 MW plant 1117.095 Effective Cost for 5 MW 3,121.55 Fixed Cost 29942.85 Solar Plant Cost for 1 MW Solar Plant Cost for 300 MW Break Even Point 26.80421092 Components (Lakhs INR) Cost Components (Lakhs INR) Cost Total Power (MW) 134.0210546 Polysilicon 40 Polysilicon 12000 Recommen Wafer 50 Wafer 15000 dation-5 Cell 30 Cell 9000 Module 70 Module 21000 Inverter 30 Inverter 6750 Other 260 Other 58500 Installation 156 Installation 35100 Total 636 Total 1,57,350 Sensitivity Analysis Synergy - Cost Reduction 65.0% 70.00% 75.0% 80% 85.0% Appendix 40.0% 32.17% 29.48% 26.78% 24.09% 21.40% Cost savings in 45.00% 31.06% 28.37% 25.67% 22.98% 20.29% Civil, Evacuation and preliminary costs 50% 55.0% 60.0% 29.95% 28.85% 27.74% 27.26% 26.15% 25.04% 24.57% 21.87% 23.46% 20.76% 22.35% 19.65% 19.18% 18.07% 16.96% [8] [8] 30
  31. 31. Proposed Process For Solar Plant About NSM CERTAINTY TO DEVELOPER EPC in India Construct Automatic loss of immediately allocation No Financial Closure following Financial Objective-3 Closure WhenRapid In-Principle leads toAllocation Process but not constructed in a Automatic Loss of reasonable Allocation Site Clearance if the timeframe project is not completed. Recommen dation-5 BENEFITS TO Mahindra EPC Appendix Source: NREL Website [8] [8] 31 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  32. 32. Executive Summary About NSM Big DataShort Term EPC in India Off grid and On grid Objective-3 ‘C’onsulting EPCMed- Term Backward Integration Recommen dation-5Long Term Solar Parks Appendix [8] [8] 32 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  33. 33. Thank you for your time and attention! Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi Cleantech (MEPC)
  34. 34. Recommen [8] [8] EPC inAbout NSM Objective Appendix India dation 34 Appendix Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  35. 35. Opportunity Assessment About NSM Grid RPO- EPC in India Parity REC Objectives CaseTelecom Land Sector Recommen dations Appendix Source: Bridge to India, as in [8] October 2012 35 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  36. 36. About NSMTargets For Solar Energy Production Under JNNSM Target Fixed and Achievements Made for Development of Solar Energy under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission EPC in IndiaApplication PhaseI (2010- Achievement Achievement Phase II (2013- Phase III (2017-Segment 13E) (2010-11) (2011-12) 17E) 21E)On-Grid 1,100 MW 802 MW 1,152 MW 4,000 - 10,000 MW 20,000 MW ObjectivesOff-Grid 200 MW 41 MW 118 MW 1,000 MW 2,000 MW CaseSolar Collectors 7 mm m2 4.5 mm m2 5.5 mm m2 15 mm m2 20 mm m2 Targets For Solar Energy Production Under JNSM 12 Conventional Tariff (base) Solar Power cost Recommen dations 10 8 INR/Unit 6 Grid Parity 4 expected by 2018-19 Appendix 2 0 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 [8] [8] 36 Source: Bridge to India, as in October 2012 Iguanas, IIM Ranchi Team
  37. 37. Diversification In Emerging Markets: Why The Conventional About NSM Definition And Strategy May Not Be Applicable Diversification in Diversification is justified if Developed Markets • The company is the best owner of the business In developed markets, unrelated • There is a synergy between existing and new EPC in India diversification is thought to be businesses value destroying Diversification is justified because Diversification In Emerging • Large conglomerates typically have the resources and Objective relationships needed to navigate the maze of Markets government regulations Emerging markets have different • Large conglomerates are more attractive to potential dynamics as compared to managers because they offer greater career developed markets and thus development opportunities Recommen diversification and synergy have • Large conglomerates have economic benefits that don’t dation different connotations exist in the developed world, especially in infra sector The diversification decision should not be based on the synergies only. Mahindra Appendix EPC can diversify based on the opportunities available [8] [8] 37Source: McKinsey on Finance Number 42, Winter 2012 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  38. 38. About NSM Further reduction in bid prices is not sustainable at current interest rates Sensitivity analysis of project IRR with Tariff and Interest Rates Interest Rate EPC in India 13% 12% 11% 10% 9% 8% 7.5 9.20% 9.70% 10.30% 10.90% 11.50% 12.10% 7.75 10.00% 10.60% 11.20% 11.70% 12.30% 13.00% Objective 8 10.80% 11.40% 12.00% 12.60% 13.20% 13.90% Tariff (Rs/unit) 8.25 11.60% 12.20% 12.80% 13.40% 14.10% 14.80% 8.5 12.40% 13.00% 13.60% 14.30% 15.00% 15.70% Recommen 8.75 13.30% 13.90% 14.50% 15.20% 15.90% 16.60% dation 9 14.60% 15.00% 15.70% 16.40% 17.20% 17.90% 9.25 14.90% 15.50% 16.20% 17.00% 17.70% 18.50% 9.5 15.70% 16.40% 17.10% 17.90% 18.70% 19.50% Appendix [8] [8] 38Source: Crisil Research Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  39. 39. CEPC for Renewable Energy Certificates About NSM A picture of the portal which is used to trade REC’s : EPC in India Objective Recommen dation Appendix [8] [8] 39 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  40. 40. About NSM Current State Power Deficit Magnifies the EPC in India role Of Solar Farms in This Regard Objective Recommen dation Appendix [8] [8] 40Source:, electrical power datasheet’2011 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  41. 41. Gujarat Case Study About NSM Lost Opportunity: • 963MW of solar PPAs had been executed but only 175 MW could meet the deadline of Dec 31, 2011 for achieving COD EPC in India • 128 MW awaiting transmission connectivity – no deemed generation in PPAs • Also failed to forecast volatility of solar panel prices Objective Risks that were ignored or not appreciated: EPC Risks identified: • Failure to achieve financial closure • Land aggregation Recommen • Logistics issues were not appreciated - • R&R and local community sensitivities dation land aggregation and transmission • Land registration and conversion • Completely overlooked the significant • Financing financial impact on retail tariffs • Technology and Execution risks were minimal Appendix [8] [8] 41 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  42. 42. DCR : A Proven Model About NSM EPC in India Objective Recommen dation Appendix [8] [8] 42 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  43. 43. Solar Related Data Collection Data to a Parametr... for Collection Model Enhanced Efficiency About NSM IJAEC - Linking Detailed Solar HOME ABOUT LOG IN REGISTER NEWS AND EVENTS SEARCH CURRENT ISSUE ALL ISSUES AEC FORUM USER EPC in India Home > Linking Detailed Solar Collection Data to a Parametric Model for Accurate Performance Analysis Throughout the Design Process Username Password Title: Linking Detailed Solar Collection Data to a Parametric Model for Accurate Remember me Log In Performance Analysis Throughout the Design Process JOURNAL INFO Authors: Anton C. Harfmann (School of Architecture and Interior Design, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221, United States). Editorial Board Contact Us Issue: Vol 1, No 1 (2012) Objective Pages: 37-46 READERS Section: Research Paper Make a Search View Contents DOI: 10.7492/IJAEC.2012.004 Recommend to a Friend/Library Citation: Anton C. Harfmann (2012). "Linking Detailed Solar Collection Data to a Parametric Model for Accurate Performance Analysis Throughout the Design Process." International Journal of Architecture, Engineering AUTHORS and Construction, 1(1), 37-46. Submit an Article Publisher: International Association for Sustainable Development and Management (IASDM) Guide for Authors Abstract: The paper summarizes the efforts of an elective design studio in which a parametric model was linked to detailed energy output data in order to provide accurate feedback about building performance EDITORS Recommen throughout the entire process of design. Photovoltaic collection data was downloaded from the National Guide for Editors Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) and linked directly to alternative configurations of designs dation Invitation for produced in SolidWorks. Microsoft Excel provided the direct link between the model and data where English Language students were able to augment the SolidWorks Excel output to include calculations that referenced the Editors NREL data. The program from the 2009 Solar Decathlon competition served as the program for the investigation and provided a constraint-rich environment for developing parametric models. The class REVIEWERS also utilized morphological analysis to identify 13 different forms to develop and analyze. The resulting Guide for parametric models and analysis provided a focused introduction to design methods, parametric Reviewers modeling and solar energy design. Keywords: Parametric model, PVWATTS calculator, SolidWorks Excel output, building performance. Full Text: PDF HTML Appendix Copyright © 2011 - 2012 by IASDM Disclaimer [8] [8] 43 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  44. 44. Cost Efficiency About NSM EPC in India BOS Cost Reduction Objective Recommen dation Operation Cost Reduction Appendix [8] [8] 44 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi
  45. 45. Other Recommendations About NSM• Mahindra EPC can tie up with foreign companies to acquire new technologies and build competencies in the domestic market EPC in India• Mahindra EPC can experiment with new BoS in initial years. Role of BoS can be a crucial one for plant efficiency• Mahindra EPC can also look for EPC opportunities abroad to develop a comprehensive Objective domestic strategy with learnings from foreign exposure.• Mahindra EPC can experiment with the best EPC models prevailing globally – LSTK, BoS-EPC, etc. – to finalize upon the best EPC model for India. Recommen dation Appendix [8] [8] 45 Team Iguanas, IIM Ranchi