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article in leading magazine BUSINESS DIARY on tarun ahuja international

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Sept. Oct.09 Issuebusiness Diary

  1. 1. Contents COVER STORIES TGOB Takes Up The Mission To SmartSoft Succeeds In Stop Cow Bringing MLM Slaughtering In Managements together India Page ... 8 Page ... 21 MLM DIARY 27 .. Gems Concept Introduces 10 .. National Network Market ‘Double Power Business Analysis System’ 11 .. MLM News 30 .. UNI3 In Association With 12 .. DBC Introduces Monthly Savvy Of London Launches Stipend Plan ‘The Wellness Point’ 13 .. Greenways Launches New 31 .. New Entrants Products 32 .. Information You Can Use 14 .. Clarifications 35 .. Who Surrounds You? MLM Gossip Optimists Or Pessimists Warning Bells Ring On STARS SPEAK 38-39 Investment Companies Note 16 .. Tarun Ahuja International: Subscribers are requested to intimate Making Lives More Meaningful the office of The Business Diary with regard to the non-receipt of the 25 .. Royal Fortune Group Aims magazine. High! - Editor Our New Address The Business Diary 1-1-230/2/10, 4th Floor, Vivek Nagar, The Business Diary Near Pendekanti Law Colege, Chikkadpally, Hyderabad - 500020 Is Now Centrally Located! Ph: 040-30724376, 09394834376, 09848565904. Readers Are Requested To Website: e-mail: Please Note The New Address
  2. 2. Readers Response or the other closes down and runs away with peoples money. If this is the case, whydo you want to help these dubious companies by they will come’ and ‘5 ways to work projecting them. Is it in your own your warm market are good. They interest that you are publishing the definitely need a second reading. I magazine? However, I have one would like to subscribe to your compliment for you. The magazine is magazine. Pls send details. good. Especially the article by Dr. Amar L Naik Good Morning Venkat Sir, Ujjwal Patni attracted me a lot. It did Canacona Nowadays network industry is stirred up my thoughts. Thanks for Goa going normally. People are entering that. Based on your reply, I may Sir, into several field projects. Now, in change my opinion on network I found your magazine very India network of health products is marketing. interesting. The articles published are doing well. Due to this several doctors B S Bhatnagar worth their weight. The extract of the are entering network marketing. Also, Udipi RBI circular gives great impetus to people from all walks of life like Karnataka the need to steamline the industry. software, Real Estate, various Dear Sir, Madhu Agarwal businesses, social service, insurance Your editorial ‘Reform Yourself’ is Delhi sector, share market are entering truly an eye opener for many. You had Dear Sir, network marketing. displayed tact and courage to write I was a full time networker earlier S Durga Prasad in such a fashion. You had very but left the industry due to my own B.Com., M.A., M.B.A. (HRD) rightfully pointed out where the reasons. Ofcourse, I don’t have any Chennai networkers and the companies are intentions to return to it for atleast Dear Sir, going wrong. It is equally true that another couple of years. I am oneof One of my friends who is into expecting high returns without the victims of investment plans. Your network marketing gave me your working would only prove to be a editorial is a reflection of my own case. magazine. I would like to ask you one mirage. Great job sir! Keep it up. Thank God! I realised early. But still thing. Are those figures that the S Sankar the blow I received is beyond my networkers project practically Palakkad capacity. Thanks for the time to time possible to achieve? To me they Kerala warnings. Keep it up. Who ever sound ridiculous. They sound to be Sir, believes Business Diary will not regret. too good. Of late, I hear so many I am an MBA graduate from Goa. Pradeep Shetty negative things about network I had recently came across your Jodumarga marketing. Every day one company magazine. The articles ‘Build it and Karnataka Know Your Vasthu Defects VASTHU RECTIFICATION IN YOUR HOUSE/SHOPS/FACTORIES WILL IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH & WEALTH For Perfect Vasthu Call: (0)9394556343, (0)9949082595
  3. 3. The Business Diary Just a minute Editor Investment Plans To Go? Venkat Taking a cue from the Andhra Pradesh and Orissa Police, Assistant Editor the Maharashtra Police had now started to swoop down Anuradha on all companies that are involved in promoting investment Business Coordinator plans. This is a very good development as far as the Walter M Rosario industry is concerned. Perhaps the law enforcing authorities Spl. Correspondents have realised the gravity of the situation that is arising out Wusiim N Khan - India of this menace. The investors, who are taking their chances A Sumanth - Hyderabad with these companies may be hit hard as they are likely to R Vijaya Kumar - Hyderabad K L Narasimha Rao, Hyderabad lose their money, once the promoters are picked up by the law enforcing authorities. The white collar offences wing of Correspondents Mahendra Singh Rathore - the Maharashtra police had already raided some of these Rajasthan companies in Mumbai and plan to organise raids on all S Durgaprasad - Chennai such companies and book them under MPID Act Naresh - Hyderabad Prashant Maru - M P (Maharashtra Protection Of Interest Of The Depositors Act). Kamal Mansoor - M P They have gathered all the details of all such companies Mahendra Srivastava - U P and had come up with a action plan to put a full stop to this Senior Advt. Manager menace. The Department needs to be applauded for all B Anuradha the efforts they are putting to safeguard the interest of the Ph: 0-9959725541 people. Apart from the police department, even the Reserve Advt. Manager Bank of India is coming down heavily on such companies N. Krissna and have issued circular to all banks to seize all such Editorial Office accounts. The promoters of such companies should realise Anuradha Publications, that the day is not far off, when they will be picked up. Door No: 1-1-230/2/10, Vivek Nagar, 4th Floor, Once they are picked up by the police, it is needless to say Near Pendekanti Law College, in what kind of situation they will be in. It would be better Chikkadpally, for them as well as their members to stop the activity now Hyderabad-500 020 Phone: 040-30724376 rather than facing the unsolicited situation. They need to 98485-65904 realise that they cannot make money at others expense 93948-34376 for long. The RBI too is going to act tough in such cases. Printed at Also, the members who are promoting investment plans Sai Tirumala Printers are also likely to be arrested by the police in all such cases, Chikkadpally, Hyderabad - 29 as the Indian law says that those who support a crime are e-mail equally responsible. Doesn’t it make sense to eject before it is too late? Think it over!! Venkat RNI Regd. No. 69120/98 Editor
  4. 4. Cover Story Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 8 Networking For A Good Cause!! Takes To TGOB Takes Up The Mission To Stop Cow Slaughter In India Join The Movement To Save Dumb Animals The Business Diary Team Nanded, Sept.-Oct. 2009 A true service to the society and perhaps, one of the greatest missions ever taken up in the history of network marketing industry in India. Maa Tujhe Salaam Publication and Marketing (P) Ltd, a Nanded based company, promoting the magazine, Tejaswi Gomatha, Ojaswi Bharatmata (TGOB), took up this great mission to bring awareness and stop the slaughtering of cows in India. For this reason, the CMD of the company Mr. Md. Younusuddin Farooqui Parbhanikar, started the magazine to spread awareness among the general public as to what the Country loses by slaughtering cows. Indeed! A noble cause. Being a Muslim by religion where consuming beef is a every day affair, this personality did overcome the personal resistances from his family and relatives and had stopped taking beef as a first step towards his goal. Realising his efforts, his entire family too followed him and stopped taking beef. A loud applause should be given to this gentleman for setting up an example, at a time when religions are drawing battle lines in many a country. Mr. Md. Younusuddin Farooqui Parbhanikar was a Maharashtra State Government, working in the Department of Land Records till he Mr. Md.Younusuddin Farooqui Parbhanikar, CMD took VRS during the year 2002, when practice. Prophet Mohammed he took up this noble cause on a full (PBOH) asked to drink milk and eat time basis. He was also a State level ghee, but never encouraged to take football player and had represented beef. I now, want to advocate this the State and the University twice. He message through our magazine was also into hockey and athletics ‘Tejaswi gomatha, Ojaswi and had represented the university. Bharatmata’, and reform all beef Speaking to The Business Diary eaters in their thoughts and deeds”, Team, Mr. Farooqui said that the he said. cause appealed to him 15 years To advocate this purpose, he back. When he went to purchase beef opted network marketing, and started for his family, the merchant told him his own company Maa Tujhe Salaam that meat of big animals (cows) are Publication & Marketing Pvt. Ltd., as not available and as such they are he also wants those who advocates cutting calfs for the purpose. “This this message to benefit as well. The reality had moved and touched me revenue sharing plan adapted is a in the heart. Did we ate all the cows simple binary, with four joining in the Country? If so, what would be packages amounting to Rs. 2,700, the future? I asked myself. This Rs. 4, 400 and Rs. 6,900. Apart from question threw open the doors to the magazine subscription, a several other questions and I had member would also get other started researching Islam. I started products accordingly, which includes going deep into the subject. As a Hamdard/Emami products and result of my research, I found that Magic Jack device, using which one Islam never forced anyone to eat can talk to USA and Canada without beef, instead wanted to stop that any charges.
  5. 5. Cover Story Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 9 Apart from the regular network income like Binary income, Level Income (up to 16 Levels), rewards and awards, the benefits include ‘Rewards’ and ‘Recognition’ for participation in National programmes (“Punnya” of cows protection), designated correspondent of the Magazine and a honorary animal welfare officer, free on-line medical consulting (Diagnosis) provision, and up to 10 per cent discount to all TGOB subscribers on medicines, healthy foods, dry fruits, and all basic amenities from their outlets throughout India. The Company plans to open Medical cum General stores in each Mandal, Taluqa, and District where a minimum of 500 pairs are generated. The Company also provides 33 per cent referral income on advertisements procured for the magazine. Repurchase benefit from shopping done by the group up to 20 levels and a 10 per cent discount to every subscriber on various branded products throughout India (After one year) are also provided. leaders, Jain gurus and Muslim Ulemas for running this Mr. Farooqui said, “We have mission. We also have the support of several cow received the blessings from all the protection personalities and societies. Hidden animal by- three Jagadguru Shankaracharyas, products are mixed extensively in food and medicines in several other saints and religious the name of e-coding. Consuming such products will adversly affect the health and the religious sentiments of the people. To stop such activity, we have the support and guidance of 450 food technologists. All anti corruption forums operating in our country are openly supporting our noble cause. Emami Group and the worlds largest Unani and Ayurvedic company - Hamdard Group are also supporting our mission. Apart from these, several medicinal companies are supporting us and our mission. We have the support and encouragement from many popular Bollywood stars. We have a program, where these film stars will felicitate all our car achievers. We have plans to publish the magazine in 13 Indian languages to create awareness amongst citizens of our country. We have the vision to reach world wide audience, using the services of NRI’s settled across the globe and use MLM concept for speedy movement. Our product package is unique and first of its kind in MLM industry”. “This mission is accepted by all religions of the country. Monitory and moral support from all religions are involved in this mission. With the cooperation and support of one and all, together we shall make a new, happy, healthy and prosperous Country and we shall see that our magazine is listed in the Gunnies book of world records for maximum circulation. With clear vision and planning, we promise that we shall serve the country, apart from giving satisfaction and handsome income to all our members/subscribers”, he informed. “We have a vision to put our Country on the top among all the 183 countries on the globe. Presently, India is in
  6. 6. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 10 National Network Market Analysis The Business Diary Team, Hyderabad, Sept.-Oct. 2009 With the national network market hitting a steady note and due to the entry of stable companies the Andhra pradesh market had begun to show signs of recovery during the first half of October. The market which remained dormant for over a couple of years has now Apex - A Well Known software solutions company started to move in a positive direction. The Mumbai since 2000 has mastered the MLM software market is quite erratic with several investment plans development for MLM Companies with its state- foraying. The Mumbai market may not crash as being of-art features for existing and new MLM expected by market experts. However, investment companies. companies will be hit hard, as the law enforcing authorities are trying to curb them. The Tamilnadu We provide the following features amd Karnataka markets are steady. the Kokata and 01. MLM Software (Binary, Matrix, Share, Level, Delhi markets too are stable. The highlight of the Business Plans). month is the revival of Andhra Pradesh market. 02. Online and Offline with full Admin controls. Companies with stable long term plans with strong 03. Payment Gateway for receiving payments managements entering the market has provided the though credit cards. much sought after break. With the market reviving, 04. Flexible closing options (Daily, Weekly, the local companies heaved a sigh of relief. Senior Monthly). networkers who remained dormant for quite a long 05. Best design services. 06. Web Hosting and database support. time have begun their activity in suitable companies. 07. Consultancy for innovative business plans, Some of the leaders who have migrated to real estate products etc. have also started to return to the network market fold. 08. Economical and flexible payment terms. Apart form this, the rest of the Country continued to 09. Dedicated / Co-located server space. maintain their previous months tempo. 10. Domain registration service. 11. Automatic SMS alerts for joining, payouts, etc. ATTENTION 12. Phone Book, Message center, Video Conference etc. 13. Online marketing tools like bulk mails, SMS, MLM COMPANIES etc. 14. Customization of reference websites. Accomodation For Outstation Clients Provided Special Attractions: 1. Development within 7 days. 2. Brochure, Logo, Application forms, etc printing services. 3. Search Engine Optimization. ADITYA JEWELLERS 4. Affiliate development system. & MANUFACTURERS 5. Dedicated project leader for every Pearls, Gems, jewellery & Stones client. 6. Venture Capital Assistance Provided ADITYA HOME APPLIANCES For full details contact immediately:- Fabulous Natural Pearls & Pearl Sets Apex Web Services & Online Available At Reasonable Prices Education Pvt. Ltd. Contact: Ch. L N Chary Plot No 766, Defence Colony, Sainikpuri.P.O., Aditya Jewellers & Manufacturers Hyderabad – 500094. Andhra Pradesh. Aditya Home Appliances Ph:- 040-32982135, 27111721, Mobile:- 09396910169. Flat # 05, Dolphin Apartments, e-mail:, Near B K Guda Park, S R Nagar, Hyderabad 500038 Ph: 92463-75761, website: 040-64545761, 23703403
  7. 7. MLM Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 11 TGOB Takes Up ... the bottom of the list as far as MLM NEWS education, prosperity, wealth and TLC ORGANISES MEGA SEMINAR AT HYDERABAD honesty are concerned. We want to TLC Insurance (India) Pvt. Ltd., the Bangalore based network marketing bring awareness through our company organised a ‘Mega Seminar’ on October 3, here at Saroor Nagar magazine and stop the slaughtering Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad. An estimated over 6000 guests and distributers of cows and buffalos. Original attended the meet. Several of the achievers, received their awards of 4 kgs, sources of milk i.e. , cows and 2 kgs, 1 kg silver and laptop awards for their achievements and were buffalos, are carelessly slaughtered recognised and felicitated. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Jagan, CMD and their meat is used as food. Their announced some more new products in the insurance segment. The by-products are mixed in medicine programme was organised under the aegis of Messrs. Raja Ratnam, Raja and ready made foods. In the name of “E-coding” our religious feelings Srinivas, Pranesh, G Subhash Rao, M Seetharamulu and M Ashok Kumar. are being hurt”, he said. WARNING BELLS RING ON INVESTMENT COMPANIES Emphasising on their mission, he The Maharashtra police have commenced cracking down on investment said, “Our ‘Mission’ is to make people companies in the State, according to reports reaching here. They have of our Country to live with pride and raided a company JIDC recently and are planning to raid four more prosperity in a healthy way. We want companies in the immediate future. According to informed sources, the to build a peaceful, powerful new raids are likely to continue till the investment companies are curbed, as India to lead the world, to give the the law enforcing authorities are viewing this very seriously. Stern action awareness and save the people in too is being initiated on promoters of all such companies. general by creating an awareness about the effects of harmful chemical ROYAL FORTUNE GROUP AIMS HIGH and “Haram” (prohibited) hidden In an attempt to throw the doors open to riches, looking at opportunities animals ingredients in the medicines in a professional way, Royal Fortune Group, the Kolkata based Prosperity and ready made food. We aim at Consultants, have come up with a unique system to allow people to create eradicating cow slaughter completely fortunes for themselves. Headed by Mr. Siddhartha Dasgupta, an MBA from the Country, so as to protect the and a successful Cost Accountant by profession, believes that with their natural milk sources which will qualification and experience, they can show people the right path to making provide the required milk to the fortunes and succeed in their ambitions. Having held top positions in country people. Our mission is also different MNCs and a being a very successful leader in different networking to create a “Gaushala”, so as concepts, he seems to understand and realise the sentiments and dreams improved breeding of Indian cows of every networker. By promoting select, long time visionary network takes place. We also want to embark marketing companies, they are trying to reduce the negativity and build ourselves on bringing awareness on awareness amongst all. good health and herbs, unani, and SMP LAUNCHES CONCEPT ayurvedic medicines. We firmly believe that powerful India can be Sri Sudhan Marketing Pvt. Ltd., the Hyderabad based network built only by powerful citizens”. marketing company launched its concept here on October 4, at Hotel Mr. Farooqui appealed to one and Brindavan, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad. While launching the wheat grass all to join this movement to build a product and their brochure Mr. Sudharshan Reddy, Chairman said that new India, beginning with stopping the entire credit goes to the members. “What I did is nothing, I am only the slaughter of animals. managing what you have brought”. Mr. Govardhan Reddy, Marketing For fur ther details visit: Director, siad that all the members of the company can look forward for a or call: 02462-250123, golden future. We are spreading fast and I am sure, in anotherone year 09423139152. we will be present in six to seven states.
  8. 8. MLM Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 12 DBC Introduces Monthly Stipend Plan Packages To Suit All Provides Good Momentum The Business Diary Team • Discount Vouchers from 1,200 per pair of MSP package. Apart Kolar, Sept.-Oct. 2009 Delta Watches form this the lead generator would DBC Marketing Services Pvt. • Life Insurance-RSIAP get his binary income”, he explained. Ltd., the Kolar (Karnataka) based “Our method of employing cutting • Personal Accident Insurance network marketing company, that is edge technology and a basket of into lead generation for insurance • Online Personality training and insurance products, had products, introduced ‘Monthly Development & Training resulted in setting up new standards Stipend Plan’ recently, to benefit all • Holiday Package (3 D/2 N) of growth and quality in training and those who took the opportunity as a for family in India insurance services. All the time, we career through the MSP package. per day. Pair value is Rs. 600. strived to build trust, relationship, Due to this innovative move the The Company provided a respect, integrity with all our business Company has of late picked up achievable, good reward and associates, customers, distributors momentum. The MSPlan has three promotion programme. The and employees. We aspire to provide packages viz: MSP-1, MSP-2 and promotions begin from Manager and a better tomorrow to our distributors MSP Delta premium. The MSP goes to Team Builder and Director. and their families”, he said. packages range from Rs. 8,750 to Rs. The rewards are promotion linked Emphasising on the need to 15,250. and are given up on achieving each become fully insured, trained and Packages to suit all fur ther promotion. The rewards include focused to achieve financial freedom provided good momentum to the Laptop/PC, Two Wheeler, Four he observed that proper training and Company’s business. The starter kits Wheeler and House. guidance is essential to all the start from a mere Rs. 1,450 and Mr. Krishnappa, CMD, speaking distributors. “We believe this in totality extends up to Rs. 15,500. The to The Business Diary Team said and would want to infuse quality of product packages include discount that their tireless efforts had brought life to our distributors and provide a vouchers from ‘Delta’ Watches, Life in synchronising effect in their teams platform to them to attain financial Insurance-Reliance Super Invest to achieve the maximum results. “As freedom through our ‘Achievable Assure Plan, Business Forms & there are many lead generators who Rewarding System’. It is this ideology Accessories, Personal Accident took up our business opportunity as that took us to the realms of success, Insurance, On-line Personality a career, we thought a monthly as we always desired the success of Development Training and Holiday regular income like stipend is our distributors rather than our own Package (3 D / 2 N) for family in India necessary to boost their morale. success. It is a better tomorrow for (optional). Lead Generators who purchase any all those involved”, he added. The revenue sharing plan is a one MS Package for self and directly For fur ther details visit: simple binary with daily/weekly Introduce a MS package will be or call: payout with a capping of Rs. 4,000 eligible for a field expenditure of Rs. 08152-645434, 645201. Wants The Business Diary You! Are you keen to join the hottest magazine in the network marketing industry? Have you always wanted to report on network marketing happenings and activities in your neighbourhood? Now is your chance! The Business Diary is looking for correspondents from all over the Country to file reports on the latest happenings in the industry. Freelancers are also welcome. The Business Diary is the only regular magazine for the network industry, which is taking the Country by storm. Associating with The Business Diary offers tremendous scope for growth. Those interested may send in their resumes or contact in person: The Editor, The Business Diary 1-1-230/2/10, 4th Floor, Vivek Nagar, Chikkadpally, Hyderabad - 500020. Ph: 040-30724376, 09394834376; e-mail:
  9. 9. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 13 Mr. Sachin Chopada, Managing Director and Mr. Shreekant Chopada, Director/CEO launching their new product ‘Nutra’ protein powder a 100 per cent vegetarian complete dietary supplement. Greenways Launches New Products ‘Magno Man 2009’ Announces The Business Diary Team great applause from over 400 guests Pune, Sept.-Oct. 2009 and distributors from all over the Greenways Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., the Pune based manufacturers and Mr. Sachin Chopada and Mr. marketers of dietary supplements, Shreekant Chopada listening launched ‘Nutra Junior’ protein to the achievers, while they powder, a 100 per cent vegetarian complete dietary supplement for share their views. children and 36 models of Neo introduction of ‘Global Income’ and Magnetic bracelets, here on rewards like laptop, Mercedece Benz September 26, at Maulana Azad cars, foreign trip and helicopters Auditorium, Koregaon Park, amidst upon specific achievement. Being the top achiever in the Company, Mr. D V V Ramana of Andhra Pradesh, was awarded ‘Magno Man 2009’ award for his ‘Magno Man 2009’ Mr. D V V contributions. M/s Waseem Ramana addressing the Enterprises was awarded ‘Best Stock gathering on the occasion. Point 2009’. The Company plans to introduce very soon 40 products Country present on the occasion. Mr. more to its already existing line of Sachin Chopada, Managing Director products. and Mr. Shreekant Chopada, Director Speaking on the occasion Mr. and CEO launched the products. Sachin Chopada and Mr. Shreekant Neo Magnetic Bracelets Later they have announced the (Turn To Page No: 33) Guests and Distributors from across the Country listening attentively at the Launch ceromony.
  10. 10. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 14 CLARIFICATIONS Warning Bells Ring You ask - We answer On Investment Is supporting investment plans wrong? If so, how? We have Companies promoted some investment plans. What should we do now? The Business Diary Team Mumbai, Sept.-Oct. 2009 Some networkers from North India The Maharashtra police have Yes. Supporting or promoting investment plans is wrong. It is being commenced cracking down on investment companies in the State, seriously viewed by the law enforcing authorities (White Collar Offences according to reports reaching here. Wing). According to information reaching here, the Maharashtra police has They have raided a company JIDC committed themselves to crackdown on all such companies which are recently and are planning to raid four promoting such nefarious plans, that are not practically possible in any more companies in the immediate way. They had gathered information on all such companies and have future. designed a action plan to curb them. recently they have raided JIDC in According to informed sources, Mumbai and are planning to raid four more companies on similar grounds. the raids are likely to continue till the The Department is not only arresting the promoters, butare also taking investment companies are curbed, the members into custody for promoting such plans. Accroding to the Indian as the law enforcing authorities are viewing this very seriously. Stern law, anybody who supports a criminal is also a criminal. It is in this context action too is being initiated on that the members who are promoting investment plans will be seen and promoters of all such companies. action intiated against them. Remember, no one is above the law! All those People who are into these plans involved will have to pay the price. Its only a question of time. The onlyway are also being taken into custody for out is to stop promoting such investment companies. Atleast you can spreading these plans. The minimise the effect that comes as a fall out of your earlier actions. Maharashtra police have invoked the Investment plans are more risky than gambling. Because, you are playing MPID Act (Maharashtra Protection Of with others money. In gambling, you will beplaying with your money and if Interest Of The Depositors Act) for the you lose you can afford to keep quite. But in this case, you will not be purpose and are booking the offenders under this provision. Now, allowed to remain quite as the money invested is not yours. People will be the people who are promoting these after you. Be cautious!! plans would become equally Note: This column is intended to help the readers in seeking any responsible as that of promoters of the clarification on any aspect with regard to the functioning of any network investment companies. It is advisable company and the same would be taken up with the respective company for every body to refrain from involving and published in these columns. Readers may feel free to ask. into investment companies. MLM GOSSIP Andhra Pradesh Market Shows Signs of Recovery Trainings are essential The Andhra Pradesh market is showing signs of recovery, as several of the Senior networkers feel that the senior networkers are back in the market with stable companies making a absence of trainings in almost all the entry intothe State. Word is making rounds that several of the senior companies had resulted in crisis for networkers whowere silent for quite a long time have now come returned Andhra Pradesh State, as new people and are actively getting involved in oneor the other concept. This momentum who had entered network marketing recently have failed to understand what can be attributed to the entry of stable companies, Another important aspect network is all about, and thus that is observed by the networkers is that the investment plans had enteringthe wrong companies only to decreased a lot as they no longer hold the charm. Ofcourse, the Pay per blame the industry for their personal Click companies have totally vanished! failures. Training is the heart of ‘Aspire’ Picks Up Momentum In Andhra Pradesh networking,they said. Millionaire Capital Services promoted ‘Aspire International Plan’ seems to Note : Networkers are requested to verify the gossips through their have gained momentum, as several of the dormant senior networkers own proper channel prior to embraced this plan and have started working seriously. When contacted, making any investment. This is senior networkers opined that the Company and revenue sharing plan are only a gossip column, and the stable and there is every scope to go a long way. They also stated that the management of The Business Company had some teething troubles initially and that it had overcome all Diary is in no way responsible to those things now. The entry of companies like Millionaire Capital Services, any investments made by may give the break that the industry looking for in the State. networkers based on this column.
  11. 11. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 15, 2009 - The Business Diary 15
  12. 12. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 16 Elevating Lives & Transforming Organisations Tarun Ahuja International: Making Lives More Meaningful Mr. Tarun Ahuja The Business Diary Team Bangalore, Sept. - Oct. 2009 D reaming big is anybody’s choice. But, how many out there are really daring to dream big? Asks Tarun Ahuja, the globally acclaimed professional trainer. Known for his pragmatic approach to deliver high voltage trainings, he is today, one of the most sought after trainers in the Indian corporate sector. Having delivered high impact training programs to the staff of British Airways (India), HAL, Jockey, Indian Army, Nitesh Estates, Airtel, Saint Gobain, TTEPL to name a few, he is now looked at by several other leading corporate giants in the Country. Tarun Ahuja International is recently certified by International Coach Federation, signalling Mr. Tarun Ahuja with Mr. Zig Ziglar You will discover The personal practices and habits of spectacularly successful people Potential ideas to move your organization (or your personal life) towards GREATNESS. Revolutionary tactics for achieving PEAK PERFORMANCE in all key areas of your life. How to attract true wealth (how to apply law of attraction) with real happiness. Specific strategies to turn setbacks and failures into OPPORTUNITES. 12 Master principles for physical and mental vitality (you will learn breakthrough ideas to generate outstanding health and create an energy explosion.) Eliminate fears completely and build new REWARDING AND EMPOWERING BELIEFS, and kill negative DISEMPOWERING BELIEFS Mr. Tarun Ahuja in action during a seminar
  13. 13. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 17 Mr. Tarun Ahuja conducting customised training seminars. a significant professional elevation for research and learning from global the Company. Mr. Tarun Ahuja is also gurus of success training and life into Event Management, and had coaching such as Zig Ziglar (Author successfully organised several of International best seller ‘Over the electrifying events. Top’), Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield Apart from being a professional (Author of ‘Success Principles’), trainer of global credentials and Brian Tracy, Joun Gray (Author of histor y of contributing training International best seller ‘Men are expertise in promoting professional from Mars, Women are from Venus’), excellence across diverse functional Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins and disciplines, he also carries a Danny Cox among others”. impeccable record of delivering Speaking about his laurels, he power-packed training programmes said, “I won high recognition from all over India for over 11 years. “When Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) the training is exciting, so are the and the Indian Army for delivering results!”, Mr. Tarun says. value added training seminars. My Briefing the activities of his twin Mr. Tarun Ahuja conducting a training programme conducted at training companies, Tarun Ahuja free training programme at Hotel Leela Palace, Bangalore International and Peak Performance Ramakrishna Math, Bangalore. witnessed an attendance of over 600 Trainings Pvt. Ltd., with their people from all walks of life and was international head quarters located a mission to provide customized featured in the Indian Express issue at Bangalore, he said, “My trainings to business houses, of May 5, 2003. Similarly, I was also entrepreneurial passion had led to institutions and individuals. I acquired featured in June 4, 2005 issue of the birth of these two companies with my training skills through systematic Times of India, Bangalore in Q & A Left: A stage set for an event that was conducted by Mr. Tarun Ahuja; Right: A newspaper clipping of Bangalore Times featuring Mr. Tarun Ahuja in the Q & A section.
  14. 14. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 18 Certificate of Membership of The International Coach Federation issued to Mr. Tarun Ahuja systems, striving to inculcate the hosted a first of its kind training zeal for continuous learning among program in Bangalore for the participants to stand out in their Motivational Speaker & Vice- undertakings, while confronting the President – Ziglar Worldwide, Krish competitive scenario across all Dhanam for a packed audience of walks of life. He had conducted 350 plus people in attendance. Sales and Marketing Training Mr. Tarun Ahuja also conducts Program for Nitesh Builders, free training programmes at customized training sessions for top Ramakrishna Math, Bangalore, for management of British Airways the benefit of the younger (India) and delivered training generation. seminar at Hindustan Aeronautics Training Programs To Invite Mr. Tarun Ahuja To Limited. Leadership for the Top. Your Organisation For A High As a highlight of his career, he Excellence in Public had set up a direct tie-up with Zig Speaking. Voltage Training Programme Ziglar Training Worldwide and Embracing Change. E-Mail to: or Call: 09900002775 session winning wide appreciation for impact statements ‘Human beings have potential which is very rarely tapped. Powerful trainings can motivate ordinary people to do extraordinary things and pave their way to personal success’”. Further he was credited with producing an Audio CD on “Life Changing Programme” and is working on publishing a book on the topic “Maximizing Success And Experiencing Extraordinar y Achievement”. He is currently in the process of launching a new online training website-“www.tarun Mr. Tarun Ahuja conducting a class room training.” to provide online training
  15. 15. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 19 The magnificent power of recession. 2. World class event Charisma. management; a combination of Six steps to success. motivation and glamour for Building Self-confidence. company’s major events. 3. CRM Hiring Smart – Behavioral solutions for MLM companies. 4. Interviewing Techniques. Implementing best HR Systems. 5. How to conquer your fears ‘Train The Trainer’’ a high energy and develop courage. program designed to create trainers How to be a winning for those who wish to make training Mrs. Veena Bhat Negotiator. as a full time profession as well as 20 ways to increase your like, 1. Training for individual and for top leaders of MLM companies. confidence. corporate excellence that includes Tarun Ahuja International team Motivate Yourself and motivational programs for MLM has several good trainers, all certified Achieve Success. companies, leadership skills for by TALI. Former Mrs. Bangalore and Design A Life. managers, excellence in public Mrs. Karnataka Ms. Veena Bhat is Win-Win Selling. speaking, win win selling skills, life one of them as a Corporate Leadership Can Deliver and business leadership skills Grooming Trainer. The other trainers Success. (exclusively for CEOs and senior include Mr. Gaurav Jain, who gives Apart from customised training management) stress management, trainings on ‘Mastery In Wealth solutions, Tarun Ahuja International mastery in time management and Creation’ and several other could also deliver exclusive products strategic leadership skills in times of (Turn To Page No: 33) Tarun Ahuja International: A Class Of Their Own In Event Management!
  16. 16. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 15, 2009 - The Business Diary 20
  17. 17. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 21 A Dream Come True!! SmartSoft Succeeds In The Business Diary Team Bengaluru, Sept. - Oct. 2009 Bringing MLM Indeed! It is a ‘Golden Letter Day’ that would go into the annals of Managements Together Indian MLM industry. October 24, 2009, Hotel Gold Finch, Bengaluru, Celebrates 9th Anniversary In stands tall as a witness to this glorious day, when the Pomp & Pleasure managements of various MLM Contrary to the firm belief that MLM companies from across the length companies will never come together and breadth of the Country came for what ever be the reason, all the together, commemorating the 9th attendants enjoyed each other’s Anniversary celebrations of presence interacting, knowing and SmartSoft (I) MLM Solutions Pvt. feeling each other. They expressed the Ltd., the Hyderabad based pioneers opinion that it would be worthwhile if, in MLM software. all those who couldn’t make it to the SmartSoft played the perfect occasion would join their hands with host to this event and had them, and experience a sense of well succeeded in creating history with being and unity among themselves. Mr. Kishore Varma, CMD, addressing the gathering on the occasion. Mr. Kishore Varma, CMD, SmartSoft (I) MLM Solutions Pvt. Ltd., speaking on the occasion said that it had given him and his team immense pleasure to witness so many MLM managements coming together. “It’s a dream come true for us! We had been longing to witness (Turn To Page No: 34) Pillars Of Success: (From Left): Mr. Sreedhar, Director (Technical), Mr. Kishore Varma, CMD, Mr. Mahendra Prasad, Director (Finance), and Mr. Venkatesh, General Manager. the top brass of over 100 companies attending the celebrations, approaching each other with a brotherly touch. A sign of exchanging goodwill cutting across company lines, reciprocating each other with warmth, it can be seen as a gesture Crowned To Glory: Mr. Kishore Varma, Mr. Sreedhar, Mr. Mahendra that would have everlasting effect Prasad and Mr. Venkatesh being felicitated by some of the on all those who have attended. managements of Bengaluru MLM companies on the occasion.
  18. 18. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 15, 2009 - The Business Diary 22
  19. 19. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 15, 2009 - The Business Diary 23
  20. 20. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 24 Highlights Of SmartSoft’s Cherishable Moments Of The Evening
  21. 21. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 25 Tough Time Never Lasts, But Tough People Do Adapting A Professional Way, Royal Fortune Group Kolkata Aims High! Dasgupta: We Develope, We Nurture & We Help People To Grow The Business Diary Team concepts, he seems to understand Kolkata, Sept.-Oct. 2009 and realise the sentiments and In an attempt to throw the doors dreams of every networker. By open to riches, looking at promoting select, long time visionary opportunities in a professional way, network marketing companies, they Royal Fortune Group, the Kolkata are trying to reduce the negativity based Prosperity Consultants, have and build awareness amongst all. In come up with a unique system to order to promote their system, they allow people to create fortunes for had participated in the Franchise themselves. Headed by Mr. Fair, organised by Franchise World Siddhartha Dasgupta, an MBA and at Nehru Center, Mumbai during a successful Cost Accountant by February 2009 and in the Franchise profession, believes that with their Fair at ‘Swabhumi’ Kolkata, during qualification and experience, they May 2009. There they launched their can show people the right path to new concept ‘Virtual Franchise’. making fortunes and succeed in their Royal Fortune Group is a cluster ambitions. Mr. Dasgupta is a mixture of companies working under Royal of corporate and network marketing. Fortune Business Consultants Pvt. Having held top positions in different Ltd. The group is involved in various MNCs and a being a very successful Mr. Siddhartha Dasgupta activities. The basic motto of the leader in different networking CMD / CEO group is to deliver dedicated services The plush interiors of Royal Fortune Group office at Kolkata
  22. 22. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 26 Clockwise from Top Left: Mr. Siddhartha Dasgupta, addressing a gathering in a seminar, Staff of Royal Fortune Group explaining business opportunities at their stall in Frachise Fair at Nehru Center, Mumbai on February 27 & 28, organised by Franchise World. to mankind. The group is widely passionate performance can only be that maximum number of people are known for rendering a very the key to success. We are very interested to build a business of their specialized service to the society as transparent in sharing our thoughts own, which involves no risk, very little Prosperity Consultants. It’s a new and have identified ourselves as amount of investment, without term to many. But as the term ‘Prosperity Consultants’ with the sole infrastructure and no basic signifies, Royal Fortune says it is aim to guide all those who come to compulsion. If a person can locate a proud to show a number of people us, to be successful in their lives”. business based on the above he the exact, simplest and best way to He said, “There are several would take it up in a dedicated and succeed in life. “To be precise, we companies to help people do passionate way and no doubt, he help people to become ’Rich In Life’”, business in a traditional way. But would be benefited. The only problem Mr. Dasgupta said. there is hardly any company helping here is the selection. We aim at filling Speaking to The Business Diary mankind to do business in a this shor t coming through our Team, Mr. Dasgupta said, “We nontraditional way. Looking at the services, and would guide the sincerely believe that dedicated and socio-economic structure we find (Turn To Page No: 34) Mr. Siddhartha Dasgupta donating books to orphan students at a orphanage in Kolkata.
  23. 23. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 27 Gems Concept Introduces ‘Double Power Business The Business Diary Team System’ Dhanbad, Sept.-Oct. 2009 Triumphing over his laurels as a successful networker for over a A Unique System Which pays decade, Mr. Mohd. Shamim Akhtar had now come up with his own company Gems Concepts in Rs. 5,000/- per pair! Dhanbad, Jharkhand. A strong creating a large number of believer in the ancient adage, “Those ‘Successors’, thus continuously who dare will always win!”, seems to striving to create financial freedom to be all set now to make it big in his each individual. new endeavour. Speaking to The Business Diary Creating a success portfolio over Team, Mr. Shamim said, “Network the years, Mr. Shamim is aiming to marketing is about little contributions spread far and wide in the shortest from many people. Every person’s possible time distributing unique effort combines to create a gigantic products comprising life-style, momentum. We intend to take this healthcare, FMCG and consumer momentum across the Country and segments and more particularly create hundreds of thousands of quality wellness products using the entrepreneurs”. powerful platform of network The Company’s business marketing both in terms of duplication opportunity is based on a unique and rewarding mechanism and combination of two compensation Mr. Mohd. Shamim Akhtar, CMD principles, one of the latest Push Up Matrix system together with the time tested referral system of United Binary providing quick growth and immediate monetary returns. The Leadership and Royalty Plan is based on a stable, long term Level principles offering good residual income. The Company is its quest to add more to ones life-style has introduced ‘Double Power Business System’. In all the Company offers five incomes wherein you are enrolled in two business systems simultaneously. The business oppor tunity incorporates Push Up Matrix System Mr. Shamim Akhtar honouring one of his members. (Successor Board Plan), Binary
  24. 24. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 28 Mr. Shamim Akhtar felicitating the achievers. Bonus, Leadership Bonus, in people brings the highest go. I decided to stick to the networking Achievement Awards and Royalty returns in life”, and over the period, industry. And after a thorough search Bonus. The Board plan provides Rs. was able to build a huge team of like in the industry for a better company 15,000 upon cycling out and the minded and loyal people around him. which offer a unparalleled opportunity Binary pair income is fixed at Rs. To understand the need and with stability, I found a USA based 5,000 per pair of 1:1, with a capping requirement of the team members company. After working for this of 40 pairs per week. around him, he said, he always puts Company for over two years, I now The Awards and Rewards himself in the other person’s shoes thought, it is time to come up with my include 3 G mobile phone, laptop, two to find the solution to their problem. own company, so that I could be of wheeler, Tata Nano car, Maruti Alto A man with a quest to make it to more service to all those who car, Hyundai Accent car, Single the top and an epitome of success, depended on me. The result is the bedroom flat, Double bedroom flat, Mr. Shamim made a humble birth of ‘Gems Concepts’. I know there Bungalow and Rs. One crore cash beginning to his network marketing will be no turning back and it is a point award. career in the year 2001. of ‘No Return’. Together, we will Born and brought up in Dhanbad, He started his career with a Pune achieve our mission”, Mr. Shamim Jharkhand the coal city of India, Mr. based network marketing company in said. Shamim is the eldest son of the the year 2001 and was loyal to the “Each of us are ordinary with the family and needed to take up the firm till the end of its collapse. ability to live an extraordinary life. Live responsibility of the education and According to him it was a learning your life with passion, leaving no stone well being of seven of his siblings in experience in his life to understand unturned” is the message that he the absence of his father late Hafiz how one feels and struggle when gives to those who are ready to learn Md. Moinuddin. dreams collapse. As he believes in and earn. Blessed with strong belief “dare and do”, he bounced back. It For further details visit: patterns and a intellectual thinking was a real test for this leader. or email: attitude, he works professionally. He “It is at this point, I found myself; or call: believes in the formula “investment contemplating to decide which way to 09386618266. Left: Mr. Shamim Akhtar honouring a top achiever; Rigt: Mr. Shamim Akhtar honouring a lady achiever.
  25. 25. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 15, 2009 - The Business Diary 29
  26. 26. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 30 UNI3 In Association With Savvy Of London Launches ‘The Wellness Point’ Offers Unique Franchisee Opportunity The Company is now offering a unique franchisee opportunity for ‘The Wellness Point’, where you could be a part of the system as a franchisee and in terms of payback and gestation periods, the franchisee would The Company in a communique be able to recover investments stated that The Wellness Point with The Business Diary Team its MNC partner would offer a global within a reasonable time and Mumbai, Sept.-Oct. 2009 market and channel development UNI3 Network India Pvt. Ltd., in earn handsome profits. with innovative and technology association with Savvy of London customers and market the ‘Savvy driven well-being products and has launched The Wellness Point, Level 1’ program and forward the services, innovative Health which is a marketing led wellness customer details to ‘The Wellness Diagnostics and Screening products, organization, focused solely on Point’. The franchisee would be Advance Health related equipments product development and or trained to conduct primary screening for diagnosis and Doctor consultation licensing. ‘The wellness Point’ would through high tech gadgets and to the members with business Know- be a place where all the health and equipment to detect the members How and marketing support. wellness related products would be health condition , further it would be Estimating India’s market for available at one point. suppor ted by consultation from “wellness” services at Rs. 110 billion The Company is now offering a Doctors, The Wellness Point ($2.2 billion), a report released unique franchisee opportunity for franchisee would be trained in recently has projected this industry ‘The Wellness Point’, in a Mumbai from experts in the wellness to grow at an annual rate of 30-35 conventional business model where industry, according to the Company. per cent. you could be a part of the system as Franchisee Fee and Initial Kit “This growth is expected on the a franchisee and in terms of payback On Payment of the franchisee fee back of favourable market and gestation periods, the franchisee of Rs. One lakh you get a latest BCA demographics, consumerism, would be able to recover investments Machine worth Rs. 18,000, a Body globalisation, changing life-styles, within a reasonable time and earn Detox Machine worth Rs. 35,000, increasing availability across handsome profits. ECM worth Rs. 45,000, 50 units of categories and regions and rising The Franchisee will be trained to Churbi Chek Reports, three units of awareness among people,” says the market the London Savvy and UNI3 Level 1 Kits, three packs of Level 2 joint report of the Federation of Indian program in their locality, social circle products, access to on-line ERP Chambers of Commerce and Industry and relatives. They shall conduct the system, product, process and sales (FICCI) and Ernst and Young. 360 degree screening , issue churbi training, rewards, recognition and For fur ther details e-mail: chek report and explain the Savvy awards, and above all potential to or call: 022- program to the prospective market other products and services. 40032152.
  27. 27. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 31 New Entrants Andhra Pradesh V3 Life Care India Pvt. Ltd., Koppal, Karnataka. The Health Network Inc. USA (xoomaworldwide) Star 9 Marketing Services, Gulbarga. Frontier Trading Company, Hyderabad. Shri Beereshwar Souhard Credit Sahakari Limited, Biowill Corporation, Phillipines. Chikodi, Karnataka. Uni Care, USA. Binary e-Shoppe Trading India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. Uurjabaha Inc. F3 Marketing India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. Elite Shareplus Trade Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. DBC Concepts, Kolar. Adtree Softech Services Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. Vegazeal, Bangalore. Success Way Health Wealth Life Care. New Delhi Secunderabad. Iota Networking By Mobile, New Delhi. Sri Kubera Informatics Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. Prudent Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. Time Is Money Power, Hanamkonda, A P. Gems Sales Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. I Shop Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. Haryana Smile Life Care Insurance Services, Hyderabad. Horizon Megamart Pvt. Ltd., Panipat. Life Care Investments Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Aims A2Z, Kanpur, UP. Hyderabad. Green Vihar Estates, Hyderabad. Goa Netlife Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Goa. ASPR Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. Legend Secure Shopping (Hyd) Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. Punjab Growing Up Life Services, Hyderabad. Snova Marketing Limited, Kurukshetra. Om Sri Saai Balaze Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. Aims A2Z, Kanpur, UP. Sree Rakhadi Bio Pharma Marketing, Hyderabad. Jharkhand K K Sanctuary Eco Shoppee, Hyderabad. Gems Concepts, Dhanbad. Speed Growth, Hyderabad. ARS Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. Goodway Shopping, Hyderabad. Tamil Nadu Best Life Agencies, Visakhapatnam. Uurjabaha Inc. Jumbo Info Solutions, Mangalore. Biowill Corporation, Phillipines. You & Me Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. Rich Lands Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. Iota Networking By Mobile, New Delhi. Anand Mercantile Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. Aishwarya Shopping Pvt. Ltd., Secunderabad. You & Me Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. DM Seven Hills Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. Mass Value Insurance Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Golden Sun Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. Coimbatore. Maharashtra JB Technologies, Erode, Tamilnadu. Ideal Marketing, Ambajogai, Maharashtra. Royal Fortune Group, Kolkata. Jeevan Kamal, Kinwat, Maharashtra. Tycoons Empire MLM India Limited, Chennai. Cosmos Global Marketing, Mumbai. Rajasthan FBC Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur. Starnet Business Limited, Bhilwara. Moksh Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. ARS Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. Uttar Pradesh Eazy Ways, Noida, UP. Karnataka Reinforce Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Bijnor, UP. Kanaka Varrsha Business Inc., Bangalore. Aims A2Z, Kanpur, UP. OMA World, Bangalore. Kolkata S R B Enterprises, Bangalore. Royal Fortune Group, Kolkata. Keen Consumer Concepts Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. Maple Infocon Pvt. Ltd., Kol;kata. Jumbo Info Solutions, Mangalore. The Health Network Inc. USA (xoomaworldwide) Gift India, Bangalore. DLA future Securities Pvt. Ltd. (MMS), Bhubaneswar. CHNAS-Eazzy Market India, Bangalore. R Square Insurance & Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Orissa Bangalore. DLA future Securities Pvt. Ltd. (MMS), Bhubaneswar.
  28. 28. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 32 INFORMATION YOU CAN USE Conference Halls Smart Soft Sri Laxmi Publicity # 8-1-369, 1st Floor, Shivaji Nagar, 1-7-172/A/3, 1st Floor, Unity Steel The Nice Centre, Opp. DAE Colony Gate, R P road, Secunderabad- 3. # 7-1-621/2/3, 1st Floor, Above Kamalanagar, ECIL ‘X’ Roads, ICICI Bank, Srinivasa Nagar East, Offers: Software programming for Hyderabad - 62 any MLM plan. S R Nagar, (Ameerpet), Offers: Advertising Services (Print Hyderabad - 38. Contact Persons: Kishore Varma, & Electronic Media) Sridhar, Venkatesh Offers: Banquet Hall & Conference Contact Person: Kalaimani Hall, Restaurant. Tel. Nos.: 040 - 66173588, 30623588, 9848123156, Tel. Nos.: 040-55458287, Contact Nos.: 040 - 55736677 98490-17932 9849067375, 9346703052. Smart Cards e-mail: Computers Smart Chip Technologies URL: Lax Info Solutions Flat # T 5, Daiva Sadan Shop No. 31, Ground Floor, Apartment, Opp. R-9000, Sankalp Computer & Chenoy Trade Centre, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad Systems (P) Ltd., Secunderabad - 3. Offers: Smart Card Readers, MLM Pune Offers: Computers, Peripherals, Terminals and other applications. Offers: Software for any MLM plan. Consumables, UPS, AMC, Networking, Stationary, Repairs & Contact Person: K V Satish Kumar Contact Persons: Abhay Duggad Software. Tel. Nos. 9848115574, 30907122. Tel. Nos.: 020 - 26127947, Contact Person: Laxmikanth 32903558, 09850053153. Tel. Nos.: 040-55383184, Photographers e-mail: mlmblaster@sankalp 9849242126. Enadu Fashion Studio ID Cards # 3-5-824/1, Opp. Nizam P G & URL: Lakshmi Sales International Law College, Hyderguda, King Koti Shrinivas Technologies Paradise, Secunderabad - 3. Road, Hyderabad - 29 Belgaum (Karnataka) Offers: PVC fused ID Card & Offers: Still Photography Services, Digital Identity Cards. Offers: Software programming for including Digital photography. Contact Nos.: 040-27843068, any MLM plan. Contact Person: G Dhrama Rao 27843482,9246365226,9391665226. Contact Person: Arun Tel. Nos: 55630905, 9885463825 Sky Stickers Tel. Nos.: 9448420662 Software Programmers Sky World Graylogic Technologies Amberpet Apex Business Solutions Hyderabad Hyderabad Plot No. 766, Defence Colony, Offers: Night sky stickers for Sainikpuri P.O., Hyderabad. Offers: Software programming for bedroom ceiling decoration. Offers: Software programming for any MLM plan, Flash Presentation, Contact Person: Balraj any MLM plan. Website Designing. Tel. No. : 9392310366. Contact Person: Suresh. Contact Person: Ch. Srinivas e-mail: skyworldindia@rediffmail. com Tel. Nos.: 040 - 32982135, 9396910169. Tel. Nos.: 9849540011 LCD Projectors e-mail: e-mail: Lakshmi Sales International Paradise, Secunderabad - 3. Advt. Agency Offers: Hire of LCD Projectors. Contact Nos.: 040-27843068, Ananya Infotech SOLUS MEDIA, 27843482,9246365226,9391665226. MIDC, Milap Nagar, 409 C, Babukhan Estate, Dombivili, Mumbai. Basheerbagh, Hyd - 500001. Event Manager Offers: Organising Press Offers: Software programming for Conferences, Publishing display Neeraj Kumar Singh any MLM plan & Plan Consultancy. Ads in all news papers and Flat No. 508, Babukhan Estate, Contact Persons: Vinay Samant magazines Basheerbagh, Hyd - 500 001. Contact Tel. Nos.: 0251-6456846, Contact Nos: (040) 2324 1484, 2323 0750, 5566 6644 Offers: Event Management (0) 9322854135. Fx: (040) 2323 0750 Services. e-mail: Cell: 98480-42020. Tel. Nos.: 9393053206
  29. 29. M L M Diary Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2009 - The Business Diary 33 Tarun Ahuja International: Making Lives ..... (Continued From Page No: 19) 6/F , Pentagon P-2, Magarpatta, for event specialists in trainings on ‘Sales’ and City, Hadaspsar, Pune. mangement: events@ other aspects. Mr. Tarun Ahuja is a Mumbai, for contacting ‘Leadership Trainer’. 6/F , Vaswani Mansions, 120 business development head mail to: Equipped with these Dinshaw Vacha Road, Churchgate,, for CRM strengths, Ta r u n Ahuja Mumbai. implementation mail to : International and Pe a k Hyderabad, for Performance Trainings Pvt. Ltd., 1/F, Mid Town Plaza, Road No. 1, organising a world class event/ seems all set to figure on the Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. training outside india mail to: International scene very soon. Singapore or Tarun Ahuja International Centennial Tower, Levels 21 & 34, 3, for offices are located at the following Temasek Avenue, Singapore - 039190. leadership programs mail to places. For fur ther details visit:, for Bangalore, CEOs, top management of mlm on F 24, Diamond District Enclave Old Tarun Ahuja consultancy in confidence mail to Airport Road, Bangalore - 560017. International could be contacted on or ring tarun Pune the following E-Mails: at 09900002775. Greenways Launches New ....... (Continued From Page No: 13) complex, C and D and minerals like Chopada said, “Because of their Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus and higher requirement of proteins and Selenium and provides colostrums their total dependence on others (for (also known as ‘first milk’) harvested getting the right diet), children most from dairy animals. It is basically the often are at risk of malnutrition. It is breast milk produced after the birth true that we as parents aren’t even of newborn and lasts for 2-4 days. It aware of the exact requirement of also packs in biologically useful these nutrients in our children’s diet. ingredients like Astaxanthin, A child needs the correct amount of Ashwagandha, Brahmi and dietary quality nutrition for its total fibers. Additionally, Nutra Junior development. Ideally, every growing Neo Magnetic Bracelets Protein Powder contains Vitamins (A, child should obtain proteins from the to wreck havoc with the body. B-complex, C and D) and minerals diet. But our supposedly “modern” Children that are supplied a balanced (calcium, phosphorous, selenium and deviously unhealthy food habits diet have great immunity and thus and iron). These vitamins and prevent the sufficient intake of the grow better and learn better. It minerals are required for the normal much needed proteins. The impact becomes needless to say that any growth of bones and muscles and is especially deeply felt during the kind of an imbalance in the nutritional also for the proper development of growing years of our lives. It’s true. qualities in the diet will cause all the bodily systems. So it (partially) Our diets do lack adequate quantities diseases in the child. takes care of probable deficiencies of nutrients (proteins being one of the Nutra Junior Protein Powder is of these ingredients, possible in greatly ignored ones!). Often, it could specifically designed to provide children exposed to dietary habits be our vegetarian diets that lack the quality proteins to children. It contains associated with ‘modern’ life style, the needed amount of proteins. Hence, a blend of super quality proteins from Company informed. the need for a protein supplement”. different sources such as Soy Protein Greenways Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Asserting that Nutra Junior is a Isolate, Whey protein concentrate are the manufacturers of ‘Magno’, a high value protein powder with high and Skimmed milk powder to proven health and dietary nutrition values, which allows a child combine the individual advantages of supplement for adults. The product to grow better, the Company stated all these superior and varied protein is very much regarded by the that Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids, sources. The best thing about Nutra consumers as one of the best Vitamins, Minerals and fluids are Junior Protein Powder is that it does supplement. The Company had been essential to keep good health. not limit itself to providing proteins. It marketing its products through Especially, for the right growth and is also a superb supply of various network marketing with a good development of children, a diet that other essential nutrients. It has ‘quick compensation plan. The has the perfect balance of these energy’ carbohydrates, derived from m a n u fa c t u r i n g u n i t o f t h e nutritional ingredients is Maltodextrin. It also has the essential Company is located at Pune in indispensable. High-quality nutrition fatty acid Docosahexaenoic acid Maharashtra. readily translates into good health (DHA) derived from vegetarian For fur ther details visit: and gives fewer chances to diseases sources. It contains vitamins A, B